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If you guys followed my other blog you guys saw a few posts on this artist. I even posted when this song was released. The video’s been released now.

Dollhouse Official Music Video

For those who don’t know Priscilla Renea got her start on Youtube and is now signed and working on her debut album. I fell in love with her after hearing the unmastered version of Hello My Apple (Which is now mastered, and has a video as well) Check her out and make sure to support her.

50 Cent has released the newest single for his newest studio album. The single features Neyo and samples one of his older verses from I Get Money “Have a baby by me baby, be a millionare. I write the check before the baby comes, who the fuck cares”

I mean it just sounds like an updated version of Candy Shop so if your still into that go for it!!! It’s 50 Cent so regardless of what anyone thinks it’s gonna sell. Doesn’t matter.

I can’t believe this didn’t post!!!
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Anywayy I love the new Daughtry album “Leave This Town.” I was worried because I thought that it wouldn’t be that good, because it seems to be that all good artists are putting out material that doesn’t compare to their previous work…but this is pretty good. I’ve been anticipating hearing the rest of the album since listening to “No Suprise” for the first time. I would definately reccomend this album. There are very few songs on her that I just flat out don’t like.

Top 3 Songs:

1. No Suprise

2. September

3. Everytime You Turn Around


Only because I love Diddy is this ok. I actually feel quite bad for the other two members of Dirty Money. If you blink quick enough you don’t even know they exsists. Anyway if you like Diddy on a motorcycle, Diddy caressing some random girl, and Diddy being dramatic then this is the video for you.

I can’t post the link because its not on youtube or anything yet. The only place you can see this video is on the home page of his site.

Do you remember when Collide first came out? Well I do. For the longest it was the soundtrack to every teen soap opera (especially OTH). It just had that feeling to it where even if you weren’t in love it made you want to be. This album has that same kind of feel to it. Its calming, and amazing. I know I use that word a lot here, but seriously why would I waste my time writing on garbage? If your a Howie Day fan or just a person going through love or relationship troubles, or maybe you just want something that for just a moment will make time stand still. This is the album.

Top 5 Songs:

1. No Longer What You Require

2.Longest Nights

3. Weightless

4. Be There

5. Undressed

I was in the studio talking to NJ about my dissapointment about this album. I heard this album last week, but I dreaded making this post because I am an extreme BLG fan (I got trampled by screaming dehydrated girls for them. I have the scars to prove it. DON’T LAUGH) and this is how they repay their biggest fans? Im not gonna go so far as to say that this is the worst album I’ve ever heard but COME ONNNNN!! If anybody has even heard songs from their debut album then they’ll know this is no where near as good substance wise, and musically. I feel like a mother who’s scolding her children not because she’s mad at them but because she know’s they can do better. I just want my old Boys Like Girls back. Their demeanor has changed, they’re more pop. Sigh. The album comes out today and you guys know I hate for you to not listen to something simply because I don’t like it. So if you’ve heard the new album, listen and tell me what you think.

Leona Lewis has released her first single for her upcoming album Echo. The song was produced by Ryan Tedder just as her breathrough single “Bleeding Love” was. I like this song. It’s very uplifting and very relatable. I think a lot of people will like it, im not sure how it will go commercially tho. Guess we will all have to just wait and see. I can’t wait to see what else Leona has up her sleeves for this album, since the first one produced some pretty solid tracks.


Check it Out before youtube takes it down and tell me what you think!!

It Leaked!! It Leaked!!! I actually thought I was going to have to wait until Tuesday to hear the album, but I woke up this morning and saw that my other musically obsessed night owl friends were up in the middle of the night on fb raving about it!!!

Kid Cudi delivers ok guys!!! If you loved the mixtapes, you will loveeee the album. It delivers the songs we all know and love from the mixtape (solo dolo, day n nite, sky might fall, make her say aka i poke her face) as well as the songs we’ve anticipated since hearing them at his concert or on youtube (in my dreams, heart of a lion, pursuit of happiness).

If you guys want to hear the album before buying it then by all means download it….but do not download this album if you know your not gonna go out and buy it once it is officially relased everywhere on Tuesday. Everyone needs to see how much of a success commercially this album is, so please buy it legally.

Kid Cudi via Twitter (about the album leaking):

oh shit my album got leaked lol oh well. enjoy yall :)

im not trippin on the leak, i jus hope yall like it :) dream on good. ragggeeeeee

thnk u to everyone whos been showin support. im n a great mood. sept 15 will b the rebirth of scott mescudi

my album leaked on a full moon :) wicked.


Comment and tell me what you think about the album!!!

Here are some videos from last week you might not have seen, while I was in bed doped from being sick. 


They’re decent. Nothing to whoot about. But I thought I’d post them anyway.

Number One – R.Kelly ft. Keri Hilson


Ryan Leslie – You’re Not My Girl

B2k is backkk!!!! Ok im kidding. But (lil) Fizz and (J) Boog are. They’re new song Bounce is from the Bring It On: Fight To Finish soundtrack. Ummmm I’m not sure this is a great comeback. Actually I know this isn’t a great comeback. But I applaud they’re effort. I really do. That took a lot of dedication.

I see their allowed to curse now. Interesting.

Check it out!!!!

I remember being obsessed with B2k (mainly J Boog). I remember having all the cd’s (including the remix albums) and i vividly remember crying when i heard they broke up (my mother laughed at me of course!) and hating Omarion’s guts because he was going solo. Of Course that was years ago and all of this seems like a hilarious blur to me now. Still It’s quite funny to reminisce on my middle school days. Don’t Judge Me!!! I know yall loved them too!!