The music video for Jamie Foxx’s latest single “Fall For Your Type” has finally been released and it’s definitely a good look for Jamie. The track, which first appeared on the web as a demo track sung by Drake and I haven’t met a person who hasn’t loved it since. The music video does a good job conveying the destructive relationship between Jamie and his girl so I would say it’s definitely a must watch.

‘Ol girl real bold. Throwing and breaking stuff she know she didn’t pay for…Chile.

Rihanna and her ex-lover (in his eyes) Drake recently filmed the music video for their song “What’s My Name.” I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the video for “Only Girl In The World” but I LOVE this video. Rihanna has been surprising me a lot lately, and I’m definitely buying her album because the songs I’ve heard (all of them) are HOT!

Anyway, enjoy the video:

I only had one thing to say and while surfing the internet I noticed that Kid Fury had already done it for me.

…No Shade at Matt because he’s been looking good lately too!! Still, I love Drake & Riri’s chemistry!!

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Lil Wayne continued to celebrate his freedom this weekend. Watch him and Drake perform “Miss Me” to a hype crown in Vegas in this video:

Wayne is also planning to have a huge party at King of Diamonds in Miami with fans and 48 bottles of alcohol. Read why this might mean trouble or more jail time for Wayne after the jump! Continue reading

Rihanna’s song featuring Drake has hit the web!!! I gave this song the first time I heard it I can’t lie. Rihanna and Drake doing a sex song together is a bit awkwards considering their almost “history.” Still, it’s cute!

The song will be a bonus track on Rihanna’s album Loud when it hits stores November 12.

The American Music Awards Nominee List has finally been released and fans can officially vote here. Eminem, Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber, & B.O.B. (EEPPP!!!!) are a few of the artists leading the nominees!!! The show airs on tv on November 21 on ABC.

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