Danity Kane

Dumblonde in "white lightening" video

Dumblonde in “white lightening” video

The silver lining in Danity Kane breaking up (if there is one) is that the three final members are all still making music.

Dawn Richard (or D∆WN) is preparing to release a new EP, RedemptionHeart, and Aubry O’Day and Shannon Bex are preparing to do the same.

Whereas Richard is already an established solo artist, O’Day and Bex are introducing the world to a new group and sound.

The ladies have become a duo under the moniker Dumblonde. According to a press release from a few months ago, the duo is striving to make “independent alternative dance/pop.”

Their debut song “white lightening” certainly falls into that category. Unfortunately, it also gets swallowed into the generic sound of it, making for a pretty bland debut.

The electronic production is predictable and the ladies’ vocals and lyrics lack any memorable moments. But that hasn’t stopped it from reaching no. 6 on the iTunes’ Dance chart.

The duo is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album on Sept. 25, meaning there is plenty of time for me to be sold on this new sound. Continue reading



Remember when Danity Kane reunited? And then there were four…then threethen none

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex aren’t going to let a little drama get in the way of their creativity.

Less than a year after Danity Kane’s second breakup, the ladies will henceforth be known as Dumblonde, an “independent alternative Dance/Pop duo,” according to their website.

The announcement continues, “Their indie pop debut has strong dance and alternative influences reminiscent of acts like The Ting Tings, and La Roux. The combination of their iconic blonde appeal, transcendent harmonies and powerful stage presence is a style unique only to Dumblonde.”

Oh, boy.

I’m all for this if they can actually deliver on this sound AND stay together. So far there is no official release date for any new music.

Still, I really feel like Aubrey O’Day should be going on Marriage Bootcamp with Dawn Richard instead of her boyfriend Travis Garland. Since you obviously don’t have to be married to be on the show, I’ve decided I’m much more invested in getting Danity Kane back together than I am about Aubrey and Travis as a couple.



Today started off as a normal Monday, but it certainly isn’t ending that way. Danity Kane’s “All In A Day’s Work” has leaked and I can’t go to sleep until I do the live choreography at least 20 times and learn all of the words.

“What you doing, huh?” Something more productive? Probably. “Racking in some bacon in some high heels and a skirt?” Probably not at this hour (Although if you are I certainly won’t judge.).



Is the studio version of “All In a Day’s Work” anything new? Not really. It’s actually exactly what the extended preview and live version made it out to be, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a pretty solid girl anthem from the now defunct girl group.

At least the quintet turned quartet turned trio (turned duo?) is going out on a high note.

DK3 is out on Oct. 27.

Listen here.

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

Danity Kane may have split up for the second time, but fans still have a new album to look forward to.

The defunct trio recently revealed that they will still release a new album despite their dramatic breakup and have since delivered extended snippets and two full songs. Fans heard a few weeks ago “Rhythm of Love” and today the group has released “Tell Me.”

The sexy cut features the girls delivering their signature harmonies and lyrics that reference Mimi and Nikko’s infamous shower rod sex scene (Did we really need that visual, ladies?).

The song is good. It’s not great. But it’s new music and so I shall take it and be grateful.

DK3, the final album from the group, will be released on Oct. 27. Continue reading

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

Well, this Danity Kane reunion and subsequent disbandment has been one huge roller coaster of emotions for DK fans, hasn’t it?

Out of nowhere Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex took to O’Day’s Instagram account today to announce that the group’s previously scrapped album WILL be released. Presales for DK3 (I know, so cheesy) start this Friday (September 26) and the album goes on sale Oct. 27.

An album sampler has also landed online. The snippets are as promising as we knew they would be. Ultimately, these songs may have been too good to scrap. We won’t know for sure until the album is released.

We’re probably not getting any promo or videos this era considering DK2 (O’Day and Bex) clearly isn’t speaking to Dawn Richard since the physical altercation that caused the girls to split (again). Take what you can get and be grateful that the studio version of “All in a Day’s Work” will receive justice and see the light of day.

Update: Danity Kane has also release a new song from the album. Hear “Rhythm of Love” in full, along with the album announcement and sampler below. Continue reading

Instagram (Danity Kane)

Instagram (Danity Kane)

Let’s face it, if you have a job, or a friend with a pool or a date with Chipotle, you have better things to do than read an 1800 word breakup letter from two of the three remaining members of Danity Kane.

So that’s why I’m here.

I’ve read through the full statement quite a few times and I’ve cut it down to the most important parts so that you can continue to have a life even though I clearly don’t.

It all started earlier this week (well, technically it started here in 2008 but I’m sticking to this breakup) when TMZ broke the news on Dawn Richard’s birthday that an altercation between group members Richard and Aubrey O’Day had occurred. According to the site, Richard punched O’Day, which resulted in a police report being filed.

The girls stayed pretty mum about the fight and the fate of the group until today when O’Day and Bex released statements telling their side of the story and announcing that Danity Kane was officially over…for the second time…after being reunited for just over a year. Continue reading



First there was DC3 and now there’s a DK3.

It’s official. Danity Kane is a trio.

Let’s not act surprised. This happens in girl groups ALL the time. Still, I must admit I’m pretty sad. I remember watching Aundrea make it into the band on MTV and literally getting emotional because of how inspiring her journey was. That’s why it’s so bittersweet to watch the singer announce that she is no longer a part of the group.

The good news is, she has decided to leave because she is engaged and wants to focus on having a family. She didn’t completely address those pregnancy rumors, but she did end the announcement by saying she was going to go have some babies. The singer was joined on the stage by her future stepdaughter.

Fans got to see Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon in action as a trio during the opening show of the No Filter Tour last night in San Francisco.

Watch the girls perform their newest release “Lemonade” below. Continue reading

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

Dawn’s opening rap verse didn’t hook me immediately, but the catchy hook and sample (Clipse’s “Grindin'”) definitely caught my attention.

“Oh these haters got a sour head look up on they face, lemonade, lemonade,” the Danity Kane ladies sing on their comeback single “Lemonade” before Tyga comes in a with a solid verse. The urban single is the first release from the girl group since they reformed as a quartet in 2013.

Apparently, Aundrea does appear on the song, which is a relief.

Listen to the Stereotypes-produced comeback single below.

Update: It seems Aundrea ISN’T featured on this song after all. The rumors were true. She has left the group. Continue reading

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

In the tradition of girl groups it seems Danity Kane may have lost another member. The group originally consisted of five members, but when the girls reunited last year it was announced that D. Woods would not be a part of their new projects. Now, it seems Aundrea Fimbres may be out, too.

The girls teased what appears to be a new single titled “Lemonade” on their social media accounts, but the image only features three girls. The picture shows three little girls that appear to be posing as Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex at a lemonade stand. Rumors that Aundrea was leaving the group have been swirling for a while now and this image seems to confirm that.

DK will begin their No Filter tour this weekend. View the dates here. Continue reading

Danity Kane

Danity Kane

If you’re not a fan of the R&B disco-influenced sound that artists like Pharrell, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce have been capitalizing on, you may want to sit this year out because it looks like that trend isn’t going to die down anytime soon. Earlier this week I posted a similar sounding song from Karmin and now comes “Bye Baby,” the first studio track we’ve received from Danity Kane in nearly five years.

The melodic track is heavily reliant on horns and harmonies, just how I like my music. It’s a “safe” comeback track that carefully follows the current trend in music, but it should be enough to satisfy fans until they are ready to release more music.

The girls unveiled a more uptempo song, “All In A Day’s Work” during their House of Blues set recently and I can’t wait to hear the studio version! Watch the performance here!

Listen to “Bye Baby” below! Continue reading