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Beyonce in "Pretty Hurts" video

Beyonce in “Pretty Hurts” video

Beyonce has chosen the Sia-penned track “Pretty Hurts” as the next single from her self-titled album. The song, which serves as the album opener, touches on self-esteem issues.

The thing I love most about “Pretty Hurts” as opposed to the other songs that Sia has written for pop stars is that it appears to have been crafted especially for Beyonce, whereas most of her songs are either deeply rooted in her signature style or extremely generic. It turns out, Beyonce wasn’t Sia’s first option for the song, however. The singer/songwriter initially sent the song to Katy Perry, who failed to check her email before it was sent off to Rihanna. After Rihanna failed to pay for the song, it was eventually given to Beyonce.

I love all three ladies, but I’m glad Bey got this one. It suits her well.

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Coldplay: Ghost Stories trailer screencap

Coldplay: Ghost Stories trailer screencap

With just a few weeks to go before Coldplay releases their new album Ghost Stories, the band has kicked the promo into high gear. The album announcement and single came without much more than a few tweets, but the band is planning to do a bit more leading up to the album’s May 19 release date.

Coldplay : Ghost Stories, a television special, will air globally next month. Fans in the U.S. can watch it on NBC on May 18 at 7 p.m. ET. During the special, the band will perform a mixture of old and new material. The show was reportedly filmed in L.A. in March at Sony Studios.

Additionally, the band debuted a new song, “Oceans,” from Ghost Stories recently in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. In some ways, at least sonically, the acoustic track reminds me of a more subdued and less melodic version of the band’s old track “God Put A Smile On Your Face.”
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Pharrell heard the complaints of Black Twitter loud and clear. Fans seemed outraged by the fact that there was no black woman on the cover of his latest album G I R L (although one of the women on the cover is, indeed, black), and the single artwork for “Marilyn Monroe” seems to be his response to the backlash.

A dark-skinned woman appears on the cover and in the music video for the song. The visuals, like the song, continues to show Pharrell’s appreciation for women of all races, while maintaining the popular musician’s artistic style.

There’s lots of dancing, his signature hat, objects that resemble female genitalia and Kelly Osborne.

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One of the perks of producing and writing for Beyonce is being able to snag the popular singer for your own projects.

Beyonce appears on BOOTS’ latest release “Dreams,” remaining in the background until the end of the song before showcasing her airy head voice over hollow percussion and an electric guitar. “All my life, I’ve been dreaming of you,” BOOTS sings repetitively, letting his collaborator finish out the song.

If the sweet song doesn’t steal your heart immediately, this surely will: all proceeds from the release go to Day One, an organization dedicated to ending youth dating abuse.

BOOTS had a hand in most of the tracks on Beyonce’s self-titled album, but, perhaps, the greatest thing has been how excellent his solo music has been. With tracks like “Ride Ride Ride,” the Roc Nation newcomer has proven he doesn’t NEED a big name, although it does help with publicity.

“Dream” will be featured on BOOTS’ WinterSpringSummerFall Continue reading

Katy Perry in "Birthday" video

Katy Perry in “Birthday” video

Katy Perry strives to be the life of the party in the teaser clip for “Birthday.” She plays questionable party talent in the nearly two minute visuals.

The full video will be released on April 24.

The retro track serves as the latest single for Perry’s 2013 album PRISM. Continue reading



With less than a week to go before its premiere date, more details about Ariana Grande’s new single “Problem” have emerged. Last week the singer unveiled the single artwork and announced that Iggy Azalea is featured on the song and today she released a snippet.

Based on a tweet from Big Sean that was retweeted by Grande, it appears the rapper is the voice fans can hear whispering in the preview. The two previously collaborated on Grande’s “Right There.”

It’s hard to judge a song based on such a short teaser, but it sounds like “Problem” is a potential banger. We’ll have to wait until April 27 to find out for sure.

Grande is planning to release her sophomore album, the followup to 2013′s Yours Truly, later this year.

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Outkast will headline the BET Experience in Los Angeles this year as a part of their 40-date festival run.

Outkast, A$AP Rocky and Rick Ross will perform at the Staples Center on June 28.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi reunited on stage two weeks ago at Coachella in Indio, California.

Critics and fans didn’t seem too impressed with their initial Coachella performance, but the duo reportedly tightened up their setlist and the show’s production, and received great reviews during their final show at the festival over the weekend.

Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Jill Scott, Trey Songz, Future and more will also perform during The BET Experience weekend.

Tickets are on sale now. Find out more about the three-day event here.



B.o.B has been out and about promoting “John Doe” recently. Following an amazing performance with Priscilla on Today last week, footage of the rapper performing the single with Jojo has surfaced.

The duo posted Instagram pictures from their time together last week.

I actually prefer Priscilla on this song. She absolutely kills the hook. Still, it’s always nice to hear from Jojo.

“John Doe” is featured on B.o.B’s Underground Luxury, which is in stores now. Continue reading

Kelis in "Milkshake" video

Kelis in “Milkshake” video

I was in school when D4L released “Laffy Taffy” and everyone I knew was obsessed with it. My oblivious principal would reward us for good behavior every Friday by playing the seemingly harmless song over the intercom after the bell rang. She did that for weeks until, I’m assuming, someone told her the song wasn’t actually about candy.

Artists are notorious for creating songs like this with great success. Perhaps it’s because kids get to sing about their favorite, oftentimes sugary, foods and adults get to sing veiled songs about sex.

In honor of Kelis’ album Food I’ve put together a playlist of songs with food titles and sexy meanings.

Food will be available for purchase tomorrow (April 22). Continue reading



Rumor has it Gwen Stefani may replace Christina Aguilera as a judge on reality singing competition The Voice. It’s understandable. Aguilera has quite a bit going on this year.

The newly engaged and pregnant singer tweeted about the new beginnings in her personal live and new music over the weekend.

“So blissful in taking this time for creating all things blossoming new on the horizon…album, baby & beautiful music to come,” she tweeted.

No word on when the music will be ready or what her plans for an album are, but at least we know she’s creating.

I’ll wait as long as I have to if that means we get a solid project and proper promotion.

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