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Island Records

Island Records

The Bonnaroo lineup was just announced earlier today!

The annual festival which takes place in Manchester Tennessee, will take place from June 13 to 16 this year. Paul McCartney, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Mumford & Sons are set to headline the festival.

Other noteworthy performers include Bjork, Earl Sweatshirt, Wu-Tang Clan, Passion Pit, the xx, Kendrick Lamar, Grizzly Bear, Nas, A$AP Rocky, Dirty Projectors, Big K.R.I.T., Killer Mike and The Lumineers.

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That’s really the only way to describe this video. When I first started watching the video it took me a while to get into it, but by the end I was SOLD on the song, the video and the emotion Jojo brought to both! She’s all grown up, and it’ll take some getting used to, but I think I like the growth.

What do you guys think about the video?

Have you downloaded her new mixtape Can’t Take That Away From Me? Amazies…or Wack???

T.I.’s recent arrest is starting to threaten his business. According to TMZ, Axe is thinking about giving T.I. the boot after he was recently arrested with his wife for possession of ecstasy.

A rep for AXE tells TMZ they’re “troubled by [T.I.’s] arrest” and have been forced into “reviewing our promotional activities” with the rapper. Translation — it doesn’t look good for T.I.

T.I. — real name Clifford Harris — locked down a deal with AXE earlier this year after promising the company that he was “working to become a more positive role model.”

So far, T.I. is still featured on the company’s website (pictured above) … but it smells like that could change at any moment.

SMH. I would like to say I feel bad…and I do…but these are the consequences…..

Maroon 5 has released music video for the second single of their upcoming album Hands All Over The song, “Give A Little More” just gets me that much more excited about the album. This is Maroon 5’s third album, and they have somehow managed to keep my intrigue and entertained, while staying true to their style of music. I love it.

As far as the video goes, I think it’s safe to say the plot doesn’t matter. As long as Adam is there singing and dancing in the sexy way that he always does I think we’re all pretty much satisfied. Anybody disagree?

Hands all over will be released on September 21, 2010.

Random: (I just realized it was September 9….IT’S ALMOST HEREEEEE!!!!!!!)

No need for an explanation. Kesha before the $ when she was just a girl in the marching band….pretty cutesy (I know that’s not a word).

…well, she still dances the same.

Sidenote: HEY she’s from Franklin…so is Paramore. Yes. Yes. I’m lame. I’m a Paramore STAN!!!!

Kings of Leon had one of the best (if not the best) songs of 2010 (Use Somebody) so i’ve been impatiently waiting for the follow-up single and album. IT’S HERE!!!! Their new single Radioactive is the first single from their upcoming album “Come Around Soon” which hits shelves and ipods on October 19!!!

What do you guys think. Was this a good follow-up?

Bruno Mars has released the video for his new single Just The Way You Are. The song and video are just soo sweet, you can’t help but fall in love with him….

Doo-Wops and Hooligans hits shelves October 15.

Sidenote: I’m still waiting on the studio version of Grenade!!!

Chris Brown’s mom received a little backlash after tweeting this:

Sigh. Is he really now? LMAO I mean I’m not mad. I know what she meant, but come on Mama Brown you can’t say anything about Michael Jackson dying and expect it to come out well….

She went on to say:<!–more–>

Girl. He’s finally coming back. Just stop.

B.O.B, who recently did an AMAZING MTV Unplugged has released the music video for his latest single Magic!! The video is pretty simple, but its cute and amusing so I’m sure B.O.B fans and people who like this song will like it too. If you’re not yet sold on why you should watch the video…its has Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) in it!!!!

If you don’t have B.O.B’s album The Adventures of Bobby Ray you are SERIOUSLY missing out.

Many of my friends who used to be big B.O.B fans think he sold out. I simply believe he was given a bigger avenue to express and be himself and he took advantage of it. I loveeee it. What do you guys think???

Selena Gomez released the music video for her new single “A Year Without Rain.” IDK how I feel about this song yet. At first listen it’s kind of annoying, but maybe it will grow on me…who knows.

A Year Without Rain, the album, is set for a September 21 release.<!–more–>

I feel like I’m a little bias, because I (I really am embarrassed to say this) just watched Camp Rock 2. I’m a huge Demi fan. Her voice is like no other Disney Star’s and her albums are genuinely good. With that being said, I keep comparing Selena to her, and I don’t think that’s fair. They both have their lanes….I guess…

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