Kimbra's "Settle Down" video

Kimbra’s “Settle Down” video

“Love” can make you toss pride aside and do/say some pretty crazy things. This often sounds much better sonically than it looks, though. Think about it, if Robyn was really dancing alone in the corner of a club in an attempt to catch her old beau making out with his new love it would be pretty pathetic. But, when this concept is put to music it turns into a relatable tune filled with heartbreak and desperation.

Today’s Valentine’s Day post is all about the people who are willing to do anything to win their lover’s affection. If you’re thinking about texting your unresponsive ex for the twentieth time today, pres play on this playlist and know your favorite artists can probably relate. Continue reading

It’s been years since we received Meiko’s debut album, but the Myspace artist is ready to released her sophomore album The Bright Side. The album won’t be officially released until next Tuesday (May 15), but you can stream the entire album in full here until then. The album includes her current single “Leave The Light On” and fan favorites “Real Real Sweet,” “Good Looking Loser” and “Stuck On You.” Take a listen to the album and let me know what you think!!!

She’s bacccck :)

I fell in love with Meiko when I was in high school so I’m so excited to post the first single from her sophomore album, The Bright Side!! Meiko has been teasing fans with new music and performances (like “Stuck On You“) for months now and today she premiered the studio version of “Leave The Lights On.” The song, which first appeared on Youtube as an acoustic song called “Between The Sheets” will make fans fall in love with Meiko all over again. I’m sure of it :)

Listen below and tell me if i’m wrong!!! Continue reading