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Nicki Minaj in "Anaconda" behind the scenes footage

Nicki Minaj in “Anaconda” behind the scenes footage

Apparently there was an abundance of twerking and alcohol on the set of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video. The singer released behind the scenes footage from the set of the video days after unveiling the single on iTunes on Monday. In the clip, a tipsy Minaj is seen having fun on set and reviewing the raunchy footage from the video shoot. Even she seems stunned by the sexy footage!

Minaj teased the video on Instagram earlier this week after releasing the single.

An official release date has not been revealed.

“Anaconda” is the latest single from Minaj’s forthcoming album The Pink Print. Continue reading

Foxes films "Holding Onto Heaven" video

Foxes films “Holding Onto Heaven” video

Foxes has revealed her next single. “Holding Onto Heaven” was released in 2013, but the singer will release the music video presumably in the next few weeks, before her album is released. Just hours ago she uploaded behind the scenes footage from the set to her YouTube channel.

The video shows Foxes and a group of extras learning choreography from Aletta Collins. The singer said it was important that the video not be about a romantic relationship, since the song is actually about her relationship with herself. She also said she wanted the video to have the message of dancing with confidence, even when you aren’t a good dancer. Continue reading

Roc Nation

Roc Nation

Rita Ora teams up with her boo thang Calvin Harris for the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album. According to Ora,” I’ll Never Let You Down” is an “energetic love song” that is infectiously happy. She unveiled behind the scenes footage from the set of the music video in addition to the artwork (above) yesterday.

In the video, Ora wears several different outfits and puts on lipstick while talking about the single and her forthcoming album.

The Roc Nation songstress says she wants her sophomore album to be as personal as possible, but it sounds like she’s not going to stray too far from the upbeat sounds of her first album. And that’s definitely not a bad thing now that warmer weather is on it’s way. Continue reading

Beyonce & Jay Z in behind the scenes footage from "Partition"

Beyonce & Jay Z in behind the scenes footage from “Partition”

Director Jake Nava has been working with Beyonce for over a decade. Like the songstress, the “Crazy In Love” director has evolved over time and now he’s sharing what it was like to work with Beyonce on a few of the videos from her latest album. In the video, Nava talks shooting childhood footage of Beyonce in present day for “Grown Woman,” rushing to film the “Partition” car scene with Jay Z because he was on tour and the inspiration behind the “***Flawless” music video.

Nava said he continues to enjoy working with Beyonce because she is “one of the most interesting and talented artists in the world.”

Head over to Fuse to watch the footage and interview with Nava! Continue reading

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande in Instagram post.

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande in Instagram post.

A few weeks ago Chris Brown tweeted some lyrics and when Ariana Grande retweeted them and seemingly added a new line, rumors of the two collaborating on a new song began to swirl. Now it’s official.

This morning Brown posted a photo of him and Grande dancing together with the hashtags #rehearsal and #comingsoon. Grande retweeted the photo after talking about doing pointe for the first time in years. She attached a picture of her pointe shoes.

From the lyrics and the sultry dance photo, it seems we’re in for a real treat. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait patiently for more details regarding the collaboration to emerge!

Both artists are working to release new albums this year.

Check out the lyrics and the photo of Grande’s pointe shoes below.

Continue reading

Ellie Goulding in "Goodness Gracious" behind the scenes video

Ellie Goulding in “Goodness Gracious” behind the scenes video

Ellie Goulding is releasing a music video for “Goodness Graacious.” ELLIE GOULDING IS RELEASING A MUSIC VIDEO FOR “GOODNESS GRACIOUS!”

The popular singer unveiled behind the scenes footage from the set of the colorful video moments ago. The video for the Halcyon Days song was directed by Kinga Burza (Kate Nash’s “Foundations,” James Blung’s “Love, Love, Love” and Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl.”) and features a lot of dancing and neon lights. According to Goulding, the video treatment is “vibrant, futuristic, positive and happy,” despite the song’s dark lyrics.

Goulding and Nate Ruess (of fun.) really did a great job writing this song, so I can’t wait to see it brought to life in the video! Continue reading

Lily Allen in "Hard Out Here" behind the scenes footage

Lily Allen in “Hard Out Here” behind the scenes footage

When Lily Allen released her satirical “Hard Out Here” video, many people couldn’t support the feminist message because of the representation of black women in the clip. I can definitely see how people would see the video as critical towards a certain race, although I didn’t necessarily see it that way when I first watched it.

After denying the fact that race played a part in her choice of women (which to me was more problematic than their actual inclusion), Allen has released behind the scenes footage of her rehearsing for the video. In the clip, she says she doesn’t want it to feel like she’s looking down on the ladies in the video, predicting the drama before the video was even released.

Watch the footage below and share your thoughts on the situation! Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 4.40.47 PM

Rihanna will release the music video for “What Now,” the fifth single from her seventh studio album Unapologetic on Friday, Nov. 15. Today the pop star has unveiled a behind the scenes clip from the set of the video shoot to get fans excited for what’s to come. In the video, Rihanna describes the forthcoming visuals as demented, saying that she decided against doing the typical narrative-styled love story because it felt predictable.

The singer recently shot the video for “What Now” in Thailand during her Diamonds World Tour.
Continue reading

Rihanna on the set of "Pour It Up"

Rihanna on the set of “Pour It Up”

There was a time when I worried Rihanna would never allow the world to experience legitimate twerking to the tune of “Pour It Up.”

Proving, once again, that she is absolutely #boutthatlife, the Barbados star dropped a behind the scenes clip full of pole dancing and big booty strippers wearing thongs and twerking in water for the forthcoming video.

Rihanna also reveals that she co-directed the video.

Vincent Haycook was originally the video director, but he recently tweeted that his departure from the project was due to creative differences. Rihanna responded and asked Haycook to take his name off the check.

Check out the BTS clip below, then head on over to Rihanna’s instagram for behind the scenes pics from the shoot. Continue reading

Katy Perry in "Roar" video

Katy Perry in “Roar” video

Katy Perry released the video for her no. 1 single “Roar” moments ago via Vevo! Perry is seen in the jungle with a monkey and an elephant after her plane crashes and her boyfriend is eaten by a tiger in the colorful video. The singer battles the same tiger towards the end of the video, wins and becomes Queen of the jungle. She then proceeds to paint the toenails of her new elephant friend and make lip gloss out of berries. It’s all really cute.

Katy Perry teamed up with Nokia for the video for Prism’s lead single “Roar” and yesterday the cell phone company revealed behind the scenes footage.

Watch the video and the behind the scenes clip below! Continue reading

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