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Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Simon Cowell gave Fifth Harmony a record deal after forming the group on the now defunct X Factor US.

The girls have been working hard ever since to find their sound and image as a group, releasing their first EP Better Together in 2013. The EP featured catchy songs such as “Me & My Girls,” a much more kid-friendly sound than the ladies newer songs.

With “Bo$$” the girls tapped into a more urban sound and unleashed their sexy sides. They’ve since followed up with similar songs such as “Them Girls Be Like” and “Worth It,” and the pulsating pop single “Sledgehammer.”

Fifth Harmony’s full-length debut album Reflection will be released next Tuesday on Feb. 3, but fans can listen to the project in full ahead of time on iTunes Radio.

I haven’t fully digested the album yet, but there’s a song on the project called “Like Mariah” (“When you touch my body, got me singing like Mariah.”) that samples Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” if that’s any incentive to give it a play.

Listen here.

Christina Perri in "The Words" video

Christina Perri in “The Words” video

Christina Perri meets a potential love interest in her newest music video, but not before she shows up at his house and watches him picking flowers and taking a bath.

“The scariest part is letting go. This love is a ghost you can’t control. I promise the truth can’t hurt us now. So let the words slip out of your mouth,” Perri sings in “The Words.”

In the video, Perri is the ghostly figure, watching her leading man in plain view, even though he clearly can’t see her.

It’s a bit odd, but the sentiment is understood.

“The Words” is a single from Perri’s sophomore album Head or Hearts, which was released in 2014. Continue reading

Facebook (Photo by Andreas Öhlund)

Facebook (Photo by Andreas Öhlund)

Swedish/Australian synth-pop duo Say Lou Lou has done it again!

The twins have delivered yet another electrifying pop anthem about the ups and downs of love, but the refrain in “Nothing But A Heartbeat” may be their most addictive offering yet.

“There’s nothing left inside of me. Ohh-ahhh, nothing but a heartbeat,” they sing in the light and airy hook. It’s hard not to bounce along to the song as the ladies sing on top of guitar licks, sweeping synths and drums.

“Nothing But A Heartbeat” will be available on iTunes on Feb. 9.

Say Lou Lou is supposed to release their full-length album Lucid Dreaming in February in Sweden, but a U.S. release date has not been confirmed. 2014 saw them teasing fans with satisfying songs such as “Everything We Touch” and “Games For Girls,” along with covers such as Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush.”

Listen to the new release here.

Jess Glynne in “Real Love” video

Jess Glynne in “Real Love” video

Jess Glynne has had great success teaming up with acts like Clean Bandit. Songs such as “Real Love” and “Rather Be” have been major hits, but now she’s proving she’s just as capable of making a solid pop single all on her own.

“Hold My Hand” features a light and bouncy refrain and uplifting lyrics on top of horns riffs and a piano melody.

The song doesn’t have the instant grab of songs like “Rather Be,” but it’s a great offering that should get people excited for the singer’s future releases. Continue reading

Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

Fifth Harmony has been on a roll when it comes to picking singles. “Sledgehammer” is an irresistible pop song and now they’ve delivered “Worth It,” which will be a nice song for the clubs.

The ladies tapped Kid Ink for the future twerk anthem and they’ve latched onto last year’s saxophone trend to make sure they get everyone’s attention.

“Worth It” doesn’t offer anything new, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re out with friends and you have a drink in your hand when the hook drops you won’t really care, to be honest.

The former X Factor contestants will release their debut album on Feb. 3. The album features previously released songs such as “Bo$$,” “Them Girls Be Like” and “Sledgehammer.” Continue reading

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan’s visuals for their EP A Place Like This have been pretty interesting thus far and their latest offering continues that trend.

The duo stays in the background for the “Forever” video, however, which focuses on a dancer who shows off his skills in a laundromat, subway and various other places around town.

The constant movement in the video encompasses the restless feel of the production without overshadowing it.

According to Rap-Up, Majid Jordan is currently working on a full-length album. Continue reading

GRL in "Lighthouse" video

GRL in “Lighthouse” video

If you don’t want to begin your morning in tears, I suggest you come back to this later on in the day.

GRL member Simone Battle’s suicide last year was easily one of the saddest moments musically of 2014, but the remaining members are using the falling star’s tragic death to power a beautiful movement.

GRL Gives An Hour is a campaign the ladies have started to bring awareness to mental health. They say the campaign will begin in March.

But, in a way, their work has already begun. The ladies released a music video for their song “Lighthouse” yesterday and it features video of Battle with her family and friends. Oftentimes she is smiling and seemingly enjoying life and it’s a startling reminder that just because someone appears to be okay, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting on the inside.

The remaining members sing the beautiful song in a dark room, illuminated by light bulbs.

Tribute aside, it’s a solid song with an uplifting message. But, with the added meaning behind it, it’s sure to mean much more to their fans.
Continue reading

Jarell Perry

Jarell Perry

“Living loud is lonely. I just want the quiet life.”

Jarell Perry had a pretty good years last year. His original song, “Win,” landed in the trailer for the film Addicted and he dropped a stunning cover of Drake’s “Own It.” He’s still not nearly as known as he should be, but if he keeps delivering noteworthy content, he will be soon.

His latest offering, “Quiet Life,” was described as a “dark ballad for homesick youth in pursuit of passion and fame” in a press release, but anyone can relate to Perry’s need for simplicity in world where everything seems to move too fast.

The minimalist production, the work of APSPDR+ (SZA), is matched by Perry’s simple, repetitive lyrics and the song never really builds, but it’s relatable.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s definitely worth a listen. Continue reading

FKA Twigs in "Pendulum" video

FKA Twigs in “Pendulum” video

I didn’t do end-of-the-year lists on JWS this year but if you were to ask me what my favorite album of 2014 was I would’ve quickly replied: FKA Twig’s LP1.

And if you asked me for a list of my favorite songs from last year I’m certain Twig’s “Pendulum” would’ve shown up somewhere near the top.


The song that so effortlessly tangles you in a web of lust and longing now has a music video.

Released today, the video shows Twigs in various states of entanglement, too. At one point she hangs from above, bound by her braids and during another she’s almost completely swallowed by a metallic substance.

It’s interesting. The bondage theme, like much of Twig’s music and visuals, intrigues me so much because she always manages to be sensual without being overtly provocative.

Watch the video for “Pendulum” and share your thoughts below. Continue reading



We already knew Mikky Ekko could craft a beautiful melody and lyrics, but his newest offering may be his strongest solo release to date.

Over a steady Blood Diamonds production, Ekko sings of falling in love with a friend in a way that feels especially endearing in “U.”

“It’s a long, long road to love. Show me what it means to take it slowly. Friendship into love takes growing,” he sings as the hook inches along.

The sensual cut is the latest offering from Ekko’s long-awaited debut album Time I’d probably give the album a listen on Jan. 20 based on “U” alone, but coupled with “Smile” and “Mourning Doves,” I’d say I’m more than likely going to purchase it, too. Continue reading

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