Florrie covers Taylor Swift's "Style"

Florrie covers Taylor Swift’s “Style”

Florrie still hasn’t released her debut album yet, but she’s holding fans over with yet another cover.

I posted her cover of Keisza’s “Giant In My Heart” a while back and now the English singer is taking on Taylor Swift’s “Style.”

The acoustic cover is sweet but it lacks anything special to make it stand out. Especially against this popular cover of the Harry Styles-inspired song.

Still, the new cover is a great reason to revisit the singer/drummer’s “Little White Lies” which is still as catchy as it was when she premiered it last summer, or the more recent “Too Young Too Remember“. Continue reading

Florrie in "Too Young To Remember"

Florrie in “Too Young To Remember”

Florrie has teamed up with H&M to premiere a video for her new song “Too Young To Remember.”

The synth-pop track doesn’t feel as euphoric as her 2014 single “Little White Lies,” but the song is easygoing and carefree, and perfect if you’re looking for a new pop anthem.

In the video, the singer/drummer, poses on a pastel-colored set in outfits and hairstyles that are nods to the 80s and 90s. Meanwhile the song’s lyrics feature nods to songs like “Justify My Love” (Madonna) and “My Prerogative” (Bobby Brown).

Here’s to hoping 2015 delivers a full-length album from Florrie.

If you’ve got some time to kills, check out her newest video below. Continue reading

Florrie covers Kiesza's "Giant in My Heart"

Florrie covers Kiesza’s “Giant in My Heart”

Florrie dropped a pop gem of her of her own earlier this summer and now she’s taking on another artist’s work. The singer uploaded a cover Kiesza’s latest single “Giant in My Heart” to her YouTube channel yesterday after asking fans for cover suggestions.

This stripped down version finds Florrie playing the guitar and tackling the memorable male sample.

It’s a nice take on the house-infused dance track, although it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch. Continue reading

Florrie in "Little White Lies" video

Florrie in “Little White Lies” video

English singer Florrie premiered the lead single from her forthcoming debut album last week on Huw Stephens‘ BBC Radio 1. “Little White Lies” is a whimsical pop release with an easygoing melody and an explosive production. “I’ve been feeling like I’m out on the edge again,” she sings angelically before she admits to holding on to a few “little white lies.”

The music video was released this morning and finds Florrie playing drums in a field. Initially, she holds on to a bouquet of plastic bags that are arranged as flowers, but eventually she sets them free and they spread out in the field around her.

“Little White Lies” is an excellent first choice for a lead single and it is sure to get people excited for what’s to come. Continue reading