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Well well welll……


Drake has rereleased Forever, but its completely different this time. Of course It’s greatness, did you see who all it features. Im not exactly hype about the song itself because i’ve been singing the chorus for months now…but I mean the verses are all dope. Its kinda like when swagger like us, the ultimate collabos.

Check it out!!!

Another song from Jayz’s Blueprint 3 has been leaked.

smh. im really hoping these are not the real songs. It’s a joke right. He’s tricking us all. HAHAHAHAHAH FUNNYYYYY!!! REAL FUNNY JAY!!!!

“Reminder” goes along with the concept of Off That. It’s just not Blueprint material. It’s just not Jayz good. Sigh. Im really hoping something magical happens to turn this all around. Right now i’m becoming really discouraged about this entire album.

Im going to keep this short because I don’t want to ramble.


& this album was PERFECT for this ocassion. Every song shows of Whitney’s vocal abilities and the album will completely satisfy fans by acknowledging that she has overcome personal and music related issues.  If you a Whitney Houston fan…or if you just love real music you have to check this out.


I’ll post her two singles which im sure you guys have already heard….can’t wait for the video. I’ve seen pictures of her on set and she looks AMAZINGGG

I Look To You:


Million Dollar Bill:

I meannnnnnn. It’s not terrible. but its not something I would run out and buy…actually its not something i would walk to buy. But if someone was to burn it for me I would gladly accept it. It’s your typical r&b album…but it doesn’t really show any growth from LeToya’s first solo album. It’s just there. The strong songs on this album were released as singles…but i’ll post the videos below for your enjoyment.

I don’t want you guys not to buy something just because I don’t like it so feel free to listen for yourselves too….

Not Anymore:

She Ain’t Got…

Regret ft. Ludacris (hasnt been released as a single…but im sure it will be):


It is absolutely rare that I can listen to an entire album all the way through at once. It just doesn’t happen anymore. There’s always one song that makes me go “ummmmmm next?” But Colbie Caillat has delivered a extremely good album. Wayy better than her first album (and her first album was pretty darn good). This whole album just makes you feel so good….even the heartbreak songs still have a sense of optomism in them.

I want so bad to post my favorites…but I can’t because i’d have a long list of youtube videos…I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!!! But I’ll try my hardest to post some songs at random. Most of them haven’t even made it to youtube yet. Check them out below and buy the album. Seriously its completely awesomaryyy :)


Fallin For You (Official Video):

I Won’t (skip to .30 secs for audio):




I have been waiting patiently for this album along with all the other anxious Imogen Heap/Frou Frou fans…and it’s finally here!!! If you guys loved the old Imogen/Frou Frou records you will just as equally fall in love with this album from the very beginning of First Train Home until the end of Half Life.

I highly recommend this entire album because its so differently amazing. Everyone should have at least one album like this in their cd collection (Do people still buy cd’s…maybe that’s just me). If you don’t wanna buy the albums at least check out the single (official mv posted below) and two of my favorite songs from the album. Ironically the songs posted are the first, last, and middle songs on the album. Listen!!! I promise you won’t be dissapointed.


First Train Home:

Between Sheets:

Half Life:


After dancing like crazy to this at the Hangover tour last month (videos and pics posted on my old blog: I have a special love for this song and Asher Roth and I’m sure all the people that were with me do too (especially the girls who got up on stage and danced with him)…but enough of my life experiences (I’m sure yall could care less) the video has arrived and now we can ALL dance along to this song together. 

Im not a huge fan of Keri’s new material, but I must say she always looks amazing. And Asher, well we already know he’s a cutie :)


Check it out!!!


IDK if anyone else knows of or even likes A Fine Frenzy but i’ve been a fan ever since I heard “Almost Lover”

Welll she’s back and her new album will be dropping pretty soon (check back here for the review of course!)

Here’s her newest single “Happier”. She doesn’t dissapoint!!!


Another song from the Blueprint 3 has leaked. This one features Drake on the hook. I like the whole style of Jay calling out everybody and telling them they need to break away from what they used to (autotune, etc.) but i wouldn’t neccessarily listen to this song unless I couldn’t get to the radio to turn it.




What do yall think?

Oh and in case you haven’t seen the video for Run This Town I posted that too for yall. Video’s decent. But everytime I hear this song I wanna go out and party with my friends, break curfew, and dance all my troubles away. It makes life seem good :)


Hi guys!!!

I know I haven't posted anything new in forever. I could run down a list of excuses that are pretty legit but I'm guessing you could care less so I'll save them. Anyway this will be a continuation of my old blog so from now on you can check back here to see what's new in music. I promise you guys I will post more often and more continuously.

Pinky Promise.
iLy guys :)