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Shawn Mendes (Instagram)

Shawn Mendes (Instagram)

“And now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needed stitches.”

I know that 16-year old Shawn Mendes was not writing for my age group when he wrote it, but “Stitches” is my guilty pleasure and there have been moments where I’ve shouted those lyrics and I refuse to be ashamed.

If you’re not familiar with Mendes, he’s one of the opening acts on Taylor Swift’s current 1989 tour. He got his start on vine before releasing his debut album Handwritten earlier this year.

The Canadian star hasn’t snagged a hit big enough to become the next Bieber, yet, but I’m still pretty intrigued by him.

Songs such as “Something Big” and “Life of the Party” are very catchy, but “Stitches” is his best single yet.

It’s dramatic enough for teenage girls everywhere to be able to relate to it (“needle in the thread, gotta get you out of my head. needle in the thread, going to wind up dead.) and melodic enough that it will get stuck in everyone else’s heads and they, too, will become fans.

Mendes performed the single on Live With Kelly & Michael this morning, adding to my hope that this song will gain some attention and turn into a huge hit.

The performance was a bit shaky and not as good as the studio version, but Mendes is playing a guitar and that’s enough to make young girls swoon.

Something big, I feel it happening… Continue reading

Jessie Ware performs "Say You Love Me"

Jessie Ware performs “Say You Love Me”

Jessie Ware’s “Say You Love Me” was one of my favorite love songs from 2014, which isn’t surprising since Ed Sheeran co-wrote it.

The UK star appeared on CBS’ Late Late Show with James Corden recently to perform the emotional track and she definitely did not disappoint.

Ware kept the performance simple, focusing on emoting and singing, but that’s all that was needed for this type of song.

“Say You Love Me” is a single from Ware’s 2014 sophomore album Tough Love

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Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" (YouTube)

Kelly Clarkson covers Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” (YouTube)

Jesus has stressed the importance of shaking the haters off in one way or another, right?

Kelly Clarkson thinks so. That’s why she performed a “gospel” rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” during a recent show in Buffalo, New York. Clarkson knew fans were probably expecting her now viral cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” but instead of announcing the new cover she let the audience figure it out once she began singing.

It’s not really a gospel song, but this is definitely a fun cover to incorporate into shows.

In related news, Swift’s new album 1989 is in stores as of today. Continue reading

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Taylor Swift performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The week before a new Taylor’s Swift album drops is a lot like the week before Christmas. It doesn’t feel like something major is right around the corner, but eventually you start receiving gifts and hints of what’s to come and by the time the actual day comes around you’re pretty much bursting with excitement.

1989, Swift’s fifth studio album will be released on Monday, Oct. 27, and, according to critics it’s pretty amazing. So far fans have only heard three songs from the singer’s first official pop album, two of which she performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wearing a black outfit that I may or may not have text my friends to obsess over and her signature red lip, Swift performed her hit single “Shake It Off” and “Out of the Woods,” a song that my or may not be about Harry Styles and his airplane necklace.

The performances weren’t anything spectacular, but it’s a warning that something new is looming right around the corner. Continue reading

Georgia Nott of Broods sings "Bridges"

Georgia Nott of Broods sings “Bridges”

When Georgia Nott visited Georgia for the first time with her brother and bandmate Caleb earlier this month to open for Sam Smith, I was in the audience cheering and singing along. Less than 24 hours before the New Zealand duo’s debut album Evergreen was released in the U.S. on Oct. 7, the siblings put on an energetic and entertaining show at The Tabernacle in Atlanta.

One of the highlights was a stripped down performance of “Bridges.” Georgia really shined through on this version. Where the atmospheric album version starts off as a piano ballad and builds, adding booming drums and synths, the live version only features the piano backing.

Luckily, even if you don’t get a chance to see the duo perform the cut live, you can watch a performance now courtesy of their label Capitol.

Watch the 1 Mic 1 Take performance below. Continue reading

Tove Lo performs "Talking Body"

Tove Lo performs “Talking Body”

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means end of the year posts are looming just around the corner. I’m positive Tove Lo’s debut album Queen of the Clouds will make most of the “Best Albums” lists.

The rising pop star is three singles into the project at this point and, while i love the album as a whole, I haven’t liked her singles until now. (Not that that matters, she’s done pretty well for herself with the selections thus far).

“Talking Body” is an instant standout on the album. It’s catchy and bold, and, as with all of Lo’s music thus far, it provides an unfiltered peek into the singer’s outlook on relationships.

As far as pop songs goes, it’s one of the best singles out at the moment.

“If you love me right, we fuck for life,” Lo sings, delivering one of the album’s best (and most romantic?) lyrics. This hook is topped only by “Moments” (“I can get a little drunk. I get into all the don’ts, but on good days I am charming as fuck.”) on the project.

The Swedish singer/songwriter, who got her start writing for artists like Icona Pop, The Saturdays, Lea Michele and Girls Aloud, recently performed the song live with a band. Her label (Island Records) has uploaded a video of the performance to YouTube.

A barefoot Tove Lo proves she’s not only a good artist but also a solid performer in the video.

Prepare to be obsessed. Continue reading

Katy Perry in “This is How We Do” video

Katy Perry in “This is How We Do” video

If the rumors are to be believed, Katy Perry has been tapped as a performer for the Super Bowl XLIX Hafltime Show.

Reports that the NFL would now require Super Bowl performers to pay starting this year surfaced recently. But, if Perry is indeed the Super Bowl XLIX Hafltime Show she probably didn’t pay for it.

“I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl,” she said during an appearance on ESPN’s College Game Day over the weekend.

Perry was among the list of rumored artists that the NFL was supposedly considering earlier this year. Coldplay and Rihanna were also named as potential performers.

Last month Rihanna called out CBS via Twitter for pulling her song “Run this Town” from the Thursday Night Football lineup following the Ray Rice scandal.

Bruno Mars and Beyonce were the last two Super Bowl halftime performers.


Ariana Grande performs on Saturday Night Live

Ariana Grande performs on Saturday Night Live

Ariana Grande made her debut on Saturday Night Live last night and she brought The Weeknd along for the ride.

For her first song, “Break Free,” Grande sported her now signature cat ears and thigh-high boots. The singer focused on singing, sitting down for the first half of the performance before joining her backup dancers for the remainder of the Zedd-produced EDM hit.

She brought out The Weekend during her second performance to perform their collaboration “Love Me Harder,” one of the standout cuts from her sophomore album My Everything.

This era’s releases and performances are definitely proving that Grande is a mainstay in pop music. Continue reading

Kiesza performs "Hideaway" on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Kiesza performs “Hideaway” on The Ellen Degeneres Show

I can’t even walk down the steps without falling, but Kiesza performed her breakout hit “Hideaway” on The Ellen Degeneres Show walking up AND down stairs and through the aisles in the audience effortlessly. I’m a bit jealous, obviously.

The “Giant In My Heart” singer not only brought the viral one-take dance video to life throughout Degeneres’ studio, but she also added some new fun dance moves into the mix.

If you weren’t addicted to this song before, this should certainly do the trick.

Kiesza will release her debut album Sound of a Woman on Oct. 21. Continue reading

Meghan Trainor performs "All About That Bass" on the Dan & Maz Show

Meghan Trainor performs “All About That Bass” on the Dan & Maz Show

Meghan Trainor is still sitting pretty at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her breakout single “All About That Bass,” but she recently showed that she’s a fan of the no. 2 song on the chart, too.

The newcomer performed a fun acoustic cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” recently while visiting a radio station in Australia. She not only distinguishes her version from the original by playing it acoustically, she also adds a fun rap verse that nods to Andre 3000’s “Hey Ya” towards the end.

Trainor’s “All About That Bass” knocked Swift’s “Shake It Off” from the top of the chart two weeks ago.

Her debut EP Title is in stores now.

Watch Trainor perform the no. 1 & 2 songs here.

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