D∆WN in "Titans/James Dean" video

D∆WN in “Titans/James Dean” video

Dawn Richard has dropped her last name and is now going by D∆WN.

Her first release under the name change is the music video for a new song, “James Dean,” ahead of her forthcoming EP RedemptionHeart. The visuals actually include two parts, the first being for a Blackheart interlude titled “Titans.”

I’m always amazed by D∆WN’s videos and what she manages to display on a seemingly small budget. Her visuals usually take place on one set with minimal props. This time the credit for making the singer’s project visually appealing is Monty Marsh. In the new release, D∆WN can be seen dancing alone and with two male dancers as her hair blows. There’s a fog machine and mood lighting for added effect.

As for how the new song sounds, the signer’s vocal delivery sounds a lot like Frank Ocean’s on the second half of “Pyramids” and the lyrical content is isn’t anything novel (“He said love don’t really matter, you can just be my Marilyn.”).

The visuals are definitely the draw here. Which is fine, because they’re pretty stunning. Continue reading