Tove Lo

Tove Lo in "Talking Body" video

Tove Lo in “Talking Body” video

As far as pop songs from 2014 go, Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” was one of the best. The song’s easygoing hook (“If you love my right, we fuck for life, on and on and on”) ensured that and now a new music video is making sure the song isn’t forgotten in the new year.

The Swedish singer/songwriter spends most of the video tracking her lover down so that they can make out in the midst of various parties and celebrations and the visuals’ dark aesthetic fits the singer’s gritty, unapologetic writing style perfectly.

I’m not sure what’s in store for Tove Lo this year, but her debut album Queen of the Clouds has plenty of material that, if highlighted and promoted properly, can propel her to the forefront of the pop world.

But, with credits on songs for artists such as Icona Pop, The Saturdays, Lea Michele and Girls Aloud, she’ll clearly be fine even if she remains behind the scenes.

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Tove Lo performs "Talking Body"

Tove Lo performs “Talking Body”

We’re nearing the end of the year, which means end of the year posts are looming just around the corner. I’m positive Tove Lo’s debut album Queen of the Clouds will make most of the “Best Albums” lists.

The rising pop star is three singles into the project at this point and, while i love the album as a whole, I haven’t liked her singles until now. (Not that that matters, she’s done pretty well for herself with the selections thus far).

“Talking Body” is an instant standout on the album. It’s catchy and bold, and, as with all of Lo’s music thus far, it provides an unfiltered peek into the singer’s outlook on relationships.

As far as pop songs goes, it’s one of the best singles out at the moment.

“If you love me right, we fuck for life,” Lo sings, delivering one of the album’s best (and most romantic?) lyrics. This hook is topped only by “Moments” (“I can get a little drunk. I get into all the don’ts, but on good days I am charming as fuck.”) on the project.

The Swedish singer/songwriter, who got her start writing for artists like Icona Pop, The Saturdays, Lea Michele and Girls Aloud, recently performed the song live with a band. Her label (Island Records) has uploaded a video of the performance to YouTube.

A barefoot Tove Lo proves she’s not only a good artist but also a solid performer in the video.

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Universal Music AB

Universal Music AB

Tove Lo is every pop critics favorite new “it girl,” but I must admit I haven’t fully jumped on the bandwagon. I think she’s an interesting artist and I like the songs she’s put out so far, I just haven’t been convinced that the hype is worth it.

Perhaps “Thousand Miles” is where I start to see the light. The “Habits” singer/songwriter reminisces on a troubled romance in her newest release. The verses start off sparse, building into the explosive chorus, the production as indecisive as Lo is about the future of her relationship.

“Back and forth forever, is this how it’s going to be? Even when we’re not together will you stay with me,” she sings.

This song is relatable. The melody is catchy. There’s absolutely no reason to dislike this song. And, honestly, I get the appeal of Tove Lo. People tend to latch onto artists that are transparent and she’s definitely that.

“There are days when I’m like, ‘What am I doing? I’m so stupid. Everyone’s going to know everything about me,'” she told Bllboard. “I’m giving away so much of a story that not even only mine — it’s also about another person, which you know can be very sensitive.”

Following the release of her debut EP Truth Serum earlier this year, Lo will release her first full-length album Queen of the Clouds on Sept. 30.

The album is streaming over on iTunes Radio right now and if there are more songs like “Thousand Miles” I may have to become a full-on fan. Continue reading