B.o.B has been out and about promoting “John Doe” recently. Following an amazing performance with Priscilla on Today last week, footage of the rapper performing the single with Jojo has surfaced.

The duo posted Instagram pictures from their time together last week.

I actually prefer Priscilla on this song. She absolutely kills the hook. Still, it’s always nice to hear from Jojo.

“John Doe” is featured on B.o.B’s Underground Luxury, which is in stores now. Continue reading



As a kid I grew up on three artists: Brandy, Toni Braxton and Anita Baker. That’s why I literally came close to having an emotional breakdown when I heard JoJo was covering one of my favorite Anita Baker songs, “Caught Up In The Rapture,” for her Valentine’s Day-release, an EP titled #LoveJoJo. No joke. You know how people on television act when they find out Oprah just gave them a new car? That was me. Not only does JoJo cover the song, but she does an amazing job with it.

#LoveJoJo is a set of covers. Aside from the Anita Baker remake, the singer takes on Phil Collins “Take Me Home” and the gospel song “Glory.”

The singer once again demonstrates an admirable amount of vocal control on this EP. If you ever doubted her talent, the riffs in “Glory” alone should make you a believer.

JoJo was recently released from Blackground Records after a long internet campaign and legal fight. The singer is preparing to release an album under her new label Atlantic Records. Continue reading



After years of fighting and a #FreeJojo Twitter campaign full of angry impatient fans expressing their disdain for Blackground records, Jojo has finally been freed from her contract. According to the LATimes, the singer has now signed a new record deal with Atlantic Records.

The news comes after Jojo filed a suit against her now-former label Blackground last year, claiming the label failed to release her third studio album and were illegally holding her in a contract that she signed as a minor.

Jojo released a mixtape, Agape, last year to hold fans over while she sorted out her label issues.

Jojo is honestly one of the best voices we have right now, so I am so glad she can finally share it the right way! Let’s hope we get some new material sooner than later!! Congrats, Jojo!



Jojo fans have been waiting for this moment for years. The popular singer’s label drama is well known amongst music fans and the singer has finally taken action! Jojo’s lawyers have filed a law suit against Blackground Records and Da Family Records saying her contract should have ended in March 2011 based on a New York state law that says minors can’t sign contracts that last more than seven years. Jojo signed with the label in 2004, when she was 12 years old.

Although the singer’s attempts to release and properly promote singles and albums has fallen short, she recently released a free mixtape, Agape, to hold fans over while she sorts out the legal drama.

NY Daily News

Jojo in "Andre" video

Jojo in “Andre” video

We never got the video for “Demonstrate,” but today Jojo released the video for “Andre,” the soulful track from her mixtape Agape that she wrote about popular Outkast member Andre 3000. The video is artsy and Jojo looks amazing so I’m sure her fans will love it.

Here’s to hoping Jojo’s label gets it together and releases a full album sometime soon. Continue reading



Jojo has been struggling to put out a new album for years now, but she wants fans to know she’s just as frustrated as they are. She still can’t give us the full story about all of the label drama, but she put on a show last night to show her appreciation. Streamed via Stageit, the set was close to an hour long and featured an appearance from “Lolita” singer Leah Labelle.

Jojo performed everything from “Too Little To Late,” to “Marvin’s Room” and “Andre.” It’s so easy to forget how talented Jojo is because she’s not as popular as she should be, but O-M-G her vocal control is EVERYTHING. She performed a lot of the songs from her newest mixtape Agape, including an extended version of “Thinking Out Loud”

Hopefully we can get a new album AND the tea regarding all of the behind the scenes drama sooner than later. Until then, check out the set below and share your thoughts! Continue reading


Today Jojo released a series of pictures (via instagram and retweets) from the set of her newest music video. The singer recently wrapped up a shoot for “Andre,” and from the looks of it’s going to be pretty artsy and glamorous. “Lolita” singer Leah Labelle may also appear in the video.

“Andre” is featured on Jojo’s latest mixtape Agape.

Check out the pictures from the set below!!! Continue reading


We didn’t get a new album this year, but at least we’re getting a mixtape!

Jojo has released two new songs over the last few weeks and today she released the tracklisting for her forthcoming mixtape Agape. The 13-track mixtape will be released on Dec. 20 and will feature the previously released “We Get By” and “Andre.”

Can’t wait to hear the rest! It sounds like this is going to be a pretty soulful set of music!!! Continue reading

Jojo Performs “Prototype/Night & Day” Mash Up

We should’ve seen this one coming!

Jojo’s latest single “Andre” was inspired by Andre 3000 so I figured we’d get a cover of the rapper’s music sooner or later. Jojo chose an acoustic cover of “Prototype,” and she mixed it with Cole Porter’s “Night & Day” for a little extra flair.

It seems like Jojo’s forthcoming mixtape Agápē is going to be pretty soulful! Continue reading