Sevyn Streeter


Sevyn Steeter is preparing to release her debut EP, Call Me Crazy, But… on Dec. 3. The singer/songwriter’s EP will feature 7 tracks, including “It Won’t Stop” featuring her boss Chris Brown. The artwork for the project shows Streeter posing in a lacy black ensemble with black knee-high boots and bright red lipstick.

Streeter is a very talented writer so I can’t wait to see what she’s put together for her solo debut! Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter in "It Won't Stop" video

Sevyn Streeter in “It Won’t Stop” video

The only thing that was missing from the summer was a music video for Sevyn Streeter’s single “It Won’t Stop.” But better late than never, right?

The singer dropped the video for the version of the song that features her boss Chris Brown today. The visuals show Streeter and her boo walking the beach, and attending a bonfire with Brown. It’s everything you’d expect it to be, right down to the choreographed dance moves. Continue reading

Sevyn Streeter performs acoustic version of "It Won't Stop"

Sevyn Streeter performs acoustic version of “It Won’t Stop”

It Won’t Stop” is definitely one of my favorite summer jams so imagine my excitement when I saw that Sevyn Streeter performed an acoustic version of the song for The Warner Sound.

Streeter performs the romantic tune amidst candles in the clip. The vocals start off soft, but Streeter gets more passionate as the song progresses. I still prefer her cover of “Come Over,” but this is a nice treat. Continue reading



Sevyn Streeter released the spring/summer anthem “I Like It” earlier this year and today she’s released yet another track from her forthcoming solo debut. Prior to releasing “I Like It,” Streeter did a lot of background vocals for Chris Brown and her vocals on this track are very reminiscent of their work together. The moody track is much different than her first upbeat single, but I’m sure ladies everywhere will sing along and feel the lyrics about being insanely in love with a lover. Continue reading