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Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (YouTube)

Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (YouTube)

Jesus has stressed the importance of shaking the haters off in one way or another, right?

Kelly Clarkson thinks so. That’s why she performed a “gospel” rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” during a recent show in Buffalo, New York. Clarkson knew fans were probably expecting her now viral cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” but instead of announcing the new cover she let the audience figure it out once she began singing.

It’s not really a gospel song, but this is definitely a fun cover to incorporate into shows.

In related news, Swift’s new album 1989 is in stores as of today. Continue reading



When Britney Spears released her eighth studio album Britney Jean last week fans and critics were mostly disappointed. For an album with a lead single about working for what you want, it sure seems like Spears didn’t put much effort into promoting Britney Jean and the first week sales reflect this. The album debuts on the Billboard 100 at no. 4 this week with 107,000 copies sold in its first week, her lowest sales debut thus far.

This week’s chart topper is Garth Brooks’ box set Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences.  The album sold 146,000 in the last week, despite the fact that is sold exclusively by Walmart.

One Direction’s Midnight Memories fell to no. 2 this week, while Kelly Clarkson’s holiday album, Wrapped in Red, climbed three spots and returned to its peak position at no. 3.

Are you shocked by Britney Jean’s sales?


Kelly Clarkson in "Tie It Up" video

Kelly Clarkson in “Tie It Up” video

Love looks good on Kelly Clarkson!

The singer is preparing to get married in real life and that’s what makes her latest country-inspired single “Tie It Up” so special. The new video for the single shows couples getting married as a bouncy Clarkson serves as the entertainment. And, of course, she catches the bouquet at the end!! Continue reading



“Every wall needs a frame. Every ball needs a chain. I’m talking bout tying the knot. Tie it up.”

Well, here’s a song that’s sure to make men love the idea of marriage. Kelly Clarkson is getting hitched soon so the pop star sings about tying the knot in her new song. “Tie It Up” finds Clarkson experimenting with country once again and the twangy sound definitely compliments her sassy lyrics and powerful vocals well! Although the song kind of makes getting married sound like being held hostage for an eternity… Continue reading



Kelly Clarkson is getting married!

The engaged singer debuted her new country tune “Tie It Up” this weekend at CMA Music Fest in Nashville and though the fan footage and poor audio is all we have right now, it sure does sound promising!

This morning Clarkson debuted the artwork for the forthcoming single about holy matrimony and it features her wearing a veil and holding flowers while her left hand is literally tied to her future hubby.


Kelly Clarkson in "People Like Us" video

Kelly Clarkson in “People Like Us” video

Kelly Clarkson is a normal woman, working as a scientist until she meets a little girl, an outcast, who reminds her of herself, in
“People Like Us.” Clarkson rescues the little girl and they run away to a town where nothing is black and white and people like them can live freely. It’s a beautiful message, really, even if the product placement (a necessary evil) in the video bothered me a little. Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson performs "People Like Us" on American Idol

Kelly Clarkson performs “People Like Us” on American Idol

Do you believe in fate? If Kelly Clarkson hadn’t auditioned for season one of American Idol she wouldn’t have won the show, we wouldn’t have gotten some MAJOR hit songs, she wouldn’t have met her fiance and she wouldn’t have met her idol Mariah Carey. Seriously, all of that happened because she woke up one day and went to an audition wearing a pair of jeans as a dress.

We were reminded of Clarkson’s humble start on American Idol last night when the show introduced the singer’s performance of her new single “People Like Us” with a montage of her beginnings and success. Numbers don’t lie and Kelly Clarkson has some impressive statistics! She also has a pretty catchy dance hit on her hands with this new song. Clarkson debuted the song from her forthcoming Greatest Hits: Chapter One last night with a glow in the dark performance, before having a fan girl moment with one of her favorite singers, Idol judge Mariah Carey. Sounds like fate to me.

Check out the performance of “People Like Us” below. Continue reading

Old fans may not like the new sound, but since Maroon 5 has gone pop they’ve been on a consistent come up.

The boys will headline the 12th annual Honda Civic Tour this year starting Aug. 1 in St. Louis. Kelly Clarkson, who is pegged as a special guest, will join Adam Levine and his bandmates on the tour.

Ke$ha and Pitbull, John Mayer and Phillip Phillips and now Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarksons. It’s a good year for tours.

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Kelly Clarkson Performs “My Country Tis Of Thee” At Presidential Inauguration

Kelly Clarkson couldn’t have sounded more beautiful as she sang “My Country Tis of Thee” shortly after President Obama was sworn into office for his second term. Kelly showed great control as she unleashed her powerhouse vocals and those runs we love so much.

Great job Kelly!! Continue reading

Pepsi | Rca & 19

Not only was Beyonce taped for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, but Beyonce will sing for President Obama once again when she sings the National Anthem at his inauguration on Jan. 21. It’s not too surprising considering Beyonce’s family is very close with the Obamas, and Bey did sing “At Last” at the Inaugural Ball.

What is kind of surprising, however is the fact that Kelly Clarkson will also sing at the Inauguration. Especially considering she wasn’t always a huge fan of Obama.


I’m happy for both regardless! Can’t wait to hear them perform!