Kris Allen

DogBear Records

DogBear Records

Kris Allen has been relatively quiet on the music front, but that’s because he’s been working behind the scenes!

The singer parted ways with RCA after his sophomore album Thank You Camellia and has sense started a label of his own (DogBear Records) with plans to release his third album later this year.

The first offering from the album, “Prove It To You,” is a simple, sweet love song that features singer Lenachka, a plucked melody and strings. “I don’t think I deserve you, but I feel like I’m going to love you for all my life no matter what I do. Give me a chance to prove it to you,” the two sing during the song’s hook.

The lyric video finds the song’s sappy lyrics being displayed on a coffee mug, chalk board, iMessage and Allen’s Instagram account.

Allen’s third album Horizons will be released on August 12.

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Kris Allen’s sophomore album Thank You Camellia was pretty much a flop, so while I PERSONALLY love him, I can’t say I’m that surprised that he is no longer with RCA Records. The singer seems to be taking the news well, however, as he promises fans that it’s not the end for him!!

I wanted to let everyone know that RCA and I have decided to split ways. I thank them so much for everything that they did for me. There are so many people there that contributed to my becoming the artist that I am and I will miss them all.. In saying that, I am really excited about what is ahead. The path has never been clearer to me. I love what I do and I will never stop. So, to my amazing fans, thank you so much for everything so far but things are only gonna get more fun. I promise.

Good luck Kris! I really hopes he continues to make music!

It’s been three years since American Idol alumni Kris Allen released his debut album in 2009 and now the pop star is ready to return to the industry once again. His sophomore album Thank You Camellia was released earlier this week, but is only set to sell about 15k copies in it’s first week. I thoroughly enjoyed Kris’ first album and was eager to give this new project a try after seeing him live. Is Thank You Camellia severely under-promoted and underrated or just a bad album?! Continue reading

Kris Allen recently released the album sampler for his sophomore album Thank You Camellia. So far fans have only gotten to hear the album’s first single, “Vision of Love” in full, but this sampler gives fans a 20-minute look into what’s too come. I know you can’t judge an album off a sampler, but I am SOOO ready for the album after hearing this! Thank You Camellia will be released in full on May 22, but until then listen to the sampler here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Yesterday Kris Allen revealed the album tracklisting for his sophomore album Thank You Camellia. The American Idol alumni has been slowly releasing new information regarding the new project over these last few weeks, including the album artwork. The music video for the album’s first single “Vision of Love” has been shot and should be released soon. Can’t wait to see the video and hear the entire album!!! Are you ready for more Kris Allen?! Continue reading

Kris Allen’s new video “Vision of Love” is set to premiere via Vevo tomorrow, but today The Insider posted a behind the scenes video from the set of the video. In the clip, Kris and the director reveal that the video will be about people overcoming all insecurities and self-esteem issues. “Vision of Love” is the first single from Kris’ upcoming album Thank You Camellia which will be released on May 22. Continue reading

A few weeks ago I posted a brand new song from Kris Allen titled “Vision of Love.” Today, the American Idol alumni released the album artwork and release date (May 22) for his sophomore album, Thank You Camellia. I really enjoyed Kris’ debut album, Kris Allen, so I can’t wait to see what he brings for this project!! Check out who Kris will be working with, production wise, for the album below!! Continue reading