Dawn Richard

D∆WN in "Titans/James Dean" video

D∆WN in “Titans/James Dean” video

Dawn Richard has dropped her last name and is now going by D∆WN.

Her first release under the name change is the music video for a new song, “James Dean,” ahead of her forthcoming EP RedemptionHeart. The visuals actually include two parts, the first being for a Blackheart interlude titled “Titans.”

I’m always amazed by D∆WN’s videos and what she manages to display on a seemingly small budget. Her visuals usually take place on one set with minimal props. This time the credit for making the singer’s project visually appealing is Monty Marsh. In the new release, D∆WN can be seen dancing alone and with two male dancers as her hair blows. There’s a fog machine and mood lighting for added effect.

As for how the new song sounds, the signer’s vocal delivery sounds a lot like Frank Ocean’s on the second half of “Pyramids” and the lyrical content is isn’t anything novel (“He said love don’t really matter, you can just be my Marilyn.”).

The visuals are definitely the draw here. Which is fine, because they’re pretty stunning. Continue reading

Dawn Richard in "I Chose Me" video

Dawn Richard in “I Chose Me” video

“I want you, but I want peace more.”

Upon listening to Dawn Richard’s latest solo album Blackheart one of the tracks that immediately stood out to me was “Choices: The Interlude.”

The short track clearly represents the singer deciding to put herself first and is a good reminder that we could all stand to do that a bit more in life.

The video finds Richard standing in a dark room as various words and images project onto her silhouette.

It’s simple, allowing you to focus on the important lyrics. Continue reading

Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard

One thing Dawn Richard can do is make great music. She may not be able to navigate the dramas of a girl group successfully, but she knows her way around a beat FOR SURE.

The singer has unveiled “Physical” a sexy repetitive number that finds Richard reining over a four-on-he-floor beat.

“Let’s get careless and vibe,” she sings over pulsating synths. The track is unlike her previous releases without isolating her fans.

If this is any indication of what Blackheart will sound like when it’s released next year, we’re in for a real treat. Continue reading

Danity Kane in "Blow" video

Danity Kane in “Blow” video

While Danity Kane released their final album, a mediocre and likely rushed effort due to the physical altercation and eventual disbandment of the troubled group, on Tuesday (Oct. 27), former member Dawn Richard was gearing up to announce her next solo project.

Blackheart is due Jan. 15 and she has already treated fans to the first song and video from the project. “Blow” is a minimally produced track, in a similar vein of Richard’s previous solo efforts.

“They think it’s over, but we are stronger,” she sings fittingly in the new release.

Admittedly, I was a little bitter when I started off watching this. I mean, Richard is one of the reasons Danity Kane is over, but I can’t deny this girl’s talent.

Let’s hope she can pull this solo effort off. Continue reading

Dawn Richard (Independent)

Setbacks and changes have marked the release to Dawn Richard’s new solo album Goldenheart, but her fans – Hearts – finally have her new work. Goldenheart is a progressive album of R&B work, released through Dawn’s own effort to find distributors. But is it all worth it the listen? Read the review to find out! Continue reading


With her long-awaited album Goldenheart being released today, Dawn Richard fans also have a new visual for one of the songs. The music video for “’86” begins with Dawn in a confrontation with two women in medieval-inspired gear. The entire video is set in an autumn forest, and features a dance solo by the singer, and a dance styled fight scene. It’s a beautiful video.

Watch the clip for ’86 below! Continue reading

Dawn Richard (Independent)

It’s been a long time coming, but Dawn Richard’s first solo album, Goldenheart, will be released tomorrow (Jan. 15). So far fans have only been able to hear two of the album’s tracks (“Pretty Wicked Things” and “86“), but AOL is currently streaming the album in full just in case you want to listen before you buy!

We’re holding our thoughts in until the review tomorrow, but we’d love to hear what you think about the album!

Listen here!

Dawn Richard (Independent)

Dawn Richard’s fans have stuck with her on her solo journey through EPs and album push backs for a year now and finally the payoff is near. Dawn Richard’s Goldenheart will be released in a week (Jan. 15) and to get fans excited for what’s to come she’s released a 20 minute sampler, featuring snippets from each track including “86” and “Pretty Wicked Things” (which was one of my favorite songs from 2012).

Are you ready for Dawn’s full-length album? Listen to the sampler below and share your thoughts! Continue reading

Dawn Richard in “Goldenheart” Video

A few months ago Dawn Richard released “86,” a reflective track from her forthcoming solo album Goldenheart. Since then she’s taken time out to focus on a holiday EP, but now she’s back to preparing for the album’s release.

Today she released a sneak peek from her forthcoming video for “86.” The video and the album will be released in January. Continue reading