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London has been good for Mary J. Blige.

The singer has officially unveiled the lead single from her forthcoming album The London Sessions and it’s a tearjerker for sure. The piano ballad finds the singer recounting a year of pain.

“See, winter took most of my heart and spring punched me right in the stomach. Summer came looking for blood and by autumn I was left with nothing. It took a whole damn year to repair my body,” she sings.

The London Sessions finds Blige teaming up with some of the amazing writers and producers currently coming from London. “Whole Damn Year” was written by “Next To Me” singer Emeli Sandé.

The previously released “Right Now” was a collaboration with Jimmy Napes, Disclosure and Sam Smith.

This album was a brilliant way for Blige to latch (pun intended) onto all of the talent that is coming from London right now. Continue reading

Say Lou Lou in "Games For Girls" video

Say Lou Lou in “Games For Girls” video

Say Lou Lou’s latest effort, “Games For Girls,” feels pretty playful with it’s repetitive synths and keyboard melodies so it makes sense that the Australian/Swedish twins would film a lighthearted video for the single.

The ladies go around Los Angeles pulling various “social pranks” in the fun visuals. Their biggest prank? Adding a little more character to one of their billboards, to the dismay of a cop that happens to be passing by.

The video captures the spirit of the song and elicits a few laughs in the process.

The singers are planning to finally release their long-awaited debut album in 2015. Continue reading

The Veronicas in "You Ruined Me" video

The Veronicas in “You Ruined Me” video

The Veronicas aren’t taking any chances with their comeback this time around. After releasing the stunningly devastating piano ballad “You Ruined Me,” the ladies have unveiled the similarly dark visuals.

As promised, the twins play ballerinas in the video, but everything isn’t plies and laughter. After a romance with the dance instructor doesn’t go as planned, the sisters decide to get even. In another scene, the sisters take the stage and perform the moody cut to an audience of one as the piano melody and sweeping strings play out in the background.

If you’re not a fan of the girls’ softer sound, no worries. They hint at some more upbeat music at the beginning of this video.

This is how you do a comeback ladies. Continue reading



Well, I don’t know how I missed this a few days ago, but the new alt-J album is streaming ahead of it’s Sept. 23 release date. My weekend just got a lot better (And moodier. And busier, since Lights and Luke James are also streaming their projects ahead of their release dates next week.)

This is All Yours marks the now-trio’s first release since bassist Gwil Sainsbury left the group earlier this year.

The departure hasn’t slowed down the band’s momentum at all, though. After returning with the excellent Miley Cyrus-sampling “Hunger of the Pine,” the men have gone on to release more solid cuts like the label-pleasing rock jam “Left Hand Free” and the sensual “Every Other Freckle.”

The group’s debut album An Awesome Wave received positive remarks from fans and critics upon it’s release in 2012. Needless to say, my expectations for this album are pretty high. The boys haven’t disappointed yet. Let’s hope they don’t start now.

Listen to This is All Yours in full over on iTunes Radio.

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez in "Booty' video

Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez in “Booty’ video

Jennifer Lopez just premiered the music video for her ode to derrières and, unsurprisingly, it’s a very sexy affair!

There’s rump shaking closeup. There’s booty touching while J.Lo is drenched in oil. There’s Lopez and Azalea pressing their Heines up against each other. (There’s an odd and completely out of place EOS [a popular lip balm] product placement.)

All in all there’s a lot of fast-paced sexiness to take in.

But, honestly, there’s certainly nothing to insinuate that Lopez has ushered in a new “Era of the Big Booty.” (REALLY, Vogue?!?!)

Still, we should applaud how Lopez’s 45-year-old body is putting her younger peers’ physiques to shame. Effortlessly. Also, she’s teamed up with the music industry’s favorite new female rapper so there really is no way that she can lose here… Continue reading



Jessie Ware’s excellently moody single “Say You Love Me” was a result of a very successful collaboration with Ed Sheeran and now the singer has teamed up with another talented songwriter: Miguel.

Much like the R&B star’s music, “Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe” is a well-written sultry slow groove.

“Do I want you at all / Okay, just a bit / I hate to admit / Oh, kind of, sometimes, maybe,” Ware sings over gentle guitar picking.

Ware recently spoke with Complex about working with the popular singer/songwriter. “There were moments where me and the BenZel boys [also co writers and co producers] didn’t know where to look, he made it so steamy in the studio I swear to God.”

If the rest of the songs on Ware’s forthcoming album, Tough Love (Oct. 21) are anywhere near as good as the title track, “Say You Love Me” and this new release, it’s clearly going to be one of the best albums of the year. Continue reading

Meghan Trainor performs "All About That Bass" on the Dan & Maz Show

Meghan Trainor performs “All About That Bass” on the Dan & Maz Show

Meghan Trainor is still sitting pretty at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her breakout single “All About That Bass,” but she recently showed that she’s a fan of the no. 2 song on the chart, too.

The newcomer performed a fun acoustic cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” recently while visiting a radio station in Australia. She not only distinguishes her version from the original by playing it acoustically, she also adds a fun rap verse that nods to Andre 3000’s “Hey Ya” towards the end.

Trainor’s “All About That Bass” knocked Swift’s “Shake It Off” from the top of the chart two weeks ago.

Her debut EP Title is in stores now.

Watch Trainor perform the no. 1 & 2 songs here.

Lokal Legend

Lokal Legend

Kiesza’s making this look way too easy.

The Canadian songstress is gearing up to release her solo debut album later this year and this week she’s unleashed another huge dance track.

“No Enemiesz” once again showcases the “Hideaway” singer’s big vocals and ear for completely irresistible house productions that nod to the past without feeling outdated.

It’s Kiesza’s dynamic vocals that sets her apart from her peers. She isn’t just creating faceless dance music.

“No Enemiesz” is the first official release since the singer released her Hideaway EP in July.

The newcomer revealed the album artwork (seen above) for her forthcoming album Sound of a Woman on Instagram earlier this week.

Continue reading

Nick Jonas in "Jealous" video

Nick Jonas in “Jealous” video

Nick Jonas makes being hellish seem like a lot of fun in the video for his new single “Jealous.” The signer enlisted the inspiration for the song, his girlfriend and Miss USA 2012, Olivia Culpo for the fun visuals.

The youngest Jonas brother visits a fun cartoon-ish town to do a little boxing and serve as a taxi driver for Culpo and her date in the newly released video for the second single from his debut solo album.

I’m still not a huge fan of the immature lyrics, but I suppose I get it… Continue reading

The Carters at the MTV VMAs

The Carters at the MTV VMAs

Many people believe that it’s not a good idea for a couple to work closely together constantly. Clearly, Jay Z and Beyonce don’t feel that way.

Fresh off their On The Run tour, the power couple is now rumored to be working on a joint album, which will be released either later this year or in 2015, according to reports. The “Drunk In Love” duo has already combated divorce rumors earlier this year and ever-so-slyly dodged pregnancy reports in the last week, so we’ll see if this rumor ends up being true or not.

Admittedly, I’m more excited to see what #NewRules the Carters will be following this time around than I am for an actual album.

Still, there are many things that I wonder IF this joint album is actually real.

The Carters haven’t done much traditional promo for their recent releases, but I do wonder if the rumored album will be another surprise release (a la Beyonce) or a project centered around a major sponsorship deal (a la Magna Carta Holy Grail). Will this be another visual album (Note: at least with Beyonce we saw pictures of Mrs. Carter filming videos before the album dropped. We haven’t seen any of that so far.)? Also, will the couple be going on tour together again in support of the release?

If they really want to top charts, the album should feature a series of intros with their daughter Blue Ivy singing her favorite songs by her superstar parents.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run tour special will air on HBO this weekend (Saturday, Sept. 20 at 9 pm EST).


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