Karmin in “Sugar” video

Karmin in “Sugar” video

Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have Me” is the very definition of #Boss.

The menacing pop cut finds Rihanna talking her sh*t in a way that is completely expected, without feeling old, and the video takes the lyrics to an entirely different level. (There really is a kidnapped wife in the backseat of her foreign car, oh my God.)

Karmin’s new cover of the single is equally as badass, but in a different way.

The group turns the chant-worthy title into a melodic hook and takes on RihRih’s verses over a bass guitar.

Over the past few years it has become apparent that Karmin is still trying to find their lane in the pop world, but I like this new sound. A lot. It’s the same nostalgic feel they went for with “Sugar” last year and it totally works.

I only they could capture everyone’s attention and make them believe they’re worth all of the hype again. Continue reading

Karmin in "Sugar" video

Karmin in “Sugar” video

Karmin’s journey has been interesting, albeit a bit bumpy. The real-life couple that made it big off YouTube covers released their debut album Pulses earlier this year but the album didn’t do much commercially and the band has since parted ways with Epic.

If you’re worried about what’s next for the duo, their newest offering “Sugar” should ease your mind. The sexy strings and bass-driven cut finds lead singer Amy Heidemann admitting her obsession with her new lover. “I can’t think about anybody but you,” she sings in the earworm hook. You won’t realize how addictive it is right away, but you’ll probably wake up tomorrow morning singing it.

Heidemann’s rap verse is as corny as ever, but the other verses and catchy hook make up for it.

For the visuals, Heidemann and her beau/bandmate Nick Noonan sit on a couch and pose in slow motion. Towards the end of the song, the bass is the only thing that remains of the instrumentation as Heidemann delivers a few memorable melismas and grabs her lover’s face for a kiss. Continue reading

Karmin performs on Good Morning America

Karmin performs on Good Morning America

There’s nothing like kicking off album release day with a performance on Good Morning America. Especially when a fan is charged with introducing the performance of your latest single “I Want It All,” but mistakenly calls it “All I Want!” Fun times all around!

Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan stopped by GMA this morning to promote the release of their debut album with an energetic performance of the soulful single. Noonan even brought out his trombone!

Heave you listened to Pulses yet? Watch the performance and share your thoughts on the album below! Continue reading



It feels like it’s been years since Karmin went viral for their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” in 2012. The engaged duo didn’t impress many people with their EP Hello, but their full length debut sounds pretty promising. Pulses will be released on March 25 following the release of the singles “Acapella” and “I Want It All.” The two singles show off the personality of the duo, giving Amy Heidemann a chance to both rap and sing.

In a recent live chat the engaged couple said the album is all about the ups and downs they’ve experience personally and professionally in the last few years.

The album is streaming in full over on Amazon leading up to the release date. Additionally, Karmin has released the music video for the album’s title track “Pulses.” Watch Nick Noonan get shirtless in the video below and stream the album here. Continue reading

Karmin in "I Want It All" video

Karmin in “I Want It All” video

If Karmin plays their cards right, “I Want It All” should be a big hit. The duo released the video for the disco-inpsired groove and, just like the lyric video, it features a roller rink! This time the rink is pretty swanky, though. In the video, Karmin performs the catchy song in the middle of the rink before Amy does some fun choreography and sneaks away with Nick for some alone time. I know fans are surely thrilled to see the real-life couple showing each other some affection!

I’m loving the direction the couple has been going in sonically lately! Instead of feeling gimmicky, their music is finally starting to feel like original pieces of work that their fans can enjoy and appreciate!

Karmin hopes to release their full-length debut album later this year through Epic Records after a series of setbacks last year. Continue reading



Karmin has come a long way since releasing their debut EP Hello in 2012. Following their rap-heavy lead single “Acapella,” the duo has released a soulful dance track as the second single from their forthcoming album Pulses. “I Want It All” features solid vocals from Amy Heidemann, lyrics that aren’t extremely cheesy (a first for the duo), an irresistible medlody complete with a harmonized “da-da-da” refrain and a brass section.

The newly released lyric video for the single features drawings of the couple singing and dancing at a skating rink, which matches the song’s soulful vibe perfectly. The single’s artwork is revealed at the end of the visuals. Continue reading



Karmin hasn’t revealed the release date for their full-length debut album, but today the duo revealed the title and artwork for the forthcoming project. Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan look almost robotic as they pose side by side in an all red room on the album cover. The artwork was revealed on Rolling Stone, where the engaged duo also revealed the inspiration behind the album title.

“We want to call it Pulses because it’s kind of like the honeymoon is over now,” Noonan said. “There’s good and bad. It’s not necessarily everything is happy-go-lucky tracks. There’s also some serious stuff. There’s definitely a lot more depth in it, which is something we’ve always felt we wanted to do.”

Pulses, the followup to last year’s EP Hello, will feature he group’s latest single “Acapella.” Karmin is currently opening for the Jonas Brothers on tour.

Karmin in "Acapella" video

Karmin in “Acapella” video

If you weren’t a fan of Karmin’s new single Acapella before today, that’s about to change. The engaged duo released the colorful video for the lead single from their forthcoming full-length debut album and it is soooooo good! Seriously. Bold colors and shots that are reminiscent of an old school rap video. Oh, and cheesy choreography. All of the elements needed to sell a pop song, if you ask me. Continue reading

Karmin performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Karmin performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Pop duo Karmin stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform their latest single “Acapella,” the lead single from their forthcoming full-length debut album. The duo were up to their usual antics during the Kimmel set, but it was the debut of their new song “Try My On” that got my attention. The song has a carefree surfer vibe and breezy lyrics. Nick even came from behind the keyboard for a little while during the performance!

The video for “Acapella” will be released tomorrow, according to a new teaser clip released by the band earlier today. Continue reading



Karmin returns with a new sound and a new single this morning. “Acapella” features Amy rapping about a failing relationship with a rich boyfriend over the knocking, beatbox-influenced beat. Honestly, the beat is INSANE and the song is pretty catchy, but even with a new flow Amy is still delivering her usual cheesy rap lines (“I want a bean with the bean stalk”), which could still prove to be a problem credibility wise. Still, I suspect fans will enjoy this new single.

“Acapella’ hits iTunes on June 25.
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