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Drake’s “How About Now,” a leaked song that landed online thanks to a teen from Marietta, Ga, may actually be a new song after all.

Drake just uploaded the track, along with two new songs to the OVO SoundCloud.

There’s another song perfect for your cuffing season emotions titled “Heat of the Moment,” and a braggy song called “6 God” to lift you out of your feelings. Drake’s considerate like that.

No word yet on if these songs are a part of a bigger project (i.e. a new album), but the songs are currently available for download through SoundCloud so I’m going to guess they’re just random releases to keep people talking.

These new tracks aren’t touching the surprise release of “0 to 100″ earlier this year, but it’s always good to hear from Drizzy. He rarely disappoints! Continue reading

One Direction in "Steal My Girl" video

One Direction in “Steal My Girl” video

One Direction films a music video in the music video for their catchy new single “Steal My Girl.” The heartthrobs meet up with Danny DeVito in the desert to discuss his plans for the video, before filming some pretty wild scenes. There’s a monkey, balloons sumo wrestlers and a marching band in the bizarre video.

Aside from Louis Tomlinson’s connection with the monkey – the two hold hands and nearly kiss – there are no love connections made in the video, despite the song’s lyrics.

Not that that will stop fans from replaying this video until it breaks records…

“Steal My Girl” is the lead single from One Direction’s forthcoming album Four. The album is scheduled for a Nov. 17 release. Continue reading

Tamar Braxton in "Let Me Know" video

Tamar Braxton in “Let Me Know” video

Tamar Braxton’s latest single “Let Me Know” features a sample of Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love)” and Future on background vocals, but the video is all about her.

The Braxton Family Values and Tamar & Vince reality star poses in numerous outfits, including the one featured in the single’s artwork, in the sexy visuals.

The video is simple, but effective. With each new listen I like this song more.

Let’s hope Tamar Braxton uses her platform on The Real to promote and perform the new single and reveal new information about her forthcoming album. Continue reading

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The week before a new Taylor’s Swift album drops is a lot like the week before Christmas. It doesn’t feel like something major is right around the corner, but eventually you start receiving gifts and hints of what’s to come and by the time the actual day comes around you’re pretty much bursting with excitement.

1989, Swift’s fifth studio album will be released on Monday, Oct. 27, and, according to critics it’s pretty amazing. So far fans have only heard three songs from the singer’s first official pop album, two of which she performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wearing a black outfit that I may or may not have text my friends to obsess over and her signature red lip, Swift performed her hit single “Shake It Off” and “Out of the Woods,” a song that my or may not be about Harry Styles and his airplane necklace.

The performances weren’t anything spectacular, but it’s a warning that something new is looming right around the corner. Continue reading



By now I’m sure you’ve seen the names of a few of the artists Lorde has tapped for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 soundtrack floating around on social media. As the soundtrack curator a lot of pressure has been put on the young artist to create a great album, but the first single from the project should give you all of the faith you need that she’s more than up to the task.

“Find what you love and let it kill you,” Miguel sings in “This is Not a Game” as the Chemical Brothers’ huge production revs up and crashes behind him. “Play the game to change the game. Word to Gucci, that’s my hitter,” he later adds.

The high energy single, which also features background vocals from Lorde, is exactly the huge sound you expect from a Hunger Games soundtrack, making it a safe and solid first offering.

The soundtrack will also feature new material from Grace Jones, CHVRCHES, Tove Lo, Charli XCX, Raury, Tinashe and more. It comes out on Nov. 17. Continue reading

Georgia Nott (of Broods) in "Four Walls" video

Georgia Nott (of Broods) in “Four Walls” video

I know I’ve made my obsession with Broods perfectly clear, but there’s a new live video out that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Georgia Nott’s voice is absolutely stunning in the live version of “Four Walls.” The song’s line “I want to make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs” was already one of my favorite lyrics at the moment, but Nott’s decision to transpose most of the song to a higher key, along with the staccato strings towards the end, definitely heightens the emotions.

The song’s music video not only features shots of Nott performing the song, but it also includes the lyrics.

It’s a live lyrics video. (Just go with it.) Continue reading

Gwen Stefani in "Baby Don't Lie" video

Gwen Stefani in “Baby Don’t Lie” video

Yesterday I said Gwen Stefani’s comeback single would definitely be a grower, especially with the help of a fun music video and some energetic performances.

The video is here. It’s not that great.

The visuals begin with Stefani posing and serving face for the camera, proving why she once teamed up with L’Oreal. The scene gives way to a colorful scene in which Stefani walks down a yellow road. A majority of the video focuses on this scene.

Her strut is strong, but it’s not THAT strong. I mean, really.

There’s some fun dancing in there and the colors and bright, but I’m extremely overwhelmed.

In related news, TIME did an article on Stefani’s appropriation of Asian culture yesterday. There’s no way the Harajuku lover was going to make a comeback in 2014 when cultural appropriation is such a hot topic without being criticized for that time in her career. Continue reading

ILoveMakonnen and Drake in "Tuesday" remix video

ILoveMakonnen and Drake in “Tuesday” remix video

I didn’t want to like “Tuesday.” Honestly, I didn’t. I wanted to believe Drake didn’t know what he was doing when he decided to show off his falsetto, but it turns out, he was right…again. “Tuesday” is addictive.

The music video is a bit odd, though. The new visuals show Makonen and Drake partying in the club and drinking from Styrofoam cups as every day people perform their daily tasks while singing the words to the hit song. There are also really strange mannequin heads flying through the air and girls with white and red paint on their faces. Continue reading



Today started off as a normal Monday, but it certainly isn’t ending that way. Danity Kane’s “All In A Day’s Work” has leaked and I can’t go to sleep until I do the live choreography at least 20 times and learn all of the words.

“What you doing, huh?” Something more productive? Probably. “Racking in some bacon in some high heels and a skirt?” Probably not at this hour (Although if you are I certainly won’t judge.).



Is the studio version of “All In a Day’s Work” anything new? Not really. It’s actually exactly what the extended preview and live version made it out to be, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a pretty solid girl anthem from the now defunct girl group.

At least the quintet turned quartet turned trio (turned duo?) is going out on a high note.

DK3 is out on Oct. 27.

Listen here.

Big Machine

Big Machine

It’s hard to believe Taylor Swift’s 1989 is only a week away from being released. If you were hoping for an album stream we haven’t gotten that, yet, but we do have the album’s opening track “Welcome To New York.”

Swift described the importance of starting the album with the song in an interview. “I wanted to start the album with this song because New York has been an important landscape and location for the story of my life in the last couple of years,” she said. “The inspiration that I found in that city is kind of hard to describe and hard to compare to any other force of inspiration I’ve ever felt in my life.”

The fun cut follows the 80s synth-pop sound that Swift promised to explore on 1989.

Its repetitive. It’s catchy. It shows Swift continuing to make her official crossover into pop music with ease.

“Welcome To New York” will be available on iTunes at midnight. Continue reading

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