Majid Jordan

OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records Inc

OVO Sound/Warner Bros. Records Inc

“All the things that I put a hold on just for you to hit me with a hold on.”

Majid Jordan dropped a new single a few days ago and it’s proof that Drake was smart in snatching them up and signing them to OVO.

Drake premiered the new single, “My Love,” last week during an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, according to Billboard, because he’s team Apple Music and the streaming war for exclusive content rages on.

Sonically the simple production makes way for the duo and Drake’s verses that are brimming with questions, regret and a smidgen of resentment.

“I’m not your trophy baby I won’t let you show me off or shine me up or line me up,” Drake sings at one point during the song.

It will be tempting to subtweet the lyrics of “My Love” at your unofficial boo, but you must resist.

You may remember Majid Jordan from Drake’s hit song “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Back then people assumed the duo was one person. Since them they have release an awesome EP, A Place Like This, to cement their sound and place on the OVO roster. The 2014 project featured songs such as “Forever,” “Her” and “A Place Like This.” Continue reading

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan’s visuals for their EP A Place Like This have been pretty interesting thus far and their latest offering continues that trend.

The duo stays in the background for the “Forever” video, however, which focuses on a dancer who shows off his skills in a laundromat, subway and various other places around town.

The constant movement in the video encompasses the restless feel of the production without overshadowing it.

According to Rap-Up, Majid Jordan is currently working on a full-length album. Continue reading

Majid Jordan's "Her" video

Majid Jordan’s “Her” video

OVO duo Majid Jordan hasn’t released much material, but things we’ve seen so far surely doesn’t disappoint.

Their new music video for A Place Like This cut “Her” is another solid release for the Drake and Beyonce collaborators.

The song’s lyrics suggest that the men and the women in their lives have fallen hard for one another (“I got her in the palm of my hands. She knows I love her”), but the video mostly shows the women in various poses.

The sleek black and white visuals match the sensual simplicity of the track perfectly.

I can’t wait to hear more from these two. Continue reading

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Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

OVO duo Majid Jordan is preparing to release a new EP after gaining attention from collaborations with Drake on songs like “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” The 4-song project, titled A Place Like This, will be released on July 22.

The music video for the title track is as hazy as the song’s nodding production. A girl stumbles through a party before escaping to the back with a guy. The make out session that follows doesn’t have a typical ending, but I won’t give the ending away.

Both the song and video are strong releases that should convince a few people that Majid Jordan deserve a little attention outside of their previous work with big named celebs. Continue reading

Kendrick Lamar in "Poetic Justice" video

Kendrick Lamar in “Poetic Justice” video

The Robin Thicke’s of the world aren’t the only ones that can write a song and make all the ladies swoon. Hip-Hop can get pretty sappy, too. In fact, rappers often make some pretty compelling love songs, although they usually feature some hilarious lines and a nod-worthy beat.

This Valentine’s Day when you’re cuddled up with your “bae” don’t just put on the typical crooners. Here are a few tracks from Drake, Outkast, Snoop Dogg and more that can be added to your playlist. Continue reading

Justin Timberlake in "Mirrors" video | Daft Punk and Pharrell in "Get Lucky" video | Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball"

Justin Timberlake in “Mirrors” video | Daft Punk and Pharrell in “Get Lucky” video | Miley Cyrus in “Wrecking Ball” video

I’ve been pretty fond of 2013 and the singles that were released. From comeback singles to sleeper hits, artists were able to churn out some pretty noteworthy releases, for the most part.

There were 15 songs that stood out to me as the top singles of the year. From Justin Timberlake to Drake, find out what made the list and how they ranked below!!

Continue reading

Drake in "Hold On We're Going Home" video

Drake in “Hold On We’re Going Home” video

Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” has become a favorite amongst couples thanks to it’s sentimental lyrics, but that didn’t stop the rapper from having a shootout to the song during the 7 minute video. “Would you like a video,” Drake asked fans on Twitter, linking to the new visuals that features AS$P Rocky, Majid Jordan and more.

Basically, Drake is out toasting to the good life when he gets a call that his fiance has been kidnapped. This eventually leads to a full blown shootout with the kidnappers and a romantic reunion, in which Drake takes off his jacket to clothe his love, who was abducted in nothing but her underwear because this is a rap video.

“Hold On We’re Going Home” is featured on Drake’s third album, Nothing Was The Same, which was released today. Continue reading

Drake performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Drake performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Drake stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to promote his new album Nothing Was The Same with a performance of “Hold On We’re Going Home.” Drizzy was joined by Majid Jordan for the performance, which featured some shaky vocals and Diddy-like shoulder dancing.

Drake’s album won’t be released until Tuesday, Sept. 24, but the album leaked earlier this week. Check out my review here. Continue reading