Kehlani in "The Way" video

Kehlani in “The Way” video

Kehlani’s “The Way” is a great anthem for a lowkey summer romance.

The bouncy production, simple chorus and suggestive verse from Chance the Rapper are all instantly addictive. Seriously. It’s hard to listen to this song just one time.

The two artists teamed up once again for the song’s music video. The simple black and white visuals finds Khelani dancing with her backup singers before getting close to Chance. It’s nothing major, so it’s not something that you’ll want to watch more than once, but you’ll at least have the video running in the background so you can hear the song.

The track is featured on Kehlani’s You Should Be Here.

If you’re not particularly happy with the opposite sex at the moment, that’s okay, too. Khelani’s got you covered for every mood (See “N****s“). Continue reading