Raury in "PSA (Seven Suns)" video

Raury in “PSA (Seven Suns)” video

FOMO is real. Raury is here to help us overcome it by stealing our phones (and smashing the windows of cars?).

I’m assuming the smashing of car windows was just for added bad-ass effect, actually. Still, the message is clear: Raury and the LoveRenaissance crew are a bunch of crazy young kids with bats and a message.

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The Neighbourhood and Raury hang out at a barn in the black and white video for their moody collaboration “Warm.”

The video focuses more on the men chopping wood and watering plants than it does on a relationship with a significant other, but somehow it still works.

If nothing else, it gives you a reason to revisit the song and maybe The Neighbourhood’s mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF.

In related news, Raury has a new song with GoDreamer and it.is.amazing. Continue reading



It’s only right that The Neighbourhood release new music now that cuffing season is looming right around the corner. The “Sweater Weather” group has teamed up with East Atlanta’s Indigo Child and fellow Columbia artist Raury for nearly six minutes of moody vibes on “Warm.”

The slow burner finds the group delivering hazy croons and Raury rapping about “naked and Caucasian women” over a steady percussion, atmospheric sounds and ominous “oohs.” If the vocals don’t put you in your feelings, the guitar solo and strings definitely will.

“Warm” comes from The Neighbourhood’s new mixtape #000000 & #FFFFFF, which is available for download here. Continue reading

LoveRenaissance | Columbia

LoveRenaissance | Columbia

If you can score 1500 points in a stick figure game that involves jumping over hurdles and skateboarding then you can download Raury’s debut project Indigo Child. The project from the East Atlanta native is a surprisingly cohesive effort from the 18-year old recent high school graduate, especially considering he only released his first official song earlier this year. Songs like “Superfly,” “Chariots of Fire,” “Woodcrest Manor Master” and the previously released “Cigarette Song” not only explores traditional themes of teenage angst and inquisitiveness, but it does so with detailed productions, many of which were produced by Raury himself. Instead of losing focus and becoming distracted by his folk, alternative, rock and hip-hop influences, he masterfully welds them all together, while retaining a sound that is distinct to him.

Indigo Child capitalizes on the ideals that Raury explores in “God’s Whisper” not just through songs, but also through a series of interludes made up of an argument the teenager had with his mother that seems to have come from Raury prioritizing his music over everything, including his education. It’s instantly relatable, not because everyone has arguments with their mother about wanting to pursue a music career, but because every teenager has, at some point, felt like their parents didn’t understand them and their dreams.

It was announced today that the Outkast: ATLast opener is signed to Columbia Records and with nods from established acts like Lorde, Kanye West and Andre 3000, it’s clear that he not only has the talent, but the support needed to really blow up and be the next big artist to come out of Atlanta.

If you’re not one for games, you can stream and download the project sans stick man below.

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Raury in "Cigarette Song" video

Raury in “Cigarette Song” video

18-year-old East Atlanta-bred artist Raury has dropped off the video for his latest offering “Cigarette Song.”

He doesn’t go tame on the imagery just because YouTube has taken his video for “God’s Whisper” down a few times, either. The visuals for “Cigarette Song” take place inside and nearby a tree house that Raury shares with his love interest.

The Carlon Ramong-directed video plays out like a dramatic, albeit fairly accurate in many instances, depiction of young love. There’s a state of euphoria and then it all comes crashing down.

They drink. They smoke. They have sex. They set fire to everything around them, literally.

“Cigarette Song” is from Raury’s forthcoming project Indigo Child.

He will open for Outkast this September in Atlanta. Continue reading

Love Renaissance

Love Renaissance

Atlanta fans likely heard Raury’s “Cigarette Song” at one (or both) of his first two official shows (Raurfest, which doubled as his 18th birthday celebration and Anti-Tour: Urban Outfitters, which I wrote about for Atlanta Magazine – read here), though they likely didn’t know the song’s name. Now, finally, after weeks of teasing the song’s release on Twitter, Raury has debuted “Cigarette Song.”

The new release serves as the second single for the Atlanta native that got picked to open for Outkast’s ATLast home show alongside Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino earlier this summer with only one single (“God’s Whisper”) out.

For the most part, Raury’s vocals stay as soothing as they do on “Bloom,” although sonically the song goes back and forth from being acoustic to incorporating raging electric guitar riffs. The lyrical content is much similar to “Bloom,” too. Don’t confuse the new single for a declaration of love. “I’m only yours tonight. That’s only for tonight,” he sings.

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