India Shawn in "Floating Away" vidro

India Shawn in “Floating Away” vidro

India Shawn and James Fauntleroy’s “Floating Away” isn’t new, but the sweet track still packs the same emotional punch it did when I first heard it about a year ago.

So, imagine my delight when the collaborators not only dropped a video for the stunning single last week, but also released a joint EP titled ‘Outer Limits.’ I posted the equally amazing followup “One Sun” last week and it’s been on repeat ever since. Now I have six other songs to get acquainted (and possibly obsessed) with.

I haven’t given ‘Outer Limits’ a thorough listen yet, but the project is up on Soundcloud and you can check it out there.

As far as the video for Floating Away,” Shawn shows off her ballet skills for the simplistic visuals. Check it out below. Continue reading



If you’re one of those people that is against the apparent “hook up culture” of the current generation, you’ll love Meghan Trainor. The singer isn’t just bringing booty back, she’s determined to bring chivalry along too. Trainor says “boys like a little more booty to hold at night,” but she also insists they won’t get that privilege without first giving in to monogamy.

“Baby don’t call me a friend. If I hear that word again. You may never have a chance to see me naked in your bed,” Trainor sings in one of two songs from her debut EP. “Title” hinges on the doo-wop sound that made Trainor’s debut single “All About That Bass” a hit single.

As does the similar sounding “Dear Future Husband.”

“‘Cuz if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife. Buying groceries, buying, buying what you need,” she first sings. But, feminists don’t have a heart attack just yet. “You’ve got that 9 to 5, but baby so do I. So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies. I never learned to cook, but I can write a hook,” she adds.

At this point the sound is admittedly becoming a bit redundant and, as Flavor Wire points out, there are certainly a few social issues worth discussing in Trainor’s lyrics, but she’s undeniably talented. And she clearly does have an ear for catchy hooks.

The Epic artist released her debut EP, Title, yesterday. The project features four songs, including “All About That Bass,” “Title” and “Dear Future Husband.” The fourth cut, “Close Your Eyes,” doesn’t offer much message-wise or sonically that the previously mentioned tracks don’t deliver. Continue reading



As a kid I grew up on three artists: Brandy, Toni Braxton and Anita Baker. That’s why I literally came close to having an emotional breakdown when I heard JoJo was covering one of my favorite Anita Baker songs, “Caught Up In The Rapture,” for her Valentine’s Day-release, an EP titled #LoveJoJo. No joke. You know how people on television act when they find out Oprah just gave them a new car? That was me. Not only does JoJo cover the song, but she does an amazing job with it.

#LoveJoJo is a set of covers. Aside from the Anita Baker remake, the singer takes on Phil Collins “Take Me Home” and the gospel song “Glory.”

The singer once again demonstrates an admirable amount of vocal control on this EP. If you ever doubted her talent, the riffs in “Glory” alone should make you a believer.

JoJo was recently released from Blackground Records after a long internet campaign and legal fight. The singer is preparing to release an album under her new label Atlantic Records. Continue reading

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day

The ladies of Danity Kane are more than likely up to something because last night a countdown for 11 days popped up on their website then disappeared. As we await what I hope will be an announcement about a full comeback, popular member Aubrey O’Day has released her EP Between Two Evils. Fans have been craving new music from the singer and she finally delivered in the form of a 9 track EP that is available for purchase on iTunes. The project showcases O’Day’s vocals over explosive dance tracks and will surely satisfy her fans. It’s a solid effort, especially considering O’Day doesn’t have a major label backing her! Stream the project below and share your thoughts! Continue reading



J. Cole made it clear that the first volume of Truly Yours was not a mixtape or EP, but today the rapper released the second volume with six new songs, including collaborations with Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz. The new music comes after Cole dropped “Cole Summer” yesterday.

All this new music is sure to get fans excited for Born Sinner, which will drop on June 25. Continue reading

Travis Garland

Travis Garland

Since Valentine’s Day we’ve all been swooning over Travis Garland’s new music. I’ve posted “Where To Land” and “Blue Electric Roses” for your listening pleasure, and now Garland’s new EP Fashionably Late Vol. II is officially available for download.

If you’ve loved the songs I’ve posted thus far you’re going to love this EP! Fashionably Late Vol. II features five tracks, including the two previously released songs and an interlude, “From Adam.” The first three songs are all about longing, but things take a sexier turn at “Neighbor,” a sultry track about Garland chilling with his neighbor while her man is away. “If he asks later say I’m just you’re neighbor, girl,” he sings. The beat knocks and the story is vivid enough that a video is a MUST. The EP ends with “Homewrecker” a song about messing up the house and breaking things during sexy time (reminiscent of Brandy’s “Paint This House,” but less subtle).

Overall, Garland does not disappoint with his soulful vocals, sultry lyrics and nod-worthy beats. It’s far more urban than the music I’ve heard from him in the past, but it works!

Download Fashionably Late Vol. II here and share your thoughts!!!

Motown Records

Motown Records

I fell in love with Stacy Barthe last year when a friend introduced me to her EP Sincerely Yours. Since then Barthe has been featured on hip-hop songs like “Sorry,” giving her a wider audience, but her newest EP P.S. I Love You, released last week, shows her remaining truth to her singer/songwriter style. The songs are simple, and thankfully more upbeat than the Sincerely Yours EP (seriously “Without You” with Frank Ocean is so sad, but I STILL can’t stop listening).

In an industry full of quick hits and repetitiveness, it’s good to see someone staying true to themselves.

Listen to P.S. I Love You here and share your thoughts!

Epic/RCA/Independent/Laydee Spencer Music Inc./Terrible Records

Our favorite Extended Plays (EPs) this year weren’t necessarily the most popular. All year artists have been releasing EPs as a way to introduce themselves to the industry or to treat fans to new music while prepare a full album. This year’s list is all about the ladies!

Here are the five EPs that stood out to us from 2012: Continue reading