Travis Garland covers The Weeknd's "Earned It"

Travis Garland covers The Weeknd’s “Earned It”

What is air?

After hearing Travis Garland‘s cover of The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” I’m not entirely sure.

Travis Garland has always been able to make me swoon with his light falsetto, soulful vocal runs and sensual lyrics, but this cover takes all of that to new heights.

I like The Weeknd’s version, which was created for the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, but it doesn’t have anything on this version.

According to Garland’s YouTube channel, the cover was recorded live at The Green Room in L.A.

I just want a new album. Is that too much to ask? Continue reading



“If no one knows it, it ain’t really cheating.”

No, Charlie, that’s not really how this works, sir.

Singer Charlie Puth (you may know him from collaborating with Wiz Khalifa on the recent Furious 7 hit “See You Again”) has released a new single (“I Won’t Tell A Soul”) ahead of his debut album and it and it’s message is ridiculous, but the song itself is pretty darn catchy.

The doo-wop inspired ballad really highlights Puth’s vocals and, to be fair, the lyrics lay out his argument in a way that could be convincing (and, almost romantic?) if you’re not careful.

This song will likely be the future anthem for side baes everywhere, but it can also be enjoyed by the people who don’t agree with that arrangement.

Listen to the new release below. It’s okay if you like it. We won’t tell a soul. Continue reading

Deco Recording Group/Primary Wave BMG

Deco Recording Group/Primary Wave BMG

I’ve been waiting for Deborah Cox to make an album announcement since she recreated some of Whitney Houston’s songs for the Lifetime biopic I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story.

For a quick minute I’d forgotten just how amazing her voice is.

Releasing the first single from her forthcoming six studio album, Cox revisits an old relationship on “More Than I Knew” with those powerhouse vocals that she’s known for. “I miss you so much more than I ever loved you,” she sings. Her raspy vocals really shine on this ballad and the lyrics are something I’m sure many people can relate to.

Cox is scheduled to release Work of Art on Aug. 15. Continue reading



Hilary Duff attempted a comeback last year, but it didn’t go far. Songs like “Chasing the Sun” and “All About You” just weren’t the monumental hits the singer needed to get fans excited for a comeback album. Duff wasn’t alone in this, however. Gwen Stefani and Fergie’s comeback efforts both had similar fates.

Duff isn’t done trying, though. With the help of pop songwriter Tove Lo, the singer has made a solid attempt at radio gold. Her latest release, “Sparks,” features a whistle refrain similar to Flo Rida’s “Whistle” and a melody that would’ve fit right in on Lo’s Queen of the Clouds debut album. It has all of the markings for a pop hit, but that may be the problem. It feels a little too manufactured at times.

That won’t stop it from getting stuck in your head, though.

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Jhene Aiko is known for singing about love. From self love to the trials that come with the emotional feeling, the singer is always exploring it’s nuances but in a new release she’s not interested in “love,” just sex.

Jhene Aiko’s “Living Room Flow” isn’t touching on anything new for the singer. In “Bed Peace,” she sings “We make love and then we f*ck and then you give me my space.” But, in that song, the thought is fleeting. In this new release, it’s the basis of the entire song.

“I don’t want your heart or your love, just do what you do to my body,” she sings.

It’s not as good as anything on Souled Out, but it’s a nice treat for fans that have been supporting the rising star. Continue reading



One kiss can change everything.

MNEK capitalizes on this concept with his latest release “Suddenly,” a sparse ballad about the singer falling hard after one makeout session.

We already knew MNEK has a beautiful voice from hearing stripped down versions of songs such as “Ready For Your Love” and “Don’t Call This Love,” but “Suddenly” is different. The track, which overflows with harmonies and layers, is one of the simpler productions we’ve heard from the rising talent thus far.

The cut is one of the songs featured on his forthcoming EP Small Talk, available on iTunes in the U.S. on March 27. Continue reading

India Shawn in "Floating Away" vidro

India Shawn in “Floating Away” vidro

India Shawn and James Fauntleroy’s “Floating Away” isn’t new, but the sweet track still packs the same emotional punch it did when I first heard it about a year ago.

So, imagine my delight when the collaborators not only dropped a video for the stunning single last week, but also released a joint EP titled ‘Outer Limits.’ I posted the equally amazing followup “One Sun” last week and it’s been on repeat ever since. Now I have six other songs to get acquainted (and possibly obsessed) with.

I haven’t given ‘Outer Limits’ a thorough listen yet, but the project is up on Soundcloud and you can check it out there.

As far as the video for Floating Away,” Shawn shows off her ballet skills for the simplistic visuals. Check it out below. Continue reading

Kelela in "A Message" video

Kelela in “A Message” video

Kelela cuts her dreads in the music video for her latest release “A Message.”

The moody production, a collaboration with Venezuelan producer Arca, will make fans of the singer pretty happy. The song fits into the singer’s style of music, featuring an abundance of layers and Kelela singing in her head voice without feeling too much like her previous releases.

The song is the first offering from Hallucinogen, an EP that will feature six songs that were originally intended for Kelela’s debut album Cut 4 Me, according to Pigeons and Planes. The project is scheduled for a May 5 release.

I almsot hate to make this comparison, but does this new song and video remind anyone else of FKA Twigs? Both women are two of my favorite new artists to come on the scene in recent years.

Listen to “A Message” below and share your thoughts in the comments. Continue reading

Wicked Awesome

Wicked Awesome

If you’re like me you revisit Kid Cudi songs like “Soundtrack to My Life” when you’re having a bad day. My favorite thing about Cudi is the fact that he doesn’t hide his personal battles. He shares them through his music and in doing so he helps those of us that can relate.

He does this once again with the release of “love.” Apparently the new release is an old throwaway song from his Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon sessions.

“I am happy to be alive,” the track begins before Cudi shares some words of encouragement over a Ratatat sample (“Sunblocks”) and Dot Da Genius production.

“Don’t be so down, come on young homie. You’ll be OK, you’ll find real love. All of the stories the hero gets lonely. Now is the time to show what you’re made of,” he sings in the hook.

And, suddenly, I need to go listen to Cudi’s old albums. Continue reading



There’s really only one version of Nick Jonas’ “Chains” that you should concern yourself with. And it’s not the new remix with Jhene Aiko, although her sexy new verse is a nice addition to the track.

The best version is actually Jonas’ recent performance of the single on The Tonight Show and it has nothing to do with the singer’s vocal performance (which is pretty mediocre) and everything to do with his backup dancers/percussionists.

Aiko’s verse on the song’s remix does mirror the ladies’ choreography, however, in that it’s quite sensual despite the original song being about feeling weighed down by a significant other. Niko takes the “chain” metaphor and adds a little kinkiness to the meaning (word to 50 Shades of Grey).

It’s not nearly as catchy as “Jealous,” but it’s still worth a few plays. Continue reading