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Marina and the Diamonds in "Happy" video

Marina and the Diamonds in “Happy” video

“I found what I’ve been looking for in myself.”

Marina and the Diamonds touches on inner happiness and divinity in “Happy,” a simple, but poignant track that is sure to have you all up in your feelings. The newly released visuals for the single showcases a performance of the song in a room full of shimmery lights.

The best part about this song is that Marina is singing about being alone and still being able to find inner piece within herself and her faith. Yes, she’s still looking for that special someone, but she’s working on herself in the meantime. It’s a message that makes my heart smile, honestly.

And she sounds stunning, absolutely stunning.

The Welsh singer plans to release a new album, Froot in 2015. Continue reading

Nicole Scherzinger in "Your Love" video

Nicole Scherzinger in “Your Love” video

Nicole Scherzinger has never been a PG artist. Her work as a member of the Pussycat Dolls and as a solo artist has always hinged on her seductive dance moves, sexy lyrics and airy vocal delivery, but this new single, “Bang,” may be her most NSFW effort yet.

Since you’ve probably already guessed this song is about sex, I won’t waste much time on that. The colorful video, while economical and simple set-wise, surely doesn’t shy away from that theme, either, with the singer and her male dance partner performing some suggestive choreography. The choreography in the video certainly does a great job of representing the song, that’s for sure. And, while the lyrics aren’t that great, production-wise, the single is a solid one. (It’s not hard to hear The-Dream’s imprint all over this one.)

Once you pick your jaw up from the floor, you’ll probably hit repeat to actually pay attention to the slow groove.

“Bang” is featured on Scherzinger’s sophomore solo album Big Fat Lie. The album is out across the pond, but it hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet.
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Twitter (ALA.NI)

Twitter (ALA.NI)

“The nights seem so long and the days carry on in spite of how I long for you,” newcomer ALA.NI sings in her debut single “Suddenly.”

The singer, who, according to Pigeons and Planes, has served as a backup singer for Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige, released the minimal cut earlier this month but I’m just discovering it and now I’m pretty obsessed.

Over a piano backing, ALA.NI delivers a haunting melody about love and longing. Her voice is beautiful and her background harmonies are absolutely stunning.

For the visuals, we see ALA.NI’s silhouette as sunlight beams into a dark room through a long window.

I don’t know if all of the singer’s music will be this lowkey sonically, but I’m certainly intrigued and eager to know more about her as a musician. Continue reading

Ella Henderson in "Yours" video

Ella Henderson in “Yours” video

X Factor UK alum Ella Henderson has been on a roll single-wise. Following her anthemic releases “Ghost” and “Glow,” the singer has slowed things down with a ballad.

The black and white visuals for “Yours” mostly focuses on Henderson reflecting on her, but towards the end she joins her man in bed for a cuddle session. AAWWW.

“I feel like I’m ready for love. And I want to be your everything and more,” she sings over a piano accompaniment before strings sweep in.

It all feels very romantic.

This ballad is good, but the amazing part is, it doesn’t matter what Henderson is singing. Her voice is always the star.

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Majid Jordan's "Her" video

Majid Jordan’s “Her” video

OVO duo Majid Jordan hasn’t released much material, but things we’ve seen so far surely doesn’t disappoint.

Their new music video for A Place Like This cut “Her” is another solid release for the Drake and Beyonce collaborators.

The song’s lyrics suggest that the men and the women in their lives have fallen hard for one another (“I got her in the palm of my hands. She knows I love her”), but the video mostly shows the women in various poses.

The sleek black and white visuals match the sensual simplicity of the track perfectly.

I can’t wait to hear more from these two. Continue reading

300 Entertainment

300 Entertainment

In a time when formulaic pop anthems liter the internet and airwaves, it’s always refreshing to hear a song that doesn’t feel so “generic.”

Alex Winston’s “Careless” is a pop anthem with an explosive hook and lyrics about a desire to be free, that doesn’t come of as recycled or redundant.

Over funky guitar riffs, foot-tapping percussion and simple piano cords, Winston’s thin, shaky vocals takes center stage before sweeping synths usher in the chorus. “I want to be careless, why can I be careless with you,” she sings. There’s even a choir-backed refrain. On paper it sounds completely reductive, but, just give it a try and I think you’ll be surprised by how good it is.

According to Stereogum, “Careless” is from a new album Winston, that is currently scheduled for a spring 2015 release.

Listen to the single here.

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard

One thing Dawn Richard can do is make great music. She may not be able to navigate the dramas of a girl group successfully, but she knows her way around a beat FOR SURE.

The singer has unveiled “Physical” a sexy repetitive number that finds Richard reining over a four-on-he-floor beat.

“Let’s get careless and vibe,” she sings over pulsating synths. The track is unlike her previous releases without isolating her fans.

If this is any indication of what Blackheart will sound like when it’s released next year, we’re in for a real treat. Continue reading



MNEK is known for his singing and songwriting abilities, but his newest release focuses heavily on the production.

“The Rhythm” is a dance cut, but minus the emotional lyrics that are prominent in songs like “Every Little Word” and “Wrote A Song About You.” Which is fine. We needed a break from MNEK-induced feelings anyway, right?

We still don’t have his debut album yet, but as long as MNEK keeps releasing infectious songs like this I’m willing to remain patient. Continue reading


SZA in “Julia/Tender” video

“Love will make it hard to stay sober.”

SZA must have been going through it when she wrote “Sobriety.” The new song finds the TDE singer attempting to escape relationship problems with family members and a previous lover.

As the title suggests, “Sobriety” feels almost uncomfortable in it’s unfiltered approach, but that’s all a part of it’s appeal. “Ima be fine anyway. Ima be cool. Ima keep calm,” she sings. It’s hard to believe her when she’s listing off her problems in the verses, but you get the feeling that she’s going to keep repeating the positive thoughts until they become her reality.

SZA just released her EP, Z earlier this year but “Sobriety’ has definitely raised my exceptions for her next project. Continue reading

Sony Music Entertainment Australia

Sony Music Entertainment Australia

Australian singer songwriter and X Factor Australia winner Samantha Jade released a new single last week and I don’t know how I missed it but it’s definitely something worth talking about.

The retro-inspired pop track finds Jade delivering a seemingly innocent hook about needing some sweet loving. (According to the Daily Mail, Jade has dedicated the song to her mother who passed away earlier this year.)

Vocally, the singer’s Mariah Carey influences are pretty evident in her songbird melismas (move over, Ariana Grande) and production-wise the song follows closely to the guitar licks and horn-filled productions that have been popular over the last year. With a combination like that, it’s kind of hard to hate “Sweet Talk!”

The new single is from Jade’s forthcoming sophomore album, the follow up to her 2012 self-titled debut LP.

Listen to “Sweet Talk” below and let me know if the singer has a solid track on her hands. Continue reading

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