Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

Kimbra’s dynamic verse on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” was enough to make me want to know more about the singer. The energetic live performances of the brilliantly sarcastic “Settle Down” was enough to make me a fan. But despite my incessant fanning, Kimbra’s debut album Vows came and went without much fanfare. While it suffered from idea overload, the album did a great job of showcasing the singer’s versatile vocal style, clever songwriting and appreciation for various genres. Vows proved Kimbra was a powerful force, although it may have left you confused about which box to place her in.

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Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

NPR is streaming new albums from Kimbra and Imogen Heap leading up to their releases next week.

Kimbra’s Golden Echo and Heap’s Sparks will both be released on August 19.

Golden Echo is officially lead by the experimental single “90s Music,” although Kimbra has released numerous other cuts from the album over the last few months. Her debut album Vows was released in 2012 but, despite being a strong first offering and following her contribution to Gotye’s hit “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the album flew under the radar for the most part.

None of the songs from Golden Echo have generated a lot of attention thus far, either.

Heap’s Sparks comes after a series of delays. The album was originally scheduled for a release earlier this year. The singer kept fans updated on the album and it’s progress, explaining that the delays were out of her control as she had already completed the project.

Stream Kimbra’s Golden Echo here and Imogen Heap’s Sparks here.

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Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

Warner Bros. Recordings Inc.

Kimbra’s “90s Music” may have been a hard sale to the singer’s fans upon first listen, but her latest releases are sure to catch on easily, especially with fans that fell in love with the singer based on her debut album Vows.
Both “Nobody But You” and “Love in High Places” span over five minutes and feature elements of soulful and experimental R&B. While stylistically, these songs sound similar to the ones heard on Vows, the growth in production and Kimbra’s vocals are immediately noticeable.

The tracks are available for purchase on iTunes. Fans that pre-order Kimbra’s forthcoming album The Golden Echo will be allowed to download both songs.

The singer released the music video for the album’s lead single “90s Music” last week.

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Kimbra in "90s Music" video

Kimbra in “90s Music” video

Kimbra’s music video for her latest single “90s Music” plays out like colorful lyric video at times, which is a good thing since the lyrics are often hard to decipher audibly.

The singer isn’t a stranger to an eclectic fashion and hair styles, but she takes things to an entirely new level with these visuals. In many way it’s hard to dissect the 90s imagery and various angles and colors that are utilized, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Kimbra is leaving her soulful brand of pop music behind. Or so it seems.

The singer unceremoniously unveiled her new song “90’s Music,” an experimental hodgepodge of sorts with a banging beat and an surprisingly accessible hook, on Twitter after a radio rip landed online.

I’m not entirely sure what she’s saying. A lyric video would be great. I do know she name drops a few 90s greats (“Nirvana, Aaliyah, R. Kelly, Mary Blige, TLC, Left Eye”). Still, this new release has me intrigued and ready to hear more.

The “Settle Down” singer’s debut album Vows is still in rotation around here, so I’m glad to finally have a new song (and sound) to throw into the mix. Continue reading

Kimbra's "Settle Down" video

Kimbra’s “Settle Down” video

“Love” can make you toss pride aside and do/say some pretty crazy things. This often sounds much better sonically than it looks, though. Think about it, if Robyn was really dancing alone in the corner of a club in an attempt to catch her old beau making out with his new love it would be pretty pathetic. But, when this concept is put to music it turns into a relatable tune filled with heartbreak and desperation.

Today’s Valentine’s Day post is all about the people who are willing to do anything to win their lover’s affection. If you’re thinking about texting your unresponsive ex for the twentieth time today, pres play on this playlist and know your favorite artists can probably relate. Continue reading




Last year I made a list of the 10 albums I was anticipating from 2013, but I just couldn’t narrow my list down to 10 this year. This year will be full of surprises as the music industry is already buzzing with rumors that many heavyweights could return this year with albums, although we’re still awaiting official confirmation from some.

Regardless, here are 15 albums to hope and pray for this year. Share your list with me below!

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Brazilian music group Olodum appeared in Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” in 1995, so it was only appropriate that Kimbra covered the song with the group during Rock in Rio over the weekend. The “They Don’t Care About Us” video has always been one of my favorite videos from Michael Jackson, so this definitely made my day. Kimbra did a pretty good job conveying the song’s meaning, too! Continue reading

The list of songs we’ve picked as our favorites of the year nicely depict what types of songs made up the year’s chart toppers. Cool indie songs, a smooth R&B track and a bumping hype song all helped us get through the year as we traveled to and fro.

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Kimbra performing “Plain Gold Ring” at Sing Sing Studios

If you’re a fan of Kimbra then you’ve probably heard her perform Nina Simone’s “Plain Gold Ring,” many times before. The New Zealand singer performed the song, which is also featured on her debut album Vows, once again for Billboard, this time taking the time to explain her fascination with the tune. It’s not my favorite performance, but it’s nice to hear her talk about her connection to the song.

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