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Travis Garland covers The Weeknd's "Earned It"

Travis Garland covers The Weeknd’s “Earned It”

What is air?

After hearing Travis Garland‘s cover of The Weeknd’s “Earned It,” I’m not entirely sure.

Travis Garland has always been able to make me swoon with his light falsetto, soulful vocal runs and sensual lyrics, but this cover takes all of that to new heights.

I like The Weeknd’s version, which was created for the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, but it doesn’t have anything on this version.

According to Garland’s YouTube channel, the cover was recorded live at The Green Room in L.A.

I just want a new album. Is that too much to ask? Continue reading

Travis Garland in "Mr. Rogers" video

Travis Garland in “Mr. Rogers” video

After FINALLY releasing a debut album in 2013, Travis Garland returns with “Mr. Rogers,” a hazy production that finds the singer listing his grievances with his ex girlfriend. The atmospheric track is a solid effort both sonically and lyrically, although it isn’t much of a departure from the sound we heard on his self-titled solo debut last year.

The song’s title is a nod to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and the song samples a speech from an old episode of the popular show.

The accompanying visuals for the new release finds Garland roaming around a fair. The contrasting imagery of Garland looking angry and stressed and the bright lights of the fair festivities is pretty effective.

The video also features a brief appearance from Garland’s real-life boo, former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O’Day.

The relatable cut should definitely help Garland pick up a few new fans. Continue reading



Travis Garland mixes two Justin Timberalake and Timbaland creations in his latest YouTube video.

The “Motel Pool” singer does a smooth mashup of Beyonce’s “Rocket” and Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl,” which recently snagged a Grammy for Best R&B Song at the Grammys.

Timbaland and Timberlake both played a role in the sultry Beyonce track, sharing writing and production credits with Miguel, J-Roc and Beyonce herself. Timbaland, J-Roc and Timberlake also produced and co-wrote “Pusher Love Girl” alongside James Fauntleroy.

It’s no surprise the two songs fit together so perfectly, but that doesn’t make this video any less enjoyable.

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Travis Garland in "Motel Pool" video

Travis Garland in “Motel Pool” video

Travis Garland dreams of getting away in the video for “Motel Pool.” The Dan Fisher-directed video finds Garland and his girlfriend being annoyed with one another after their car breaks down. Garland dreams of taking his lady to a hotel for a steamy getaway in the neon-colored visuals and, yes, there is a pool scene.

“Motel Pool” is featured on Garland’s self-titled album, which is pretty good and can be purchased on iTunes now. Continue reading

Travis Garland

Travis Garland

Travis Garland makes his official solo debut with the release of his self-titled album, out today. The debut is far from Garland’s boy band roots, but the album, which also features songs from the previously released Fashionably Late Vol. II EP, is sure to add a few new fans to the singer’s growing fan base. If “Motel Pool” and “Where To Land” made you swoon, prepare to fall head over heels in love with Travis Garland. He’s still got some growing to do, but this is definitely a good start!

The album is available on iTunes now, but you can stream it first at Noisey. Let me know what you think!

Travis Garland

Travis Garland

After releasing an amazing EP earlier this year, Travis Garland is preparing to release his self-titled solo debut album on September 10. The former NLT singer released the visuals for the explosive experimental track “Clouds” earlier this month and today he dropped “Motel Pool.” Where “Clouds” overflows with layered vocals and harmonies, and guitars, “Motel Pool” takes a softer approach and finds Garland seducing a hesitant lover. The Stereotypes production still has the hip-hop and R&B influences similar to Garland’s other releases, but his sultry signature vocals are sure to win any listener over.

Garland also released the tracklisting for the forthcoming album. Travis Garland will feature 14 tracks, including the previously released Fashionably Late Vol. II EP, sans the Coldplay-sampling “From Adam” interlude and the previously released “Abby Lee“. Continue reading

Travis Garland in "Blue Electric Roses" video

Travis Garland in “Blue Electric Roses” video

Travis Garland’s Fashionably Late Vol. II EP has been in heavy rotation since it was released earlier this year and now one of my favorite songs is getting the video treatment. Garland fantasizes about chilling with a girl he meets in the video for “Blue Electric Roses.” The two hang at the beach and chill in Garland’s car throughout the clip. Since the video for “Where To Land” had a chill vibe I would’ve expected something more for this video, but Garland looks gorgeous as usual so there’s that.

If you still don’t have Fashionably Late Vol. II you’re seriously missing out. Download it now. Continue reading

Travis Garland performs at BET's Music Matters

Travis Garland performs at BET’s Music Matters

I try to keep my little crush on Travis Garland under control, but when he does things like this it makes it hard. I’ve said before I wasn’t sure how Garland’s live vocals would be, since the last time I saw him perform on American Idol they were pretty sloppy. Earlier this month Garland performed at BET’s Music Matters showcase and covered D’Angelo’s “Untitled (Hows Does It Feel)” in New York. From head voice and falsetto to riffs, he was able to keep his vocals in control, and thereby make me swoon even more. Le sigh.

Have you heard Fashionably Late Vol. II? Hear it here! Continue reading

Travis Garland

Travis Garland

Since Valentine’s Day we’ve all been swooning over Travis Garland’s new music. I’ve posted “Where To Land” and “Blue Electric Roses” for your listening pleasure, and now Garland’s new EP Fashionably Late Vol. II is officially available for download.

If you’ve loved the songs I’ve posted thus far you’re going to love this EP! Fashionably Late Vol. II features five tracks, including the two previously released songs and an interlude, “From Adam.” The first three songs are all about longing, but things take a sexier turn at “Neighbor,” a sultry track about Garland chilling with his neighbor while her man is away. “If he asks later say I’m just you’re neighbor, girl,” he sings. The beat knocks and the story is vivid enough that a video is a MUST. The EP ends with “Homewrecker” a song about messing up the house and breaking things during sexy time (reminiscent of Brandy’s “Paint This House,” but less subtle).

Overall, Garland does not disappoint with his soulful vocals, sultry lyrics and nod-worthy beats. It’s far more urban than the music I’ve heard from him in the past, but it works!

Download Fashionably Late Vol. II here and share your thoughts!!!

Travis Garland in “Where to Land” video

Travis Garland in “Where to Land” video

More dreamy falsetto and dreamy lyrics from Travis Garland.

Garland released “Blue Electric Roses” ahead of his forthcoming EP Fashionably Late Vol II (March 4) to give fans another taste of what’s to come. It doesn’t feel as authentic as “Where To Land,” but it’s sure to make ladies everywhere swoon. Continue reading