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Dawn Richard in "I Chose Me" video

Dawn Richard in “I Chose Me” video

“I want you, but I want peace more.”

Upon listening to Dawn Richard’s latest solo album Blackheart one of the tracks that immediately stood out to me was “Choices: The Interlude.”

The short track clearly represents the singer deciding to put herself first and is a good reminder that we could all stand to do that a bit more in life.

The video finds Richard standing in a dark room as various words and images project onto her silhouette.

It’s simple, allowing you to focus on the important lyrics. Continue reading

Lights in "Running with the Boys" music video

Lights in “Running with the Boys” music video

Lights may have had a child of her own recently, but that doesn’t mean she’s willing to let go of her child-like spirit.

The singer rides bikes and lounges poolside with her girls in the video for her latest single “Running with the Boys.” The nostalgic video fits the lighthearted song perfectly.

“Running with the Boys” isn’t as catchy as Light’s previous single “Up We Go,” but her fans should appreciate it all the same.

Both singles are featured on the Canadian singer’s most recent album Little Machines.

Watch the video for “Running with the Boys” over on Jon Ali’s blog.

Christina Perri in "The Words" video

Christina Perri in “The Words” video

Christina Perri meets a potential love interest in her newest music video, but not before she shows up at his house and watches him picking flowers and taking a bath.

“The scariest part is letting go. This love is a ghost you can’t control. I promise the truth can’t hurt us now. So let the words slip out of your mouth,” Perri sings in “The Words.”

In the video, Perri is the ghostly figure, watching her leading man in plain view, even though he clearly can’t see her.

It’s a bit odd, but the sentiment is understood.

“The Words” is a single from Perri’s sophomore album Head or Hearts, which was released in 2014. Continue reading

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan in “A Place Like This” video

Majid Jordan’s visuals for their EP A Place Like This have been pretty interesting thus far and their latest offering continues that trend.

The duo stays in the background for the “Forever” video, however, which focuses on a dancer who shows off his skills in a laundromat, subway and various other places around town.

The constant movement in the video encompasses the restless feel of the production without overshadowing it.

According to Rap-Up, Majid Jordan is currently working on a full-length album. Continue reading

GRL in "Lighthouse" video

GRL in “Lighthouse” video

If you don’t want to begin your morning in tears, I suggest you come back to this later on in the day.

GRL member Simone Battle’s suicide last year was easily one of the saddest moments musically of 2014, but the remaining members are using the falling star’s tragic death to power a beautiful movement.

GRL Gives An Hour is a campaign the ladies have started to bring awareness to mental health. They say the campaign will begin in March.

But, in a way, their work has already begun. The ladies released a music video for their song “Lighthouse” yesterday and it features video of Battle with her family and friends. Oftentimes she is smiling and seemingly enjoying life and it’s a startling reminder that just because someone appears to be okay, it doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting on the inside.

The remaining members sing the beautiful song in a dark room, illuminated by light bulbs.

Tribute aside, it’s a solid song with an uplifting message. But, with the added meaning behind it, it’s sure to mean much more to their fans.
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FKA Twigs in "Pendulum" video

FKA Twigs in “Pendulum” video

I didn’t do end-of-the-year lists on JWS this year but if you were to ask me what my favorite album of 2014 was I would’ve quickly replied: FKA Twig’s LP1.

And if you asked me for a list of my favorite songs from last year I’m certain Twig’s “Pendulum” would’ve shown up somewhere near the top.


The song that so effortlessly tangles you in a web of lust and longing now has a music video.

Released today, the video shows Twigs in various states of entanglement, too. At one point she hangs from above, bound by her braids and during another she’s almost completely swallowed by a metallic substance.

It’s interesting. The bondage theme, like much of Twig’s music and visuals, intrigues me so much because she always manages to be sensual without being overtly provocative.

Watch the video for “Pendulum” and share your thoughts below. Continue reading

Betty Who in "All of You" video

Betty Who in “All of You” video

If my boyfriend put me out on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, I’d definitely be PISSED so I understand Betty who’s anger in her new “All of You” video.

I don’t think her method of getting even is the smartest, though. The singer, accompanied by a masked accomplice, goes rob the store that her lover works at, making off with chips and pictures of the crime.

Her bangs remain in tact the entire video (and really that’s all I care about), but I do think she should’ve gotten even in a way that wouldn’t land her in jail. Just saying… If he’s put you out on the side of the road AND you end up in jail by the end of the night, he kind of wins.

If you haven’t heard “All of You” yet, it’s a carefree pop anthem in a similar vein of “Runaway.”

Young, reckless love really does make for the best pop inspiration, apparently. Continue reading

Florrie in "Too Young To Remember"

Florrie in “Too Young To Remember”

Florrie has teamed up with H&M to premiere a video for her new song “Too Young To Remember.”

The synth-pop track doesn’t feel as euphoric as her 2014 single “Little White Lies,” but the song is easygoing and carefree, and perfect if you’re looking for a new pop anthem.

In the video, the singer/drummer, poses on a pastel-colored set in outfits and hairstyles that are nods to the 80s and 90s. Meanwhile the song’s lyrics feature nods to songs like “Justify My Love” (Madonna) and “My Prerogative” (Bobby Brown).

Here’s to hoping 2015 delivers a full-length album from Florrie.

If you’ve got some time to kills, check out her newest video below. Continue reading

Childish Gambino's "Sober" video

Childish Gambino’s “Sober” video

I think it’s safe to say after months (okay, maybe more like years) of resisting, I am a Childish Gambino fan.

The rapper/actor released a music video for “Sober,” a cut from his 2014 EP Kauai a few days ago (though I’m just getting a look at it) and it is probably one of my favorite videos of the year so far (aside from this controversial visual from Sia).

Not only is Gambino “Sober” instantly likeable, so is the music video, in which the rapper sings, dances and does everything he possibly can in an effort to attract the attention of a girl waiting for her takeout order in a restaurant.

The girl may be one of the best when it comes to mastering the skill of ignoring someone, but even she can’t resist Gambino’s smooth dance move and stunts.

In the end, there’s no real connection made, but that’s a part of the point.

Childish Gambino is really good as representing his music visually and with this video he continues to prove that. Continue reading

Tove Lo in "Talking Body" video

Tove Lo in “Talking Body” video

As far as pop songs from 2014 go, Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” was one of the best. The song’s easygoing hook (“If you love my right, we fuck for life, on and on and on”) ensured that and now a new music video is making sure the song isn’t forgotten in the new year.

The Swedish singer/songwriter spends most of the video tracking her lover down so that they can make out in the midst of various parties and celebrations and the visuals’ dark aesthetic fits the singer’s gritty, unapologetic writing style perfectly.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Tove Lo this year, but her debut album Queen of the Clouds has plenty of material that, if highlighted and promoted properly, can propel her to the forefront of the pop world.

But, with credits on songs for artists such as Icona Pop, The Saturdays, Lea Michele and Girls Aloud, she’ll clearly be fine even if she remains behind the scenes.

Watch the NSFW video for “Talking Body” below and share your thoughts! Continue reading