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Fifth Harmony in "Worth It" video

Fifth Harmony in “Worth It” video

Fifth Harmony took home the Favorite New Artist award last night at the Kid’s Choice Awards and debuted the video for their latest single “Worth It.”

The song finds the ladies listing out their demands to their men over a twerk-ready production. Kid Ink also contributes to the Reflection single.

The video features short clips of the girls dancing (likely because they’re not that good at dancing), along with them being stock market Bo$$es (sorry).

The feminist theme of the video is sure to spark a few debates, but Lauren is wearing a 90s choker, so the good news is that trend is officially making a comeback. Continue reading

Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Simon Cowell gave Fifth Harmony a record deal after forming the group on the now defunct X Factor US.

The girls have been working hard ever since to find their sound and image as a group, releasing their first EP Better Together in 2013. The EP featured catchy songs such as “Me & My Girls,” a much more kid-friendly sound than the ladies newer songs.

With “Bo$$” the girls tapped into a more urban sound and unleashed their sexy sides. They’ve since followed up with similar songs such as “Them Girls Be Like” and “Worth It,” and the pulsating pop single “Sledgehammer.”

Fifth Harmony’s full-length debut album Reflection will be released next Tuesday on Feb. 3, but fans can listen to the project in full ahead of time on iTunes Radio.

I haven’t fully digested the album yet, but there’s a song on the project called “Like Mariah” (“When you touch my body, got me singing like Mariah.”) that samples Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” if that’s any incentive to give it a play.

Listen here.

Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

Fifth Harmony has been on a roll when it comes to picking singles. “Sledgehammer” is an irresistible pop song and now they’ve delivered “Worth It,” which will be a nice song for the clubs.

The ladies tapped Kid Ink for the future twerk anthem and they’ve latched onto last year’s saxophone trend to make sure they get everyone’s attention.

“Worth It” doesn’t offer anything new, but it doesn’t have to. If you’re out with friends and you have a drink in your hand when the hook drops you won’t really care, to be honest.

The former X Factor contestants will release their debut album on Feb. 3. The album features previously released songs such as “Bo$$,” “Them Girls Be Like” and “Sledgehammer.” Continue reading

Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

Fifth Harmony’s VMA pre-show performance of “Bo$$” wasn’t that good, but their new single “Them Girls Be Like” is another solid effort for the “Artist To Watch” winners.

The song follows closely in the footsteps of “Bo$$” in that it’s a #hashtag friendly urban pop cut with memorably cheesy punch lines (“If you’re thirsty you can’t sit with us”), sleek harmonies and catchy melodies.

The VMA winners clearly have a strong following in their Harmonizers, but I think they could expand their fanbase tremendously if they step away from the punch lines for a bit and prove they’re capable of producing original material with a little more depth, too. We know they can cling to current trends (i.e. the “or nah” references in this new song), but I’d love for them to create a few of their own in the future.

Fifth Harmony’s debut album Reflections comes out in November. Continue reading

Fifth Harmony in “Bo$$” video

Fifth Harmony in “Bo$$” video

Fifth Harmony’s “Bo$$” came as a surprise to many fans. The sexy video, urban production and punch-line lyrics let the music world know that the ladies are bringing it for their debut album and their latest teaser is just as sassy.

The ladies debuted a new song that is reportedly called “Reflection” while in Texas recently with more sexy dance moves and hair slinging. It’s hard to pick out all of the lyrics, but it’s safe to say the ladies are feeling themselves on this cut, too. “Boy I ain’t talking ’bout you, I’m talking ’bout my own reflection,” they sing during the song’s hook.

Not only have the girls “moved on,” they’re clearly not paying these boys any attention this time around.

I’m definitely interested in hearing more from the former X Factor contestants forthcoming LP. Are you? Continue reading

Kiesza and David Letterman

Kiesza and David Letterman

Last night while Fifth Harmony fans were camping out to see them perform on TODAY, Kiesza fans were sitting by the television watching the Canadian newcomer perform her single “Hideaway.”

The “Giant In My Heart” singer didn’t deliver her best vocals, but she did dance around the the David Letterman studio and outside in front of an open fire hydrant. Watching the singer dance on the street in front of the brick buildings as a nod to the song’s music video was definitely a treat.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony did a lot of dancing on the TODAY show this morning, but their performance involved a lot more body rolls than Kiesza’s. The X Factor girl group debuted their new single “Bo$$” live in front of screaming fans, while wearing all white, a nod to the song’s artwork and music video.

Kiesza’s Hideaway EP is in stores now.

Fifth Harmony will release their full-length LP later this year. Continue reading

Fifth Harmony in "Bo$$" video

Fifth Harmony in “Bo$$” video

Fifth Harmony’s “Me & My Girls” foreshadowed the girl group’s new image with the lyrics “we act up, booty popping,” because there is a LOT of popping going on in the video for their sassy new single “Bo$$.” The ladies don’t just do the NaeNae in the visuals, they also do a sexy chair routine that includes plenty of dropping it low in the sexy outfits that are seen in the single’s artwork.

Other scenes in the video find the girls modeling and arm wrestling a group of guys. The video and song features a sexy women empowerment theme that may get just as many critics as it does supporters.

One thing is clear, though. Whether you like them or not, “your ass better show [them] some respect.”


Sidenote: This song and video reminds of another X Factor girl group’s female empowering single from earlier this year… Continue reading

Simco Ltd.

Simco Ltd.

Fifth Harmony finally dropped their new single and there’s a lot to dissect here.

The single’s artwork was a clear indication that the ladies were moving on from their slumber party and a live preview of the song showed that the sound was definitely more urban, but this song is way better (and funnier) than I could’ve imagined.

“Michelle Obama, purse all heavy getting Oprah dollars,” the former X Factor contestants sing during the song’s hook. Name dropping everyone from Kanye to Ray J and referencing popular terms like “bae” and the popular dance the “NaeNae,” the ladies ensure that the song is relevant in many ways. The horn-y melody is just one of them. (Add “Bo$$” to the list of songs with horn melodies that includes Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” Cheryl Cole’s “Crazy Stupid Love” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty.”)

People can’t resist horns these days and they won’t be able to resist this production, either. Snaps, claps, and a slamming percussion assist the harmonizers in making sure you overlook the cheesy punch-line lyrics.

The song and look is definitely going to take some getting used to for me, but it’ll be interesting to see if they stick with this urban sound.

When a group of ladies go from singing about “(shaking) it off like an etch-a-sketch” to singing “your ass better show me some respect,” you know it’s about to get real. Continue reading

Fifth Harmony in “Me & My Girls” video

Fifth Harmony in “Me & My Girls” video

It looks like Fifth Harmony may be ready to release their full-length debut album soon.

The girls recently teased a new single during their performance at Kiss 108’s Kiss Concert in Boston. “Bo$$” doesn’t sound too promising, unfortunately. With lines like “Every day is pay day, swipe my card then I do the Nae Nae” and references to Kanye West and Ray J, the live teaser feels pretty cheesy. I don’t want to judge the song too hard off a minute-long snippet, but it definitely didn’t peak my interest.

The ladies referenced popular celebrities and dances the right way in last year’s infectious, synth-heavy single “Me & My Girls.”

“Bo$$” is set for a July 7 release. Continue reading



Fifth Harmony recently payed homage to girl group Destiny’s Child by performing their popular ladies anthem “Independent Women Pt. 1” while opening for Demi Lovato on the Neon Lights Tour in San Jose, California.

Sidenote: The ladies alternated singing lead, while performing some sassy choreography during the fun performance.

I still prefer “Independent Women Pt. 2” over the chart topper. I realize I’m probably alone in that.

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