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Melanie Fiona in "Bite the Bullet" video

Melanie Fiona in “Bite the Bullet” video

I’ve been waiting for this all summer.

Melanie Fiona released the Caribbean-influenced “Bite the Bullet” as a single back in May but I haven’t seen or heard much promo for the song since. Which sucks because it’s a solid single for the R&B songstress, featuring an enticing production, Fiona’s signature vocals and biting lyrics.

Today, the singer unveiled the music video for the song. A black and white affair, Fiona and her band are seen strutting around a home with gun-themed instruments.

The visuals are fun, but surprisingly dark compared to the song’s bright production.

Hopefully this will give the song a little push and put it on the radar of a few more people before Fiona releases her third album Awake. Continue reading

Instagram (Alessia Cara)

Instagram (Alessia Cara)

Alessia Cara’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” is amazing so expectations for her covers are now automatically high.

After meeting fellow Canadian star Drake recently, Cara took on his latest release “Hotline Bling.”

Like many of Drake’s songs, the catchy track is a delicate balance of Drake reminiscing on an old relationship and wondering what his ex is doing in his absence.

The bouncy production serves as a pleasant disguise but emotionally the song is a lot to unpack. Maybe that’s why Cara’s acoustic cover falls flat.

It’s not bad. It’s just not particularly memorable. There are not places for her to showcase her beautiful voice and the emotion just isn’t there. I don’t believe Cara is really worried about her boo smoking and getting nasty with someone else based on this cover.

I can’t help but wonder how JoJo sound covering this song? She’s done an amazing Drake cover before and will reportedly release THREE new singles on Friday (August 21). Hmmmm… Continue reading

Dumblonde in "dreamsicle" video

Dumblonde in “dreamsicle” video

I wasn’t that impressed with Dumblonde’s debut offering “white lightening,” but the former Danity Kane members get it right with “dreamsicle.”

The infectious synth pop offering is only elevated by the fun, colorful Alfredo Flores-visuals. There are kaleidoscopes, colorful backdrops, fun props (a giant ice cream cone to cover the naked ladies) and sexy fashion.

“We won’t wake up, the dream is never done,” the ladies sing repetitively during the song, which was co-written by Aubrey O’Day’s ex boyfriend Travis Garland.

Dumblonde is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album on Sept. 25.

If they keep releasing songs like this, I think the duo could actually have a chance in the indie dance/pop lane. Continue reading

Jess Glynne in "Why Me' video

Jess Glynne in “Why Me’ video

Jess Glynne has been dealing with one of those men that takes and never gives and then one day just disappears into thin air. And she’s pretty upset about it.

Her latest offering from her forthcoming debut album isn’t as joyous previous songs we’ve heard from her such as “Hold My Hand,” “Right Here” and “Real Love.”

“You stole my happiness from up under my nose,” Glynne sings bitterly during the song.

The raspy texture and weight of her voice matches the heavy lyrics. The song shows that Glynne can be versatile in lyrical content without straying to far away from the harmonious melodies and electronic sound she’s become known for.

The video shows Glynne wondering around town and performing. The concept is simple, but where Carly Rae Jepsen’s recent attempt at this fell short, Glynne’s succeeds thanks to moody lighting and editing.

Glynne’s album I Cry When I Laugh is scheduled to be released later this year. Continue reading

Def Jam

Def Jam

“You belong here.”

Jimmy Fallon seems to be thinking what everyone who has heard of Alessia Cara is thinking at the moment. The 18-year-old newcommer may not belong at a party, but she absolutely belongs in the music industry. On the radio. On our phones. On repeat.

She proved it with her debut single Here,” and with her amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and again with her national television debut.

Cara appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (July 29) and she absolutely nailed it.

Backed by The Roots, the singer performed her ode to wallflowers wearing a 90s choker, jeans, sneakers and an ironic “Life of the Party” t-shirt.

Cara is scheduled to release her debut EP Four Pink Walls on August 28. Continue reading

Kehlani in "The Way" video

Kehlani in “The Way” video

Kehlani’s “The Way” is a great anthem for a lowkey summer romance.

The bouncy production, simple chorus and suggestive verse from Chance the Rapper are all instantly addictive. Seriously. It’s hard to listen to this song just one time.

The two artists teamed up once again for the song’s music video. The simple black and white visuals finds Khelani dancing with her backup singers before getting close to Chance. It’s nothing major, so it’s not something that you’ll want to watch more than once, but you’ll at least have the video running in the background so you can hear the song.

The track is featured on Kehlani’s You Should Be Here.

If you’re not particularly happy with the opposite sex at the moment, that’s okay, too. Khelani’s got you covered for every mood (See “N****s“). Continue reading

Dumblonde in "white lightening" video

Dumblonde in “white lightening” video

The silver lining in Danity Kane breaking up (if there is one) is that the three final members are all still making music.

Dawn Richard (or D∆WN) is preparing to release a new EP, RedemptionHeart, and Aubry O’Day and Shannon Bex are preparing to do the same.

Whereas Richard is already an established solo artist, O’Day and Bex are introducing the world to a new group and sound.

The ladies have become a duo under the moniker Dumblonde. According to a press release from a few months ago, the duo is striving to make “independent alternative dance/pop.”

Their debut song “white lightening” certainly falls into that category. Unfortunately, it also gets swallowed into the generic sound of it, making for a pretty bland debut.

The electronic production is predictable and the ladies’ vocals and lyrics lack any memorable moments. But that hasn’t stopped it from reaching no. 6 on the iTunes’ Dance chart.

The duo is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album on Sept. 25, meaning there is plenty of time for me to be sold on this new sound. Continue reading

Carly Rae Jepsen in "Run Away with Me" video

Carly Rae Jepsen in “Run Away with Me” video

…but it probably won’t be.

Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen released the music video for the second single off her new album today, which excited me because the new single is really good.

It’s obvious Jepesn’s team is trying to push “Run Away with Me” ahead of the album’s U.S. release date (August 21) in order to spark some interest for the project.

The video is pretty standard, though. Jepsen runs around various cities twirling around gleefully and doing karaoke with friends in the footage.

As far as the single goes, it’s amazing. The horn refrain. The suggestive chorus (“Baby, take me to the feeling. I’ll be your sinner and secret when the lights go out. Run away with me.”). The catchy chorus. It’s everything you expect from a Carly Rae Jepsen single.

The unfortunate thing is the album has been out overseas for weeks now, meaning anyone who really wanted to hear the album probably already has.

Still, the cards may not be stacked in her favor but I will remain team #JusticeforCarlyRaeJepsen. Continue reading

Shawn Mendes (Instagram)

Shawn Mendes (Instagram)

“And now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needed stitches.”

I know that 16-year old Shawn Mendes was not writing for my age group when he wrote it, but “Stitches” is my guilty pleasure and there have been moments where I’ve shouted those lyrics and I refuse to be ashamed.

If you’re not familiar with Mendes, he’s one of the opening acts on Taylor Swift’s current 1989 tour. He got his start on vine before releasing his debut album Handwritten earlier this year.

The Canadian star hasn’t snagged a hit big enough to become the next Bieber, yet, but I’m still pretty intrigued by him.

Songs such as “Something Big” and “Life of the Party” are very catchy, but “Stitches” is his best single yet.

It’s dramatic enough for teenage girls everywhere to be able to relate to it (“needle in the thread, gotta get you out of my head. needle in the thread, going to wind up dead.) and melodic enough that it will get stuck in everyone else’s heads and they, too, will become fans.

Mendes performed the single on Live With Kelly & Michael this morning, adding to my hope that this song will gain some attention and turn into a huge hit.

The performance was a bit shaky and not as good as the studio version, but Mendes is playing a guitar and that’s enough to make young girls swoon.

Something big, I feel it happening… Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter in “B.A.N.S.” video

Sevyn Streeter in “B.A.N.S.” video

Sevyn Streeter and B.o.B have been taking over Instagram on Mondays and Wednesdays for a few months now.

Now they’re taking their Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday posts to YouTube.

Streeter tapped her boyfriend for her new song “Should Been There” and uses her social media posts for the lyric video.

The video follows the singer’s social media posts as she breaks up with her ex who isn’t treating her right and gets with Bobby Ray. In between there is a very cute scene of the two rehearsing the song together.

The song itself is one of the weaker offerings lyrically from Streeter, but it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something to listen to when you’re headed out with your friends after a fight with your significant other.

Just don’t watch the lyric video or you’ll be #salty.

This isn’t the first time Streeter and B.o.B have worked together. They remade K.P. and Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way” in 2014.

Streeter still hasn’t revealed a release date for her debut album, but she will release a new project, Shoulda Been There Pt. 1, this Friday, July 17.

(In case you missed it, new music is released globally on Fridays now.)

Shoulda Been There Pt. 1 will feature 13 tracks, including the Chris Brown-assisted single “Don’t Kill the Fun.” Continue reading

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