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B.o.B stopped by The Today Show with Priscilla yesterday to perform his single “John Doe.” The powerful Underground Luxury track finds the two artists singing about a person who is failing at hiding their struggle with addiction.

Priscilla sounded AMAZING during this performance and Bobby Ray brought along his guitar to keep things interesting.

Even if you don’t like this song you should watch this video because B.o.B is referred to as the “pride of Decatur, Ga.” Continue reading

B.o.B in "John Doe" video

B.o.B in “John Doe” video

B.o.B’s “John Doe” is about a man who is self-medicating to get through life. The video actually follows a “Jane Doe,” though. The story is typical: a young woman moves to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress. Instead, she becomes dependent on drugs, and sleeps with men for money. The K. Asher Levin-directed video is heavy, but it matches Priscilla’s (who has apparently dropped her last name) desperate pleas in the song’s hook.

“John Doe” is featured on B.o.B’s latest album Underground Luxury. Continue reading

Grand Hustle/Atlantic

Grand Hustle/Atlantic

When does socially drinking and partaking in drugs become a full-on addiction?

B.o.B tackles this heavy subject with Priscilla Renea in “John Doe,” the latest release from his forthcoming album Underground Luxury. Everybody’s addicted to something. Everybody’s gotta grip on to something,” B.o.B raps before speaking of a “John” who tries his hardest to hide his addiction. Renea’s vocals are strong and powerful as she sings, begging her guy to return to the way he was before he picked up a bottle. With a catchy refrain and production that centers around a catchy piano melody and electric guitar, the song is sure to catch the attention of the rapper’s pop and rock fans.

The “Visualizer” released by the rapper is a semi-lyric video that displays the tragic effects of addiction.

Underground Luxury will be released on Dec. 17. Continue reading