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Instagram (Alessia Cara)

Instagram (Alessia Cara)

Alessia Cara’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” is amazing so expectations for her covers are now automatically high.

After meeting fellow Canadian star Drake recently, Cara took on his latest release “Hotline Bling.”

Like many of Drake’s songs, the catchy track is a delicate balance of Drake reminiscing on an old relationship and wondering what his ex is doing in his absence.

The bouncy production serves as a pleasant disguise but emotionally the song is a lot to unpack. Maybe that’s why Cara’s acoustic cover falls flat.

It’s not bad. It’s just not particularly memorable. There are not places for her to showcase her beautiful voice and the emotion just isn’t there. I don’t believe Cara is really worried about her boo smoking and getting nasty with someone else based on this cover.

I can’t help but wonder how JoJo sound covering this song? She’s done an amazing Drake cover before and will reportedly release THREE new singles on Friday (August 21). Hmmmm… Continue reading

OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records Inc

OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records Inc

“All the things that I put a hold on just for you to hit me with a hold on.”

Majid Jordan dropped a new single a few days ago and it’s proof that Drake was smart in snatching them up and signing them to OVO.

Drake premiered the new single, “My Love,” last week during an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, according to Billboard, because he’s team Apple Music and the streaming war for exclusive content rages on.

Sonically the simple production makes way for the duo and Drake’s verses that are brimming with questions, regret and a smidgen of resentment.

“I’m not your trophy baby I won’t let you show me off or shine me up or line me up,” Drake sings at one point during the song.

It will be tempting to subtweet the lyrics of “My Love” at your unofficial boo, but you must resist.

You may remember Majid Jordan from Drake’s hit song “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Back then people assumed the duo was one person. Since them they have release an awesome EP, A Place Like This, to cement their sound and place on the OVO roster. The 2014 project featured songs such as “Forever,” “Her” and “A Place Like This.” Continue reading



The bond between Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and their boss Lil Wayne seems stronger than ever. Sorry, Tyga.

The trio has teamed up for Nicki Minaj’s latest The Pinkprint release and the main topic is Minaj’s sex life. The rapper has always been clear on the fact that she’s all abut business and doesn’t sleep with men in the industry, but that doesn’t stop fans from wondering what’s going on between her and Drake. One minute she’s calling him her brother and the next she’s giving him a lap dance in her “Anaconda” video.

“I never f*cked Wayne, I never f*cked Drake. On my life man f*ck sake. If I did I would menage with ‘em and let them eat my ass like a cupcake.” she spits in the opening lines of “Only.”

Drake’s response?

“I never f*cked Nicki cuz she got a man, but when that’s over then I’m first in line.”

TMZ says that’s over so let the Dricki shipping begin.

With the three popular rappers and Chris Brown on the hook, this song should be received well by fans. Sonically, it’s nothing new for the YMCMB crew, but Minaj’s fans are always excited when the rapper goes back to her hip hop roots.

The Pinkprint just got a new release date. It’s scheduled for a Dec. 15 release now. Continue reading



Drake’s “How About Now,” a leaked song that landed online thanks to a teen from Marietta, Ga, may actually be a new song after all.

Drake just uploaded the track, along with two new songs to the OVO SoundCloud.

There’s another song perfect for your cuffing season emotions titled “Heat of the Moment,” and a braggy song called “6 God” to lift you out of your feelings. Drake’s considerate like that.

No word yet on if these songs are a part of a bigger project (i.e. a new album), but the songs are currently available for download through SoundCloud so I’m going to guess they’re just random releases to keep people talking.

These new tracks aren’t touching the surprise release of “0 to 100” earlier this year, but it’s always good to hear from Drizzy. He rarely disappoints! Continue reading

ILoveMakonnen and Drake in "Tuesday" remix video

ILoveMakonnen and Drake in “Tuesday” remix video

I didn’t want to like “Tuesday.” Honestly, I didn’t. I wanted to believe Drake didn’t know what he was doing when he decided to show off his falsetto, but it turns out, he was right…again. “Tuesday” is addictive.

The music video is a bit odd, though. The new visuals show Makonen and Drake partying in the club and drinking from Styrofoam cups as every day people perform their daily tasks while singing the words to the hit song. There are also really strange mannequin heads flying through the air and girls with white and red paint on their faces. Continue reading



I’m not entirely sure when Cuffing Season starts but I’m pretty sure it’s either already started or right around the corner. Either way, it’s only right that a new Drake song is dropped into the mix. AND, not just any Drake song. A Drake song that samples Jodeci (“My Heart Belongs To You”).

The rapper wasn’t being thoughtful and dropping a new song for your late night, cold weather, emotions, though. “How About Now” was apparently leaked by a teenager in Marietta, Georgia. He claimed the song was from Drizzy’s forthcoming album, but there’s honestly no way of knowing.

And, honestly, I don’t care. When a new Drake song drops out of thin air you don’t waste time asking questions.

“Crazy how you gotta wait until it’s dark out to see who’s really with you,” Drake raps in the new leak before reminiscing on the time when he dropped his other prospects and drove in the snow for his girl. So romantic.

The internet is buzzing with claims that the voicemail at the beginning may be from Drake’s friend Nicki Minaj. It doesn’t sound like her TO ME, unless, of course, the rapper put on one of her famous accents for the voicemail… Still, I can’t imagine Minaj telling someone they “cheese her, dog.”

The song has unsurprisingly been taken off Soundcloud, but you can hear it here.



Chris Brown and Trey Songz, self-proclaimed “R&B Thugs,” “Songs on 12 Play” collaborators and future tour mates, have teamed up for a new version of ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday.”

The two singers keep the hook the same, but they take turns singing about their flashy lifestyles during the verses.

“In the club with my strap, in case a n*gga wanna test me,” Brown sings. (That should do wonders for his reputation as a newly calm and trouble-free citizen.)

Regardless, this version is admittedly quite catchy.

Brown’s new album X is out tomorrow. And, the singer recently released his long-awaited collaboration with Ariana Grande.

Meanwhile, the Drake-assisted version of new OVO signee ILoveMakonnen’s first big single is continuing to make waves. Continue reading

Nicki Minaj in "Anaconda" video

Nicki Minaj in “Anaconda” video

Just when you thought twerking was on it’s way out…

I wasn’t expecting much from Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video. Based on the singer’s inability to twerk in the past I had reason to believe the visuals for the ode to butts wouldn’t be that entertaining.

I was wrong.

The provocative video features Minaj in multiple settings, including a forest, a gym, a kitchen and an empty room with rapper Drake, but the message throughout remains the same. Minaj has buns, hun, and she can actually shake them.

There are many fun scenes, but the most talked about will certainly be the one where Minaj gives fellow YMCMB rapper Drake a lap dance. We’ve seen the two joke about getting married and flirt many times at this point, but this scene takes teasing Dricki (yes, they already have a name) fans to an entirely new level.

Just when you think the two are going to ride off into the sunset together and fulfill Drake’s every dream, the video ends with him sitting all alone, looking pretty devastated over the fact that his big booty love has escaped him once again.

While “Anaconda” is a fun song, I must admit I haven’t really payed it much attention since it was released. I think this video has officially solved that problem.

Apparently, these days all you have to do is work out in a g-string, pour whipped cream all over yourself and seduce your peer to get people talking.

Who knew? Continue reading

Young Money

Young Money

The title ‘Drake VS. Lil Wayne’ would suggest some sort of competition, but the two Young Money rappers aren’t going against each other at all. They’re working together, again, actually.

The artists will co-headline a 31-date tour starting in August, stopping in Boston, Tampa, Denver, Los Angeles, Houston and more.

Drake and Lil Wayne currently have a single out together. “Believe Me” is the first offering from Wayne’s forthcoming album Tha Carver V.

‘Drake vs. Lil Wayne’ tickets go on sale starting June 20. Continue reading

Pharrell Williams in “Happy” video

Pharrell Williams in “Happy” video

Pharrell, Usher, Drake and Lil Wayne will perform at the 2014 BET Awards on June 29.

The artists are the first performers to be announced for the annual awards show, which will be hosted by Chris Rock this year. The live show will take place in L.A. at the Nokia Theatre.

Jay Z and Beyonce lead this year’s nominees with four nominations each.

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