Melania Fiona

Melanie Fiona in "Bite the Bullet" video

Melanie Fiona in “Bite the Bullet” video

I’ve been waiting for this all summer.

Melanie Fiona released the Caribbean-influenced “Bite the Bullet” as a single back in May but I haven’t seen or heard much promo for the song since. Which sucks because it’s a solid single for the R&B songstress, featuring an enticing production, Fiona’s signature vocals and biting lyrics.

Today, the singer unveiled the music video for the song. A black and white affair, Fiona and her band are seen strutting around a home with gun-themed instruments.

The visuals are fun, but surprisingly dark compared to the song’s bright production.

Hopefully this will give the song a little push and put it on the radar of a few more people before Fiona releases her third album Awake. Continue reading