ILoveMakonnen and Drake in "Tuesday" remix video

ILoveMakonnen and Drake in “Tuesday” remix video

I didn’t want to like “Tuesday.” Honestly, I didn’t. I wanted to believe Drake didn’t know what he was doing when he decided to show off his falsetto, but it turns out, he was right…again. “Tuesday” is addictive.

The music video is a bit odd, though. The new visuals show Makonen and Drake partying in the club and drinking from Styrofoam cups as every day people perform their daily tasks while singing the words to the hit song. There are also really strange mannequin heads flying through the air and girls with white and red paint on their faces. Continue reading



Chris Brown and Trey Songz, self-proclaimed “R&B Thugs,” “Songs on 12 Play” collaborators and future tour mates, have teamed up for a new version of ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday.”

The two singers keep the hook the same, but they take turns singing about their flashy lifestyles during the verses.

“In the club with my strap, in case a n*gga wanna test me,” Brown sings. (That should do wonders for his reputation as a newly calm and trouble-free citizen.)

Regardless, this version is admittedly quite catchy.

Brown’s new album X is out tomorrow. And, the singer recently released his long-awaited collaboration with Ariana Grande.

Meanwhile, the Drake-assisted version of new OVO signee ILoveMakonnen’s first big single is continuing to make waves. Continue reading