Melanie Fiona



Melanie Fiona is back and her new single will probably be on repeat through summer.

“Bite the Bullet” features the sharp lyrics we’ve come to expect from Fiona, over live horns and a Caribbean-influenced production.

“I remember when you said you loved me, three little words that burned into my soul. Maybe you didn’t mean those things you told me. Maybe you really didn’t mean those words at all,” she sings before the infectious chorus comes in.

Comparing the love from an unfaithful lover to a loaded gun, Fiona keeps in touch with her core audience. Her fans want to hear tales of heartbreak and resilience from her and that’s exactly what she’s delivered with this new single.

You’ll want to listen to it more than once for sure. The song is now available on iTunes.

Fiona released her third studio album The MF Life in 2012.  Continue reading

Melanie Fiona's "Cold Piece" video

Melanie Fiona’s “Cold Piece” video

Melanie Fiona teamed up with Pepsi and Complex Media to shoot a video for her latest release “Cold Piece.” The visuals show Fiona riding around Brooklyn in a Pepsi-branded ice cream truck. She stops to party with friends, including Luke James, Ro James and Mateo, half-way through the video.

The Ryan Wick-produced visuals are part lyrics video and part marketing.

The singer parted ways with Universal earlier this year. She is currently working on her third album. Continue reading



Melanie Fiona has always been good at being the voice for brokenhearted women everywhere and that’s exactly what she’s doing in her new single “Cold Piece.” When Fiona released footage from the studio session I knew this song was going to be pretty good and her vocals…amazing as usual.

The beat feels like an old-school hip-hop beat, making the blunt lyrics a little less piercing. Continue reading

Melanie Fiona & Omari Hardwick in “Wrong Side of a Love Song”

Melanie Fiona’s songs have a way of making you feel like you’re stranded in the middle of #NEMO with no shelter and no one to keep you warm as the snow blends with your tears.

The R&B songstress FINALLY released the Larenz Tate-directed music video for “Wrong Side of a Love Song.” After checking her man’s (Omari Hardwick) phone and having a heated discussion, Fiona is left alone to wallow in her misery as her man packs his bag, presumably to go stay with his texting companion. The drama is heightened by the fact that memories of the good times play out on one side of the screen as the breakup occurs on the other.

It’s not a shocking video, but Hardwick and Fiona are so good looking, it hardly matters. Check it out below and share your thoughts! Continue reading

Melanie Fiona, Omari Hardwick and Lorenz Tate in “Wrong Side of A Love Song” Behind The Scenes Video

Melanie Fiona is preparing to release the music video for the Grammy nominated “Wrong Side of A Love Song.” The video was directed by Larenz Tate and will feature Omari Hardwick (‘Sparkle’) as Fiona’s love interest.

The video is set to come out much later than I would’ve hoped for a song that was released last year, but it looks like it’s shaping up to be good!

Fiona is nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance at the Grammys this year. Continue reading


Sia covers all around!!

The internet went crazy yesterday when 20 seconds of Brandy singing the chorus of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” hit the web and today video of Melanie Fiona singing the chorus of David Guetta’s “Titanium” has landed on the web.

Sia penned “Diamonds” as well as the “Titanium” hook, which she also sings.

Watch the covers below and share your thoughts! Do the ladies do the songs justice? Continue reading

Melanie Fiona and B.o.B. in the “Change The Record” video –

Melanie Fiona just dropped the new video for her single “Change the Record”. B.o.B. is featured on the track and makes an appearance in the video. The upbeat song features a strong piano line throughout with a sing-songy chorus and  a fun video with cute effects to match. The song comes from her second albumThe MF Life, which is out now.

Watch “Change the Record” below! Continue reading

Yesterday I posted some behind the scenes footage of Melanie Fiona’s latest video “This Time,” and today the full video debuted on BET. The video shows Melanie performing on a giant clock, (VERY reminiscent of The Big Comfy Couch…) in a snow globe, in a hallway lined with clocks, and with J. Cole. The video follows a simple theme, but it definitely works for the song. Check it out below and share your thoughts!!! Continue reading

Melanie Fiona is prepping to release the music video for her J.Cole assisted single “This Time” tomorrow so today she released a short behind the scenes clip to get fans excited. In the clip we see J.Cole and Melanie filming a performance shot for the video, and Melanie explaining how the collaboration came to be. I love both of these artists so I can’t wait to see how the final project comes out! Watch the BTS clip below!! Continue reading

Melanie Fiona is taking a stand! In her newly released video for her song “Watch Me Work,” Melanie Fiona features pop culture clips of women finding their voices and getting even. I’m not a huge fan of the song by itself, but I have to admit that the video concept is pretty clever! Watch the video for “Watch Me Work” below, if only for the simple fact that it had to be a PAIN for her team to get the rights to all of these clips! Continue reading