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MNEK combined Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” with B-52’s’ “Love Shack” earlier this year and it is still in heavy rotation in my home and car. Over the past year or so the singer/songwriter/producer has proven he has a talent for combining popular songs that you may not have thought would go well together and turning them in electronic monsters.

This time he’s chosen to “refix” Cher’s “Believe” and Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do.” It’s unexpectedly awesome in all of the best ways. And, even with all of the production surrounding his voice, his vocals still manages to stand out.

This “refix” doesn’t have anything on the “A Thousand Miles” or “Never Leave You” (Lumidee) “refixes,” but it’s still pretty good.

MNEK recently released an EP titled Small Talk, which featured songs such as “Every Little Word,” “The Rhythm” and “Wrote A Song About You.” It was nice, but since fans had already heard many of those songs, I think it’s safe to say we’re already itching for new material. Continue reading



One kiss can change everything.

MNEK capitalizes on this concept with his latest release “Suddenly,” a sparse ballad about the singer falling hard after one makeout session.

We already knew MNEK has a beautiful voice from hearing stripped down versions of songs such as “Ready For Your Love” and “Don’t Call This Love,” but “Suddenly” is different. The track, which overflows with harmonies and layers, is one of the simpler productions we’ve heard from the rising talent thus far.

The cut is one of the songs featured on his forthcoming EP Small Talk, available on iTunes in the U.S. on March 27. Continue reading



MNEK proved he has a knack for revamping early 2000 hits when he released his amazing cover of Lumidee’s “Never Leave You (Uh Oh)” a while back and now he’s doing it again.

The British singer and producer has remade Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” and added B-52’s’ “Love Shack” into the mix. The production is nothing new if you’ve heard any of MNEK’s other house-inspired releases over the last year, but it’s extremely infectious and is sure to have you dancing along.

MNEK will release an EP titled Small Talk in the UK on March 27. The project will feature previously released songs “Every Little Word,” The Rhythm,” “In Your Clouds” and “Wrote A Song About You.”

Honestly, I don’t care about this new EP. I’m feigning for new music. This cover will only soothe me for a little while.

And, honestly, I need new music from Vanessa Carlton, too.  Continue reading



MNEK is known for his singing and songwriting abilities, but his newest release focuses heavily on the production.

“The Rhythm” is a dance cut, but minus the emotional lyrics that are prominent in songs like “Every Little Word” and “Wrote A Song About You.” Which is fine. We needed a break from MNEK-induced feelings anyway, right?

We still don’t have his debut album yet, but as long as MNEK keeps releasing infectious songs like this I’m willing to remain patient. Continue reading



MNEK’s “In Your Clouds” is much mellowers than the manic “Every Little Word” and the irresistible song about songwriting, “Wrote A Song About You,” but it’s yet another solid release from the rising singer.

“You’re a pool of desire, I just want to drown,” MNEK sings in the latest offering.

No word yet on if the song will be featured on his forthcoming album, but his vocals floating over the atmospheric production are enough to put you in a haze for a bit.

Hello, escapism. Continue reading

MNEK in "Wrote A Song About You" video

MNEK in “Wrote A Song About You” video

MNEK’s video for “Wrote A Song About You” isn’t much different from a Snapchat you’d send to your friends.

There’s the shots of the singer staring intently into the camera as he sings the words to the house-inspired pop single, the random color filters AND the obligatory doodles and text (the lyrics of the song).

That’s no shade, though. Obviously, the video is a bit more complex aesthetically than an everyday person is capable of pulling off, but you get my point.

Besides, I happen to love a good, entertaining snap almost as much as I love a good, new release from MNEK, so for me this is pretty much a win/win situation… Continue reading



If you’re still sleeping on MNEK, you need to wake up. Seriously.

The young artist dropped another solid track yesterday. “Wrote A Song About You” is a dance track, of course, with a fun, addictive hook (“la la la, you broke my heart in two”). The song shows off MNEK’s range and those fast-paced riffs we’ve come to expect from the newcommer.

And it includes a line that is sure to become heavily quoted on Tumblr (“I’d rather be alone than lonely”), too.

Listen to “Wrote A Song About You” and share your thoughts below. Continue reading

MNEK in "Every Little Word" video

MNEK in “Every Little Word” video

You’re about to start hearing the name MNEK a lot.

The 19 year old British singer has written for artists like Kylie Minogue and now he’s preparing to release his debut album later this year.

A few weeks ago he released “Every Little Word,” a dizzying dance track that prominently showcases his rich vocals and ability to craft irresistible refrains over a busy production and now he’s unveiled the video for the single. The singer stands in the center of a circle surrounded by dancers in colorful outfits as a camera follows him on a circular track for the visuals.

In addition to the video release, Selasse has released a remix of MNEK’s phenomenal song “Don’t Call This Love” titled “Call It.” The remix adds jazz elements to the already soulful song using synths, percussion and more keys. Continue reading