Virgin EMI

Virgin EMI

Gorgon City has tapped Jennifer Hudson as the voice for their latest single “Go All Night.” And, as if there wasn’t enough talent in the equation already, they tapped Kiesza to write the infectious house cut.

It’s pretty run-of-the-mill as far as Gorgon City and house goes, meaning it’s not novel, but it’s pretty good. Seriously. If you’re not dancing by the time the breakdown hits and J. Hud sings “don’t stop giving me your devotion,” you’re doing this all wrong.

Gorgon City and Kiesza are both prepping fall albums. Hudson recently released a new album titled JHUD. Continue reading

Kiesza performs "Hideaway" on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Kiesza performs “Hideaway” on The Ellen Degeneres Show

I can’t even walk down the steps without falling, but Kiesza performed her breakout hit “Hideaway” on The Ellen Degeneres Show walking up AND down stairs and through the aisles in the audience effortlessly. I’m a bit jealous, obviously.

The “Giant In My Heart” singer not only brought the viral one-take dance video to life throughout Degeneres’ studio, but she also added some new fun dance moves into the mix.

If you weren’t addicted to this song before, this should certainly do the trick.

Kiesza will release her debut album Sound of a Woman on Oct. 21. Continue reading

Lokal Legend

Lokal Legend

Kiesza’s making this look way too easy.

The Canadian songstress is gearing up to release her solo debut album later this year and this week she’s unleashed another huge dance track.

“No Enemiesz” once again showcases the “Hideaway” singer’s big vocals and ear for completely irresistible house productions that nod to the past without feeling outdated.

It’s Kiesza’s dynamic vocals that sets her apart from her peers. She isn’t just creating faceless dance music.

“No Enemiesz” is the first official release since the singer released her Hideaway EP in July.

The newcomer revealed the album artwork (seen above) for her forthcoming album Sound of a Woman on Instagram earlier this week.

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Florrie covers Kiesza's "Giant in My Heart"

Florrie covers Kiesza’s “Giant in My Heart”

Florrie dropped a pop gem of her of her own earlier this summer and now she’s taking on another artist’s work. The singer uploaded a cover Kiesza’s latest single “Giant in My Heart” to her YouTube channel yesterday after asking fans for cover suggestions.

This stripped down version finds Florrie playing the guitar and tackling the memorable male sample.

It’s a nice take on the house-infused dance track, although it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch. Continue reading



The 2014 iTunes Festival is looming and the first round of performers have been revealed.

Sam Smith, Pharrell, Kylie, Maroon 5 and Beck, 5 Seconds of Summer and Kiesza are just a few of the artists whose names are currently on display on the festival’s official website.

The month-long festival takes place in September every year and is streamed live to Apple customers from London.

The festival came to the United States for the first time this year at SXSW with performers like Coldplay hitting the stage.

Kiesza and David Letterman

Kiesza and David Letterman

Last night while Fifth Harmony fans were camping out to see them perform on TODAY, Kiesza fans were sitting by the television watching the Canadian newcomer perform her single “Hideaway.”

The “Giant In My Heart” singer didn’t deliver her best vocals, but she did dance around the the David Letterman studio and outside in front of an open fire hydrant. Watching the singer dance on the street in front of the brick buildings as a nod to the song’s music video was definitely a treat.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony did a lot of dancing on the TODAY show this morning, but their performance involved a lot more body rolls than Kiesza’s. The X Factor girl group debuted their new single “Bo$$” live in front of screaming fans, while wearing all white, a nod to the song’s artwork and music video.

Kiesza’s Hideaway EP is in stores now.

Fifth Harmony will release their full-length LP later this year. Continue reading

Kiesza in "Giant in My Heart" video

Kiesza in “Giant in My Heart” video

Earlier this year Kiesza wowed the music community by releasing a stunning one-take dance video for her debut single “Hideaway.” If the video didn’t amaze you, the 90s House-inspired production and the newcomer’s dynamic vocals surely did.

A few weeks ago the singer released yet another song, sticking with a similar sound and wowing fans once again. “Giant In My Heart” may be more explosive than “Hideaway,” actually. And the video concept is just as interesting.

In the newly released visuals, an apathetic business man goes through his day with a blank expression despite every negative thing that is happening to him. When he gets home he opens his closet, grabs his favorite dress, heels, wig and eye lashes, and goes out for some fun with his friends. Dressed in drag, the trio head to see Kiesza. The man seems to thoroughly enjoy his night life much more than his work life. This is solidified when he flips out at work and leaves the office in his favorite wig to meet up with his friends again at the end of the video.

Kiesza will release the Hideaway EP on July 7. Continue reading