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Alexz Johnson (JWS)

Alexz Johnson (JWS)

“How long have you been a fan of Alexz?”

Of all the shows I have been to this year I have never heard this question asked so many times. Most of the Alexz Johnson fans who gathered at Vinyl in Atlanta, Ga on Saturday night for her concert knew each other from previous shows and online, but each new face was asked the same question and each reply was always the same. “Instant Star.”

I, too, was introduced to the 26-year-old singer/actress nearly a decade ago when The N aired the teenage drama. Still, it is kind of funny that fans bonded through sing-alongs of songs like “I’m In Love With My Guitar” from the show while waiting for Johnson’s set, considering she doesn’t perform any of the Instant Star music. Instead, many of the songs she performed were from her debut album Voodoo. I have always said Johnson’s voice has just the right amounts of power, rasp, which she uses to convey a sense of urgency, and this concert proved it. Aside from fan favorites like “Voodoo” and “Running with the Devil,” Johnson performed two new songs as well as “Thief” and the title track from her 2012 EP Skipping Stone (which JWS named one of the best EPs of the year).

Prior to the show, I sent over a few questions to Johnson, who opened up about being indie and her decision to use Pledge Music for her new album. Continue reading

Toni Braxton on “Behind the Music” – VH1

Last week, we brought you preview clips of Toni Braxton’s episode of Behind the Music. The R&B singer’s episode aired last night and today the episode is available online in full. In the one hour show, Toni talked about her upbringing in a strict Christian household, her mother training the Braxton sister’s vocally, her on-again-off-again relationship with LaFace records, her bankruptcy filings and her family life, including her first son’s autism diagnosis.

Find out how Toni overcame professional obstacles and health scares by watching below! Continue reading

Oprah is getting the last laughs. Rumors of low ratings have plagued OWN from the beginning, but her “Next Chapter” interviews have surely turned the naysayers into full blown fans!!! After her interview with Fergie aired over the weekend, Oprah flew to Illinois to speak with teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber, and she says it’s his most revealing interview yet.

The interview will air on Nov. 25 and will more than likely cover Justin’s childhood, how he’s dealing with fame, and his public relationship with Selena Gomez.

Will you be watching?


Pink has never been one to shy away from controversial topics. The singer recently sat down for an interview with Advocate, and as usual she kept it allllll the way real. The singer discusses her wild days as an ecstasy popping youngin, her tumultuous marriage to Carey Hart, and her previous relationships with women.

I think part of Pink’s appeal is that she says the things that A LOT of people are thinking, but are too afraid to say. Plus, she’s kind of funny.

Check out pics and excerpts below! Continue reading

Neyo has had an opportunity to work with a lot of great artists in the industry and he will discuss some of those collaborations in his episode of Behind The Music when it airs on September 23 on VH1. The singer/songwriter talks working with Michael Jackson and penning “Irreplaceable” for Beyonce in the clips released from the upcoming episode. Neyo’s episode will feature interviews from Smokey Robinson, LA Reid, and his girlfriend/baby mama Monyetta Shaw

Watch almost 15 minutes of the episode below and let me know if you’re excited for Neyo’s Behind The Music. Continue reading

Missy Elliott and Timbaland stopped by The Breakfast Club yesterday to talk about Missy’s new singles and the rumored Aaliyah posthumous album that may or may not be in the works. Missy admitted that she doesn’t watch much tv, or listen to any of the music out lately, but only because she’s working on new music herself.

Missy and Tim also restate the fact that they don’t plan on being apart of any new Aaliyah projects unless her family gives their approval first.

Check out the full interview and excerpts regarding the Aaliyah album below. Continue reading

Oprah sat down with Usher in Atlanta to discuss the fact that he was recently given primary custody of his 2 sons. Usher revealed the importance of being a good father to his two kids, and his willingness to cut back on his touring in order to be there for them. The singer also revealed that he wasn’t faithful to Tameka Raymond when they were married, and that he did have an “exchange” with one of her bridesmaid (though he swears it was after they’d divorced).

Oprah also talked with Usher’s mother Jonetta about her role in her son’s career and personal life.

I like Usher, but there’s something about this interview that just seemed off to me. Watch the interview here (via Yardie) and share your thoughts below!

This weekend Oprah’s interview with R&B singer Usher will air on OWN, and Oprah appears to be asking all the big questions. In newly released footage from the interivew Usher and Oprah discuss his decision to call off his lavish wedding to Tameka (the couple later married in his attorney’s office) and Tameka’s allegations of infidelity.

Check out the clips below and watch the full interview on OWN this Sunday at 9 p.m. Continue reading

Oprah heard all the whispers about her network OWN over the last few years and she is out to prove you all wrong! This year alone she’s interviewed the Houston Family, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson AND now Usher.

The media mogul traveled to Atlanta to interview Usher about his marriage to Tameka Raymond, and his recent custody battle. Oprah also asks the R&B star if he has sex to his own music, but that’s not something I care to know honestly.

Check out a clip from the interview, which will air this Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN, below! Continue reading

Earlier this week I reported that Evelyn Lozada would sit down with ABC’s Amy Robach to talk about the domestic dispute she was recently involved in when her husband Chad Johnson allegedly headbutted her. The interview is not for Good Morning America as previously reported, but for Nightline. In the clip released from the interview Evelyn reveals that she still loves Chad and thinks he’s a good person who made a bad mistake. She also says that she thinks being away from him right now is the “right thing.”

Check out the clip below. The full interview will air tonight at 11:35. Will you be watching? Continue reading

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