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Dumblonde in "white lightening" video

Dumblonde in “white lightening” video

The silver lining in Danity Kane breaking up (if there is one) is that the three final members are all still making music.

Dawn Richard (or D∆WN) is preparing to release a new EP, RedemptionHeart, and Aubry O’Day and Shannon Bex are preparing to do the same.

Whereas Richard is already an established solo artist, O’Day and Bex are introducing the world to a new group and sound.

The ladies have become a duo under the moniker Dumblonde. According to a press release from a few months ago, the duo is striving to make “independent alternative dance/pop.”

Their debut song “white lightening” certainly falls into that category. Unfortunately, it also gets swallowed into the generic sound of it, making for a pretty bland debut.

The electronic production is predictable and the ladies’ vocals and lyrics lack any memorable moments. But that hasn’t stopped it from reaching no. 6 on the iTunes’ Dance chart.

The duo is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album on Sept. 25, meaning there is plenty of time for me to be sold on this new sound. Continue reading



Remember when Danity Kane reunited? And then there were four…then threethen none

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex aren’t going to let a little drama get in the way of their creativity.

Less than a year after Danity Kane’s second breakup, the ladies will henceforth be known as Dumblonde, an “independent alternative Dance/Pop duo,” according to their website.

The announcement continues, “Their indie pop debut has strong dance and alternative influences reminiscent of acts like The Ting Tings, and La Roux. The combination of their iconic blonde appeal, transcendent harmonies and powerful stage presence is a style unique only to Dumblonde.”

Oh, boy.

I’m all for this if they can actually deliver on this sound AND stay together. So far there is no official release date for any new music.

Still, I really feel like Aubrey O’Day should be going on Marriage Bootcamp with Dawn Richard instead of her boyfriend Travis Garland. Since you obviously don’t have to be married to be on the show, I’ve decided I’m much more invested in getting Danity Kane back together than I am about Aubrey and Travis as a couple.

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day

The ladies of Danity Kane are more than likely up to something because last night a countdown for 11 days popped up on their website then disappeared. As we await what I hope will be an announcement about a full comeback, popular member Aubrey O’Day has released her EP Between Two Evils. Fans have been craving new music from the singer and she finally delivered in the form of a 9 track EP that is available for purchase on iTunes. The project showcases O’Day’s vocals over explosive dance tracks and will surely satisfy her fans. It’s a solid effort, especially considering O’Day doesn’t have a major label backing her! Stream the project below and share your thoughts! Continue reading

Thirty eight years after releasing her new single “Wrecking Ball,” Aubey O’Day has released the music video. I posted behind the scenes footage a while back, and if you saw it then you’re already familiar with the concept: clips of Aubrey and her boyfriend having fun on the beach and arguing, cut between footage of her performing in all black with her band.

It’s pretty cute if nothing else. Check out “Wrecking Ball” below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Aubrey O’Day’s “Wrecking Ball” didn’t become a huge single but the former Danity Kane star is pressing on with promo in hopes that it may pick up some momentum. The singer recently released a behind the scenes clip from the set of the video as she filmed a few performance shots as well as a scene with a love interest on the beach.

I like Aubrey so I can’t wait to see how the video turns out for her! Continue reading

Aubrey O’Day is finally ready to move on with her solo career! We haven’t gotten much music from her since she left Danity Kane and was signed as a solo artist, but today we get the emotional track “Wrecking Ball.” The Celebrity Apprentice star, released a ballad all about heartbreak, that I’m sure her old DK fans will eat up. I don’t know if the song is strong enough to help her gain new fans, but we’ll just have to wait and see! Listen to “Wrecking Ball” below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Aubrey O’Day stopped by The Big J Show recently to discuss filming the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, dating, and a possible Danity Kane reunion. Aubrey says she is really trying to get all of her former band mates together for a reunion, but do you think it’ll actually happen? I loved Danity Kane and everything they did while they were out, but it seems like a reunion would be nearly impossible.  All of the girls each had their own separate issues and drama…and then there’s Diddy. Do you think he’d go for a reunion? Listen to the clip below and let me know what you think!!! Continue reading

…according to Aubrey O’day in her new interview with B.Scott. I haven’t been able to watcher her new show All About Aubrey because my school decided to be cheap and strip Oxygen away from us last semester, but I will say that this interview gave me a new perspective on her and her personality!! It’s definitely something you should check out!!

Aubrey O’Day has been working on her new reality show which will air on Oxygen for months now and the trailer is finally here. The show is apparently going to be following Aubrey as she works on redeeming herself and going solo in the music industry….

I mean I miss Danity Kane and all but I don’t know if I would buy an album with just Aubrey on it…