Chris Brown’s Fortune is currently streaming on Itunes for fans to hear before it’s released next week (July 3), but today a new track that didn’t make the album leaked. “Get Down,” features some aggressive verses from Chris, a catchy hook from T-Pain and a flashy verse from Bobby Ray.

Oh, and Chris Brown reuses his “doggy want the kitty” line from “Birthday Cake (Remix) just for kicks and giggles.

Listen to “Get Down” below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Iggy Azalea teamed up with her Grand Hustle family for “Million Dollar Misfits.”  Iggy repped for Grand Hustle yesterday during her interview with The Breakfast Club and defends her decision to work with them instead of signing with Interscope Records. Did she make the right decision?

Listen to “Million Dollar Misfits,” which will be featured on her EP Glory, below and share your thoughts!!  Continue reading

Last week B.O.B released a few teaser pics from the set of the “Both Of Us” music video and today he tweeted a 5 minute behind the scenes clip. In the clip B.O.B and Taylor shoot several different scenes for the video including some on a farm and in a billiard.

I’m pretty excited to see how the video turns out because I adore both of these artist! Watch the BTS footage below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Maybe it’s coming sooner than we thought!!!

B.O.B released the music video for his urban single “Ray Bandz” yesterday, and today pictures of him filming “Both Of Us” with Taylor Swift hit the web. The video for the sweet pop track, about joining together to become powerful, was shot in Nashville.

I’ll never forgive Bobby Ray for removing his harmonies from this song, but I’m still pretty excited to see the video!

B.O.B shows us all the things his (Ray) bandz can afford him in “Ray Bandz.” The rapper rides around in luxurious cars, flies in on a helicopter, and chills with the hottest girls in the flashy video. It’s definitely for his urban fans, but don’t worry if you like the “pop” side of B.O.B. more because he’ll be releasing a video for “Both Of Us” featuring Taylor Swift soon. Continue reading

B.O.B released a music video for her song “Play For Keeps” over the weekend. The video shows Bobby Ray living the good life in Paris while rapping along to the song. I wasn’t expecting a video for this song because it’s not a single, but I honestly think B.O.B just wanted to show off the good times he had while overseas. Can’t be mad at him for that! Check out the video below!!! Continue reading

Former American Idol alum Haley Reinhart is preparing to release her debut album Listen Up next week and today the soulful singer released a new track from the upcoming album. “Oh My” has all of the jazz-infused pop elements that we’ve come to expect form Haley, with a nice verse from B.O.B. I don’t LOVE it, but it definitely gets me excited for what’s to come. Listen to “Oh My” below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading


B.O.B stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform two songs from his recently released sophomore album Strange Clouds. The rapper performed his single “So Good” then took to his keyboard to close out the show with “Where Are You (B.O.B vs. Bobby Ray).” Seriously, is there anything hotter than a rapper who can play guiar and piano?! I don’t think so! Watch both performances below!!! Continue reading

In 2010 B.O.B was heard by many people for the first time. After garnering a lot of attention for his underground mixtapes, the Atlanta native drummed up a lot of attention when he released his first commercial single “Nothing On You” featuring Bruno Mars. Following the success of that single, B.O.B dropped “Airplanes” featuring Haley Williams of Paramore. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t turn on a radio the first 6 months of 2010 without hearing B.O.B’s music and as a fan that made me very proud. In April 2010, his first album B.O.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, was released selling 84,000 it’s first week. To date the album has only sold about 200,000 copies, but it got B.o.B his first grammy nominations, and it remains one of my favorite releases of that year. B.O.B was really able to show his versatility with the album, which appealed to both the urban and pop crowd and I couldn’t wait to see what would follow.

In the beginning of 2012, B.O.B released the first single from his sophomore album. “Strange Clouds” featuring Lil Wayne didn’t get much attention, or airplay, but I was still excited to see how the album as a whole would turn out. The album was released this week and is set to do between 70-80k without a hit single, any major promotion, and a push-back.  Number wise Bobby Ray has remained about the same, but has his music improved?

While I think it’s quite obvious that this album doesn’t have any “instant hits” like his first album, I can definitely see maturity with this album as a whole. Sonically this album is bigger than the first album, with more harmonies, synth-infused beats, and guitars. It may not be a huge success commercially, but I definitely think it’s worth a listen and maybe even a purchase!!

Check out my track by track review below, then you can decide for yourself!!!  Continue reading