Jewel Wicker

A new video from Rihanna was mysteriously released and my train of thought went a little something like this:

1. Whereeeee did this come from?
2. Wth is she talking about?

Sigh…Regardless the video is colorful and attention grabbing so I like it. I don’t know how I feel about the song…but I like the video.

Check it out:

Rihanna’s new album Loud comes out in November.

American Idol is making some changes lately and USMagazine has them all!!!

According to the site, not only has Jennifer Lopez officially signed a deal to be one of the judges this season, but they report that she’s receiving $12 million for the gig.

Jennifer Lopez is getting $12 million to serve as an American Idol judge next season, a source tells UsMagazine.com.

On Monday, a source told Us that Lopez’s deal was set.

After a long negotiation process, “it ended up working out and they have a good agreement,” the source said.

She joins longtime Idol judge Randy Jackson and newcomer, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

The site is also reporting that American Idol will be taking their auditions to the web. If you deleted your Myspace get ready to make a new one!!! (ehhh…)

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To celebrate its 10th season, the show is teaming up with MySpace to let aspiring singers to audition online for the very first time.

In a press release Wednesday, Idol announced that submission videos can now be uploaded to the site through October 6. The entries must be sung a capella and chosen from an approved list of songs. Similar to the original audition process, a handful of contestants will then advance to the callbacks round in L.A.

Kelly Rowland’s album may not be coming out anytime soon (Darn it!) but she’s releasing material left and right. The video for her song Rose Colored Glasses has finally been released. I watched the behind-the-scenes video yesterday and heard the video was supposed to be in 3D, but it’s not. Idk what happened with that but I think the video came out great!! Kelly gave it to us with all those different looks in this video!!!

What do you think of the video? Are you still #teamkelly even though her album keeps getting pushed back??

Kanye West debuted his new song “Runaway” last night at the 2010 VMA’s and his performance was AMAZIESSSSS!!!

During the pre-show MTV showed a sneak peek of the music video and to be honest, I just didn’t get it. It wasn’t until I heard the full song (during last nights performance) and rewatched the clip that I even began to get excited!

I can’t wait to see how this video turns out. I’m sure most people won’t get or like it, but I’m sure there will be plenty of people that love it.

I have been keeping you guys updated on undiscovered artist Mat-B for a while now, and I posted the tracklist and artwork for his latest mixtape a while ago.

The D.O.P.E (Dealing Our Personal Experiences) is pretty dope!! If you liked the singles that were leaked previously (i.e. In They System, which is one of my favorites) then you’ll like the mixtape. Mat-B offers a variety of topics, and samples, etc. Basically, there’s a song for every day/mood.

If you download the mixtape make sure you leave feedback, because that’s the only way people can get better. If you think it’s a flop, say so. If you think it’s good (or DOPE) then say so!!!


Wale, Wacka, and Roscoe have finally released the music video for their hit “No Hands.” If you drive through Atlanta, you’ve heard it at least 50 times a day. If you go to the club…double that. SMH. It’s addictive and never gets old, seriously so I’m excited they did a video for it. I saw the casting call, but I was afraid my baby face, and inability to “twerk” would disqualify me so I didn’t bother. HAHAH

I don’t know if its Wacka’s random ad-libs or Roscoe and Wale’s verses, but I just…It really is ridiculous how excited I get when this song comes on (like I can dance).

I told you guys earlier that NBA Player Matt Barnes was arrested for domestic violence, and though sources have not confirmed we’re assuming the victim was his fiance Gloria Govan from Basketball Wives. She recently released a statement defending her man, just as she always does….
“Any accusation of domestic violence are false. My fiancé, Matt Barnes, has never physically abused me or my family.”

Meanwhile, Matt Barnes claims the incident is not as it seems. HE claims to be the victim in a statement he released….
“I was the victim but still got arrested. U know any domestic violence situation 9 outta 10 times the man gets arrested. That’s the case here I was the victim but still got arrested. No matter what I say people are gonna think what they want…”
The police report says they both were scratched up, so who knows who the victim is. I believe the real victims are the children. SMH. When will the learn.