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Danity Kane in "Blow" video

Danity Kane in “Blow” video

While Danity Kane released their final album, a mediocre and likely rushed effort due to the physical altercation and eventual disbandment of the troubled group, on Tuesday (Oct. 27), former member Dawn Richard was gearing up to announce her next solo project.

Blackheart is due Jan. 15 and she has already treated fans to the first song and video from the project. “Blow” is a minimally produced track, in a similar vein of Richard’s previous solo efforts.

“They think it’s over, but we are stronger,” she sings fittingly in the new release.

Admittedly, I was a little bitter when I started off watching this. I mean, Richard is one of the reasons Danity Kane is over, but I can’t deny this girl’s talent.

Let’s hope she can pull this solo effort off. Continue reading

Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers) in "Rollercoaster" video

Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers) in “Rollercoaster” video

Bleachers’ “Rollercoaster” was easily one of my favorite summer anthems this year. The euphoric feel of the song is instantly palpable and, luckily, Jack Antonoff was able to to translate it well visually with the help of director Richard Shepard.

After a girl throws her stockings at him, Antonoff and his bandmates decided to serenade her on top of a moving ice cream truck. It may not have gone so well in real life – apparently the brakes failed and the group “almost died” – but visually it looks awesome!

The ending of the video might through you for a loop, though.

Rollercoaster is featured on Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desires. If you’re a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods,” which Antonoff co-wrote and co-produced, then you should definitely give Bleachers’ music a shot. Continue reading

FKA Twigs in "Video Girl"

FKA Twigs in “Video Girl”

FKA Twigs is known for her vivid music videos, but the new visuals for “Video Girls” features her most jarring imagery thus far.

The song is about Twigs’ career as a dancer that appeared in several music videos prior to her music career. The video is about a man receiving lethal injection.

Twigs dances around the room as the injection is administered and even climbs on top of the man in the video. Elsewhere, Travi$ Scott appear with blood dripping from his mouth.

I don’t necessarily get the meaning since she isn’t exactly killing her old self. Dancing is still a major part of who she is as an artist.

Anyway, if you don’t like the ideas of blood and death you might find it hard to enjoy this video.

Just consider this a reminder that LP1 is a pretty awesome album. Continue reading



I’ll admit I’ve never been a Mahomie (really can these fan names get any worse?), but this new release from Austin Mahone just might make me a believer.

The singer’s new sexy track “Places” reminds me of the R&B tracks Justin Bieber released about a year ago. Right down to the background vocal runs. The production features a simple drum pattern, piano and electric guitar melody.

Mahone is only 18, but he clearly knows how to make a good slow jam. He’s even added a few suggestive lyrics into the mix for good measure (“Got you screaming out oh-oh-oh-oh”).

Listen to “Places” and download it for free below. Continue reading



The bond between Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and their boss Lil Wayne seems stronger than ever. Sorry, Tyga.

The trio has teamed up for Nicki Minaj’s latest The Pinkprint release and the main topic is Minaj’s sex life. The rapper has always been clear on the fact that she’s all abut business and doesn’t sleep with men in the industry, but that doesn’t stop fans from wondering what’s going on between her and Drake. One minute she’s calling him her brother and the next she’s giving him a lap dance in her “Anaconda” video.

“I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake. On my life man f*ck sake. If I did I would menage with ‘em and let them eat my ass like a cupcake.” she spits in the opening lines of “Only.”

Drake’s response?

“I never f*cked Nicki cuz she got a man, but when that’s over then I’m first in line.”

TMZ says that’s over so let the Dricki shipping begin.

With the three popular rappers and Chris Brown on the hook, this song should be received well by fans. Sonically, it’s nothing new for the YMCMB crew, but Minaj’s fans are always excited when the rapper goes back to her hip hop roots.

The Pinkprint just got a new release date. It’s scheduled for a Dec. 15 release now. Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (YouTube)

Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (YouTube)

Jesus has stressed the importance of shaking the haters off in one way or another, right?

Kelly Clarkson thinks so. That’s why she performed a “gospel” rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” during a recent show in Buffalo, New York. Clarkson knew fans were probably expecting her now viral cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” but instead of announcing the new cover she let the audience figure it out once she began singing.

It’s not really a gospel song, but this is definitely a fun cover to incorporate into shows.

In related news, Swift’s new album 1989 is in stores as of today. Continue reading



Drake’s “How About Now,” a leaked song that landed online thanks to a teen from Marietta, Ga, may actually be a new song after all.

Drake just uploaded the track, along with two new songs to the OVO SoundCloud.

There’s another song perfect for your cuffing season emotions titled “Heat of the Moment,” and a braggy song called “6 God” to lift you out of your feelings. Drake’s considerate like that.

No word yet on if these songs are a part of a bigger project (i.e. a new album), but the songs are currently available for download through SoundCloud so I’m going to guess they’re just random releases to keep people talking.

These new tracks aren’t touching the surprise release of “0 to 100″ earlier this year, but it’s always good to hear from Drizzy. He rarely disappoints! Continue reading

One Direction in "Steal My Girl" video

One Direction in “Steal My Girl” video

One Direction films a music video in the music video for their catchy new single “Steal My Girl.” The heartthrobs meet up with Danny DeVito in the desert to discuss his plans for the video, before filming some pretty wild scenes. There’s a monkey, balloons sumo wrestlers and a marching band in the bizarre video.

Aside from Louis Tomlinson’s connection with the monkey – the two hold hands and nearly kiss – there are no love connections made in the video, despite the song’s lyrics.

Not that that will stop fans from replaying this video until it breaks records…

“Steal My Girl” is the lead single from One Direction’s forthcoming album Four. The album is scheduled for a Nov. 17 release. Continue reading

Tamar Braxton in "Let Me Know" video

Tamar Braxton in “Let Me Know” video

Tamar Braxton’s latest single “Let Me Know” features a sample of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love)” and Future on background vocals, but the video is all about her.

The Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince reality star poses in numerous outfits, including the one featured in the single’s artwork, in the sexy visuals.

The video is simple, but effective. With each new listen I like this song more.

Let’s hope Tamar Braxton uses her platform on The Real to promote and perform the new single and reveal new information about her forthcoming album. Continue reading

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The week before a new Taylor’s Swift album drops is a lot like the week before Christmas. It doesn’t feel like something major is right around the corner, but eventually you start receiving gifts and hints of what’s to come and by the time the actual day comes around you’re pretty much bursting with excitement.

1989, Swift’s fifth studio album will be released on Monday, Oct. 27, and, according to critics it’s pretty amazing. So far fans have only heard three songs from the singer’s first official pop album, two of which she performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wearing a black outfit that I may or may not have text my friends to obsess over and her signature red lip, Swift performed her hit single “Shake It Off” and “Out of the Woods,” a song that my or may not be about Harry Styles and his airplane necklace.

The performances weren’t anything spectacular, but it’s a warning that something new is looming right around the corner. Continue reading

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