Georgia Nott (of Broods) in "Four Walls" video

Georgia Nott (of Broods) in “Four Walls” video

I know I’ve made my obsession with Broods perfectly clear, but there’s a new live video out that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Georgia Nott’s voice is absolutely stunning in the live version of “Four Walls.” The song’s line “I want to make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs” was already one of my favorite lyrics at the moment, but Nott’s decision to transpose most of the song to a higher key, along with the staccato strings towards the end, definitely heightens the emotions.

The song’s music video not only features shots of Nott performing the song, but it also includes the lyrics.

It’s a live lyrics video. (Just go with it.) Continue reading

Georgia Nott of Broods sings "Bridges"

Georgia Nott of Broods sings “Bridges”

When Georgia Nott visited Georgia for the first time with her brother and bandmate Caleb earlier this month to open for Sam Smith, I was in the audience cheering and singing along. Less than 24 hours before the New Zealand duo’s debut album¬†Evergreen was released in the U.S. on Oct. 7, the siblings put on an energetic and entertaining show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

One of the highlights was a stripped down performance of “Bridges.” Georgia really shined through on this version. Where the atmospheric album version starts off as a piano ballad and builds, adding booming drums and synths, the live version only features the piano backing.

Luckily, even if you don’t get a chance to see the duo perform the cut live, you can watch a performance now courtesy of their label Capitol.

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“I want to make you feel how I feel when I’m listening to love songs.”

Is it just me or does the sound of Broods’ lead singer Georgia Nott‘s voice instantly make you feel like you’re crumbling to pieces?

The brother and sister duo have released another cut from their forthcoming debut album Evergreen leading up to the October release.

“Four Walls” finds Nott singing about being scared to fall in love despite the circumstances being seemingly perfect. Like their previous releases, it’s a sweet take on heavy emotions.

Nott’s vocals are layered delicately over the atmospheric production. Built around a simple piano melody and drum pattern, it’s the kind of morose sound we’ve grown to expect from Caleb Nott.

“Four Walls” is a solid followup to “Mother & Father.” It doesn’t pack the same punch sonically. Instead it drags along in a way that is both devastating and captivating.

Evergreen will be released on Oct. 7. Continue reading

Broods in "Mother & Father" video

Broods in “Mother & Father” video

New Zealand duo Broods have unveiled a simple music video for their latest single “Mother & Father.” It’s not hard to imagine plot-driven visuals for the nostalgic release, but instead the siblings went for a performance video. Georgia Nott puts all of her passion into her dance moves (think a less creepy version of Lorde) while her brother, Caleb, tends to his instruments.

The black and white clip is still effective, perhaps even moreso than a more traditional video with a storyline would’ve been.

If nothing else, it makes you want to see how the duo’s music translates live. (According to Pigeons & Planes, Broods is opening for Sam Smith’s tour this fall, but their Facebook page doesn’t list the Atlanta date as one of their stops so I still won’t get to see them…)

Broods will release their debut album Evergreen this August. Continue reading