Instagram (@SaintRecords)

Instagram (@SaintRecords)

Summer officially started over the weekend, but chatter about what release would hold the “Song of the Summer” title started months ago. Obviously many people have crowned this summer the Summer of Iggy Azalea thanks to the rappers no. 1 & 2 hits “Fancy” and “Problem” (which is actually Ariana Grande’s song), but there are a few more songs that were released this year that have managed to snag my attention and get me in the mood for the hot weather and spontaneous moments that come with this season. From new remixes of old hits to moody psychedelia-inspired cuts and obvious feel-good EDM singles, I have created a playlist of 11 songs that will likely be in heavy rotation all summer.

Whether you’re headed on a road trip, chilling on the beach with friends or having a night in, these songs are sure to remind you what the spirit of this season is all about: having fun and creating memories that will last long after the humidity fades and the pools close. Continue reading

Kelis in "Milkshake" video

Kelis in “Milkshake” video

I was in school when D4L released “Laffy Taffy” and everyone I knew was obsessed with it. My oblivious principal would reward us for good behavior every Friday by playing the seemingly harmless song over the intercom after the bell rang. She did that for weeks until, I’m assuming, someone told her the song wasn’t actually about candy.

Artists are notorious for creating songs like this with great success. Perhaps it’s because kids get to sing about their favorite, oftentimes sugary, foods and adults get to sing veiled songs about sex.

In honor of Kelis’ album Food I’ve put together a playlist of songs with food titles and sexy meanings.

Food will be available for purchase tomorrow (April 22). Continue reading

Monica and Shannon Brown in "Love All Over Me" video

Monica and Shannon Brown in “Love All Over Me” video

Happy Valentine’s Day! Over the past few days I’ve released love-themed playlists in anticipation for this holiday and it’s finally here! Today’s playlist is simple: it’s all about soulful slow-grooves from artists like Janelle Monae, Sam Smith and Tamia.

Yesterday’s playlist was for those people that have done crazy things for love and Wednesday’s was for the sappy hip-hop enthusiast!

I’m a sucker for a good love song, so I had a blast making these playlists! I hope you enjoy listening to them alone, with your family, friends or significant other! Continue reading

Kimbra's "Settle Down" video

Kimbra’s “Settle Down” video

“Love” can make you toss pride aside and do/say some pretty crazy things. This often sounds much better sonically than it looks, though. Think about it, if Robyn was really dancing alone in the corner of a club in an attempt to catch her old beau making out with his new love it would be pretty pathetic. But, when this concept is put to music it turns into a relatable tune filled with heartbreak and desperation.

Today’s Valentine’s Day post is all about the people who are willing to do anything to win their lover’s affection. If you’re thinking about texting your unresponsive ex for the twentieth time today, pres play on this playlist and know your favorite artists can probably relate. Continue reading

Kendrick Lamar in "Poetic Justice" video

Kendrick Lamar in “Poetic Justice” video

The Robin Thicke’s of the world aren’t the only ones that can write a song and make all the ladies swoon. Hip-Hop can get pretty sappy, too. In fact, rappers often make some pretty compelling love songs, although they usually feature some hilarious lines and a nod-worthy beat.

This Valentine’s Day when you’re cuddled up with your “bae” don’t just put on the typical crooners. Here are a few tracks from Drake, Outkast, Snoop Dogg and more that can be added to your playlist. Continue reading

Atlantic | photo by: Kai Z Feng

Atlantic | photo by: Kai Z Feng

Most music fans know that Bruno Mars is a beast with a pen and paper based on songs like “Grenade” and “Gorilla.” But many people don’t know that the Super Bowl hafltime headliner has penned and produced quite a few amazing tunes for his pop peers in recent years. From Alicia Keys to and Adam Lambert, Mars’ songwriting and production team The Smeezingtons (Mars, Phillip Lawrence and Ari Levine) do some amazing things sonically and lyrically.

Listen to 9 of my favorite songs written or produced by Mars and The Smeezingtons below! Continue reading



Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means the Holiday season is officially in full swing! I’ve put together a playlist of some festive Christmas songs, both new and old, to help you get in the spirit! From Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Ariana Grande and Tamar Braxton, this playlist is sure to have something for everyone!

As you’re getting your house ready for the season, don’t forget to put this playlist on and spend some quality time with your loved ones!

Updated to include YouTube version. Continue reading

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Although summer loves are temporary, they’re all marked by the same level of excitement and carelessness. I can’t think of anything that captures this feeling better than a euphoric, cheesy pop song.

There are 8 new(ish) pop tunes from artists like Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 that make me think of these fast-tracked romances. Catch them below! Continue reading


Keri Hilson via Instagram

It’s summer time and that means you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time lounging, working or partying near water. Whether you’re at the beach or at you’re pool you need to set the mood with a playlist that’s conducive to relaxing and feeling like you’re on a vacay.

These six songs are the perfect soundtrack to an imaginary or real getaway. Continue reading

Ryan Tedder in “If I Lose Myself” video

Ryan Tedder in “If I Lose Myself” video

Ryan Tedder is known for writing and producing catchy pop tunes that aren’t necessarily novel, but super catchy. Songs like “Apologize,” “Halo” and “Rocketeer” have garnered tons of airplay and publicity for the singer/songwriter/producer, but there a few gems that have gone unnoticed for whatever reason.

In anticipation for the official release of OneRepublic’s third studio album Native (stream here), I’ve created a playlist with 5 songs that were written, produced or sung by Tedder that didn’t get the attention they deserved. Continue reading