School Boy/Interscope Records

School Boy/Interscope Records

These past few weeks have been hard for me.

Ever since I realized 2015 would not be the year that Carly Rae Jepsen finally received the justice she deserves, I’ve just felt numb. What is there to love about a world that doesn’t recognize that her 80s-inspried pop music is some of the best of it’s kind in recent years?

Anyway, there’s a new Bleachers remix of “I Really Like You.” It sounds just like a Bleachers remix should.

Heavy on the percussion.


And all without taking away from that infectiously repetitive chorus.

It’s good stuff, indeed.

It won’t do anything to help with album sales, though, since the album is already in Japan (and, thus, has already leaked globally), but doesn’t come out in America until August 21.

It’s very typical of Jack Antonoff to provide hope where there is none. It’s like a requirement for all fun. band members, I think. (Assuming fun. will continue to be a thing in the future. OMG. What if it doesn’t?!) Continue reading

Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers) in "Rollercoaster" video

Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers) in “Rollercoaster” video

Bleachers’ “Rollercoaster” was easily one of my favorite summer anthems this year. The euphoric feel of the song is instantly palpable and, luckily, Jack Antonoff was able to to translate it well visually with the help of director Richard Shepard.

After a girl throws her stockings at him, Antonoff and his bandmates decided to serenade her on top of a moving ice cream truck. It may not have gone so well in real life – apparently the brakes failed and the group “almost died” – but visually it looks awesome!

The ending of the video might through you for a loop, though.

Rollercoaster is featured on Bleachers’ debut album Strange Desires. If you’re a huge fan of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods,” which Antonoff co-wrote and co-produced, then you should definitely give Bleachers’ music a shot. Continue reading



“This summer’s gone and I’m alone.”

Bleachers will release their debut album this summer and I think it’s safe to say it will be one of the season’s best releases. Following in a similar vein of the electrifying anthems they have released thus far the band, led by fun.’s Jack Antonoff, have unveiled “Like A River Runs.”

The pop/rock cut has an edgy feel that is countered by dizzying synth lines and Antonoff’s monotonous vocals. And, yes, y’all, this hook is also sing-along, and I don’t mind it one bit.

If you haven’t heard “I Wanna Get Better” (which is featured on my “Summertime Vibes” playlist), “Shadow” or “Rollercoaster” yet I strongly suggest you give them a try as soon as possible.

Strange Desire will be released July 15. Continue reading



Bleachers new single definitely makes me feel like I won’t be.

Channeling his “inner-Springsteen,” Jack Antonoff and crew are three for three with the summer anthems. Following the release of “I Wanna Get Better” and “Shadow,” the new band has released “Rollercoaster,” a nostalgia-inducing single that is sure to make you feel a full spectrum of emotions. Mostly a surge of bliss, though.

Like the first two singles, this new release also features a sing-along hook.

The band also unveiled the tracklistiing for their debut album Strange Desire, out July 22. Yes, that is Yoko Ono listed on the tracklisting below. There’s a world tour kicking off on June 20 in Dover, DE, too. Continue reading



The constant amount of new releases can often mean really good music can slip through the cracks. It happens to everyone. Still, there were a few releases from the last week that I couldn’t let go unheard. There’s another solid single from
Bleachers, a new release from Naughty Boy and an introduction to one of Roc Nation’s newest songstress in the mix.

Bleachers is 2 for 2. The band, created by fun.’s Jack Antonoff, has released the second single from their forthcoming debut album and it features the same 80s vibe that “I Wanna Get Better” had. The major difference is “Shadow” finds Antonoff encouraging someone else (“If you’re feeling down, I’ll love your shadow”), not reflecting on his own sadness and insecurities. Both songs feature spoken, sing-along-ready hooks and noisy productions and are sure to get fans excited to hear more.

Listen. And I dare you not to have that crunchy guitar riff stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Continue reading

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

fun.’s guitarist Jack Antonoff plays a therapist who listens to people talk about wanting to get better in the music video for his new band Bleachers’ lead single.

In the Lena Dunham-directed visuals, Antonoff breaks up with his girlfriend, who accuses him of judging everyone except for himself. It is then shown that the musician’s job is to judge people. He is shown listening to several patients rant about their troubled lives.

In the end, they all form a band together and jam out to the song.

Bleachers will release their first album later this year. Continue reading



The amazing thing about the band fun. is they’re all so talented individually. Lead singer Nate Ruess co-writes stunning pop songs like Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason” and Ellie Goulding’s “Goodness Gracious.” Andrew Dost is a talented multi-instrumentalist that really shines during the band’s live shows. And Jack Antonoff is always maintaining noteworthy side projects. His new project is Bleachers.

Bleacher’s debut album is due later this year via RCA and their first offering is the perfect attention getter. The only thing that would’ve been better at getting people’s attention is if Antonoff and Lena Dunham unexpectedly stood in the middle of Times Square with a bullhorn screaming this song.

“I Wanna Get Better” is a rowdy tune filled with the same blend of optimism and pessimism that haunts fun.’s lyrics. “I didn’t know I was lonely ’til I saw your face. I wanna get better, better, better, better. I didn’t know I was broken ’til I wanted to change,” Antonoff chants during the explosive hook.

Antonoff managed to keep this group a secret until the song’s debut and I’m kind of glad he did. “I Wanna Get Better” may be one of the best songs of 2014 so far and it’s kind of cool that it crept up on us the way it did. Continue reading