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Katy Perry in “This is How We Do” video

Katy Perry in “This is How We Do” video

If the rumors are to be believed, Katy Perry has been tapped as a performer for the Super Bowl XLIX Hafltime Show.

Reports that the NFL would now require Super Bowl performers to pay starting this year surfaced recently. But, if Perry is indeed the Super Bowl XLIX Hafltime Show she probably didn’t pay for it.

“I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl,” she said during an appearance on ESPN’s College Game Day over the weekend.

Perry was among the list of rumored artists that the NFL was supposedly considering earlier this year. Coldplay and Rihanna were also named as potential performers.

Last month Rihanna called out CBS via Twitter for pulling her song “Run this Town” from the Thursday Night Football lineup following the Ray Rice scandal.

Bruno Mars and Beyonce were the last two Super Bowl halftime performers.


Katy Perry in "This is How We Do" video

Katy Perry in “This is How We Do” video

Katy Perry’s music video for her latest Prism single “This is How We Do” is ratchet pop to the max. The video features a twerking ice cream cone, tons of colorful hair styles and, most importantly (and devastatingly), Perry video chatting a woman named Jessica Thot.

The video plays out like a colorful lyric video, with the words occasionally popping up on the screen as Perry and her back ground dancers sing along.

I’m not a huge fan of this song as a single and the video definitely didn’t change my mind.

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I think it’s safe to say the only people that cared less about the Billboard Music Awards than the fans watching the three-hour awards show were the musician who literally couldn’t even be bothered to show up. From artists appearing via satellite to accept awards (Justin Timberlake), to artists performing via satellite from their tours (Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus) and artists appearing for five seconds in a video montage for Icon Award recipient Jennifer Lopez when they were supposed to be making a special appearance (BRITNEY SPEARS), it seems like everyone pretty much phoned this one in. Rihanna didn’t even bother showing up to deliver her usual shady antics and appear completely bored from her seat between (and during) performances. *sigh*

That’s not to say every moment was dull, however. Both Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, and Robin Thicke debuted new songs during the program, with the latter literally falling to his knees and begging the audience to help him get his wife back. Lopez also debuted her new single “First Love” for the first time on the awards show’s stage before giving an emotional acceptance speech.

The strangest moment of the night had to be when a hologram of Michael Jackson performed the late singer’s new song “Slave to the Rhythm” from his posthumous album Xscape. Billboard continuously promoted the performance as “Michael Jackson like you’ve never seen him before,” further heightening the creepy factor. Listen. I cried when Michael Jackson died. I want him back just as much as any other fan. I’m just not sure this is the way…

I think it’s safe to say everyone has awards show fatigue at this point and we’re all just struggling to find something, anything, to make us remember why we ever loved these lengthy spectacles. Continue reading

Katy Perry in "Birthday" video

Katy Perry in “Birthday” video

Katy Perry plays five party entertainers in the music video for her latest Prism single “Birthday.” In the 8-minute long visuals Perry plays Goldie the Dancer, Yusef Shulem the MC, Kriss the Clown, Ace the Animal trainer, and Princess Mandee. In these disguises, Perry visits the parties of several unsuspecting people and basically does everything BUT entertain.

Let’s just say, people were probably laughing AT her not WITH her.

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So far the singles from Katy Perry’s latest album PRISM have done pretty well. Both “Roar” and “Dark Horse” have been no. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, with “Unconditionally,” peaking at no. 14. Perry announced yesterday on Twitter that she has selected the fourth single from the album and I have a feeling it’s going to do just as well as it’s predecessors.

Perry revealed the single on Twitter by unveiling the throwback album artwork. The cover is a picture of her as a child, alongside a cake and a friend whose identity has been concealed.

The new single will be “Birthday,” a sexy, funky groove that finds Perry cooing, imitating Marilyn Monroe, and trying to get her lover in his “birthday suit.” The song is in many ways like a complex cake, featuring layers and layers of guitars, horns and synths. This soulful, dance sound has been pretty popular recently, so “Birthday” should do well. Continue reading

Juicy J and Katy Perry in "Dark Horse" video

Juicy J and Katy Perry in “Dark Horse” video

This was her last chance. This was Katy Perry’s last chance to give us the twerk breakdown “Dark Horse” deserves and she didn’t deliver. The singer did manage to deliver another vibrant, over-the-top video, though.

In the video, Perry plays the pole dancing Egyptian queen Katy Patra, who spends her day looking for a suitable male companion. The visuals features all kinds of fun fashion and props to coincide with the video’s theme, much like “Roar” did. Juicy J also makes an appearance in the video, alongside the grill-sporting pop star.

“Dark Horse” is the latest single from Perry’s 2013 release PRISM. Continue reading

BRIT Awards

BRIT Awards

The 2014 BRIT Awards were pretty uneventful, but talk abut the show was pretty funny. There were the typical tweets of boredom, the person who thought the BRIT awards were in some way related to Britney Spears and PopDust‘s hilarious live blog about deciding whether or not they should live blog this year’s show.

It’s true, the chatter was much more entertaining than this year’s talent. Even performances from heavyweights Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Pharrell, Disclosure, Lorde and more couldn’t save the broadcast. Yonce sang “XO” for the first time on television, delivering a pretty sweet, albeit uneventful performance, while Perry continued to ignore the cultural appropriation critiques AND the fact that “Dark Horse” NEEDS a twerk breakdown to reach it’s full potential live. Lorde and Disclosure’s mashup of “Royals” and “White Nose” with Aluna Francis was pretty entertaining, though.

The awards show fatigue has finally kicked in. I’m just ready to get a break from these things. Are you?

Update: I’ve also included this year’s winners in this post! Continue reading

Katy Perry in "Dark Horse" video

Katy Perry in “Dark Horse” video

Katy Pery Katypatra rules Memphis, Egypt from her throne in the teaser for the “Dark Horse” video. The singer sports a diamond grill in the clip, which states men travel from Brooklyn to Babylon to win the heart of the Egyptian beauty.

It seems like a fun theme for the twerk-worthy single, which will be released on Feb. 20.

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Photo by Ryan McGinley (Capitol)

Photo by Ryan McGinley (Capitol)

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” spends a second week atop the Billboard Hot 100 this week! Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” follows at no. 2 on this week’s chart following the singer’s Grammy performance with her husband Jay z, her first performance since releasing her surprise fifth studio album in December. This is Beyonce’s 15th top 10 single.

Pitbull and Ke$ha’s “Timber” falls to no. 3 this week. In related news, Ke$ha recently postponed her upcoming tour dates to continue to focus on her health.

Jason Derulo’s “Talkin’ Dirty” and OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” rounds out the top five at no. 4 and 5, respectively.

Are you pleased with this week’s top five?




Katy Perry replaces Juicy J with Pitbull in the remix of her latest PRISM single “Dark Horse.”  The song remains the same on the remix, with the exception of a sexy new verse from pop music’s favorite rapper. I still prefer Juicy J’s verse, but Pitbull’s verse isn’t a bad addition. Plus, he throws in an Outkast reference, so he automatically get a few extra points.

Pitbull already has the airwaves on lock with “Timber,” and I have a feeling people will eat this remix up, too!

The remix comes days after Perry and Juicy J performed the song together at the 56th annual Grammy Awards. Continue reading

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