Charlie Puth



“If no one knows it, it ain’t really cheating.”

No, Charlie, that’s not really how this works, sir.

Singer Charlie Puth (you may know him from collaborating with Wiz Khalifa on the recent Furious 7 hit “See You Again”) has released a new single (“I Won’t Tell A Soul”) ahead of his debut album and it and it’s message is ridiculous, but the song itself is pretty darn catchy.

The doo-wop inspired ballad really highlights Puth’s vocals and, to be fair, the lyrics lay out his argument in a way that could be convincing (and, almost romantic?) if you’re not careful.

This song will likely be the future anthem for side baes everywhere, but it can also be enjoyed by the people who don’t agree with that arrangement.

Listen to the new release below. It’s okay if you like it. We won’t tell a soul. Continue reading