Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter in “B.A.N.S.” video

Sevyn Streeter in “B.A.N.S.” video

Sevyn Streeter and B.o.B have been taking over Instagram on Mondays and Wednesdays for a few months now.

Now they’re taking their Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday posts to YouTube.

Streeter tapped her boyfriend for her new song “Should Been There” and uses her social media posts for the lyric video.

The video follows the singer’s social media posts as she breaks up with her ex who isn’t treating her right and gets with Bobby Ray. In between there is a very cute scene of the two rehearsing the song together.

The song itself is one of the weaker offerings lyrically from Streeter, but it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something to listen to when you’re headed out with your friends after a fight with your significant other.

Just don’t watch the lyric video or you’ll be #salty.

This isn’t the first time Streeter and B.o.B have worked together. They remade K.P. and Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way” in 2014.

Streeter still hasn’t revealed a release date for her debut album, but she will release a new project, Shoulda Been There Pt. 1, this Friday, July 17.

(In case you missed it, new music is released globally on Fridays now.)

Shoulda Been There Pt. 1 will feature 13 tracks, including the Chris Brown-assisted single “Don’t Kill the Fun.” Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter covers Ariana Grande's "The Way"

Sevyn Streeter covers Ariana Grande’s “The Way”

Before releasing her debut solo EP Call Me Crazy, But… last year Sevyn Streeter was writing some pretty big hits for other artists. Ariana Grande’s breakout single “The Way” is one of them. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve been waiting for Streeter to cover the song since I found out she wrote it and The Grammys finally got her to do it.

Unfortunately, Streeter’s version of the song sounds a little strained vocally. In this case, she definitely did right to give this hit away…

Or maybe I’m just setting my cover standards too high today. 

Watch the cover here.



B.o.B and Sevyn Streeter pay homage to the 90s with a remake of K.P. and Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way” for the rapper’s forthcoming EP No Genre pt. 2.

They keep much of the song’s lyrics and melody in tact, but B.o.B adds a new storyline during his verses, while Streeter updates the hook (“Shorty swing it my way, what you waiting for baby?”).

It’s a cute rendition, but, honestly, it just makes me want to listen to the original version… Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter in "B.A.N.S." video

Sevyn Streeter in “B.A.N.S.” video

Sevyn Streeter’s Call Me Crazy, But… covers all of the emotions that comes along with a tumultuous relationship. In the newest visuals from the EP Streeter runs to her girls for comfort after finding out that her boyfriend (played by Mack Wilds) got his side chick pregnant. Power 105’s Angela Yee also makes an appearance in the video.

Streeter has been releasing a music video for each song of her 2013 EP, which is definitely helping to keep the project alive. The only thing about that is the videos are starting to look very low budget.

The signer is currently working on her full-length debut album.

(And in case you were wondering B.A.N.S. stands for “B***h A** N****s.”) Continue reading



B.o.B gives his Underground Luxury single a makeover, taking away the grungy electric guitar line and adding sweeping synths, a new drum pattern and a new singer. Both Priscilla and JoJo have taken on the hook about addiction and now it’s “nEXt” singer Sevyn Streeter’s turn. Unfortunately, none of the singer’s bring anything strikingly different to the powerful track.

Still, I do really like this song, so this just gives me another excuse to give it another listen or two. Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter in "nEXt" video

Sevyn Streeter in “nEXt” video

I was joking about the post-it reference, but it seems Sevyn Streeter really is channeling her inner Mary Jane in the video for her latest single “nEXt.”

Streeter breaks up with her boyfriend (played by Kid Ink) in the Derek Blanks-directed video and moves on to another guy. She later sprays him with water after finding out he’s been in a relationship for two years (a la Being Mary Jane). After drowning her sorrows in a bath full of post-it notes, she calls Kid Ink over and rekindles their relationship.

Ironically, the video premiered on BET, the same channel the popular television drama airs on. Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter in "nEXt" teaser clip

Sevyn Streeter in “nEXt” teaser clip

Sevyn Streeter drowns her sorrows in a bathtub full of Mary Jane’s Post-It notes in the video for her latest single “nEXt.” The singer teased the visuals, which will premiere on BET on Wednesday (March 26), today. Rapper Kid Ink is featured on the song’s remix and will appear in the video.

“nEXt” is the latest offering from Streeter’s 2013 EP Call Me Crazy, But… The track finds the singer going back to an ex boyfriend. Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter performs "It Won't Stop" on Arsenio

Sevyn Streeter performs “It Won’t Stop” on Arsenio

With summer right around the corner (just let me dream) I’m getting curious to see what songs will stick around and become major anthems for the season. Sevyn Streeter’s “It Won’t Stop was definitely one of my favorite summer tunes in 2013 and the songstress is making sure no one forgets about it. Streeter appeared on Aresnio last night to perform an energetic version of the song, interacting with the crowd and incorporating some fun dance moves.

“It Won’t Stop” still manages to make me feel the same way I did when I first heard it! I think it will be around for a while. Continue reading

Kimbra's "Settle Down" video

Kimbra’s “Settle Down” video

“Love” can make you toss pride aside and do/say some pretty crazy things. This often sounds much better sonically than it looks, though. Think about it, if Robyn was really dancing alone in the corner of a club in an attempt to catch her old beau making out with his new love it would be pretty pathetic. But, when this concept is put to music it turns into a relatable tune filled with heartbreak and desperation.

Today’s Valentine’s Day post is all about the people who are willing to do anything to win their lover’s affection. If you’re thinking about texting your unresponsive ex for the twentieth time today, pres play on this playlist and know your favorite artists can probably relate. Continue reading




Last year I made a list of the 10 albums I was anticipating from 2013, but I just couldn’t narrow my list down to 10 this year. This year will be full of surprises as the music industry is already buzzing with rumors that many heavyweights could return this year with albums, although we’re still awaiting official confirmation from some.

Regardless, here are 15 albums to hope and pray for this year. Share your list with me below!

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