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Chris Brown and Trey Songz, self-proclaimed “R&B Thugs,” “Songs on 12 Play” collaborators and future tour mates, have teamed up for a new version of ILoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday.”

The two singers keep the hook the same, but they take turns singing about their flashy lifestyles during the verses.

“In the club with my strap, in case a n*gga wanna test me,” Brown sings. (That should do wonders for his reputation as a newly calm and trouble-free citizen.)

Regardless, this version is admittedly quite catchy.

Brown’s new album X is out tomorrow. And, the singer recently released his long-awaited collaboration with Ariana Grande.

Meanwhile, the Drake-assisted version of new OVO signee ILoveMakonnen’s first big single is continuing to make waves. Continue reading



Let’s be honest, most of us forgot about the BET Awards up until the last minute this year. The Awards Show just didn’t seem to be offering anything worth watching based on it’s promo.

It turns out, though, there were actually some genuinely good surprises in this year’s show. And, no, Beyonce and Jay Z’s “special performance” (from their On the Run tour via satellite) was not one of them. From Chris Brown’s first performance since being released from jail, to unexpected medleys from Usher and throwback bands like Silk and Color Me Badd to a surprise appearance from Missy Elliott during Pharrell’s opening number, this show really was full of exciting moments.

Maybe it’s a good thing the network didn’t tweet out the surprises before the show. A part of what made them great is that they were genuinely unexpected.

Nicki Minaj, Jhene Aiko, John Legend, Lil Wayne and more also graced the stage during the show. Continue reading



Trey Songz learns the dangers of pocket dialing in “Smart Phones.” The new song finds Songz spending time with his side chick. He gets caught when he accidentally calls his girlfriend and she hears the two talking and laughing. Instead of coming clean about the entire thing, he spends most of the song trying to think of a lie to get out of trouble.

The slow R&B track is pretty straightforward. As far as the lyrical content goes, I would probably like this song if the story wasn’t so comical to me.

Songz plans to release his next album Trigga this summer. Continue reading

Trey Songz in "Na Na" video

Trey Songz in “Na Na” video

If you don’t already have a huge crush on Trey Songz, today may be the day that changes. The singer released a video for his latest single “Na Na” today and it’s pretty hot! In the video, Songz’s girlfriend treats him to some workout time with a few female personal trainers before instructing him to take off his shirt and do a few pushups for her affection.

Essentially, the sole purpose of this video is for you to appreciate his body and I have no problem with that… Continue reading

Trey Songz in Mariah Carey's "You're Mine (Eternal)" video

Trey Songz in Mariah Carey’s “You’re Mine (Eternal)” video

I have good news and bad news. The good news is Mariah Carey dropped a new single, a remix and two music videos in a matter of days, which means the Lambs have tons of new material from their favorite singer. The bad news is the second video is just like the first one. In fact, the only difference is Trey Songz actually sings in this version. Carey is still lounging topless by the water and Songz is still posing shirtless during a photo shoot.

Major bummer. Still, it gives fans another excuse to listen to the new single. Continue reading

Mariah Carey in "You're Mine (Eternal)" video

Mariah Carey in “You’re Mine (Eternal)” video

Mariah Carey sits topless in a magical forest daydreaming about a shirtless Trey Songz in the video for “You’re Mine (Eternal).

Promo for this single has moved pretty rapidly. At the top of the week, Carey announced plans to release the single today (Feb. 12) and in less than 24 hours she has dropped the single, the remix and the music video.

The whimsical song will be featured on The Art of Letting Go when it’s released on May 6. Continue reading



Mariah Carey’s “You’re Mine (Eternal)” has leaked, hours before it’s scheduled release. The song comes just in time for Valentine’s Day and with it’s sweet lyrics, dreamy layered background vocals and piercing whistle notes towards the end, this song is sure to get a few people talking. And, with the right promotion, hopefully it will get people clicking the “buy” button on iTunes.

Carey teamed up with Trey Songz for the remix of the song, which also leaked tonight. Aside from unnecessary auto-tuned vocals, it doesn’t add much to the song, though.

Carey will release The Art of Letting Go on May 6. Continue reading



Do you really have to guess what a song by Ron Isley and Trey Songz is about? The two recently joined forces for the sexy bedroom track “Lay You Down,” a song fans of both men are sure to love. The soulful groove features solid vocals from both Isley and Songz and simple lyrics about…well, laying that special someone down. The song will be featured on Isley’s forthcoming album This Song is For You.

I know I always complain about Trey Songz making sex songs, but this is such a mature sound for the singer that I approve regardless. Continue reading

Trey Songz in "Fumble" video

Trey Songz in “Fumble” video

As promised, Trey Songz delivered the full video for “Fumble” this morning. The video begins with a monologue from Songz about how he messed up a good thing. It’s really supposed to be romantic and sweet, but his country accent is so distracting I couldn’t focus. Throughout the video, Trey is seen performing and moping around off stage because he “fumbled” his lover’s heart and now he’s all alone. It’s quite dramatic, though it certainly doesn’t top this.

“Fumble” appears on Chapter V which is currently in stores. Continue reading

Trey Songz in "Fumble" video teaser

Trey Songz in “Fumble” video teaser

Normally fans are lucky to get three videos from one album, but Trey Songz has managed to stretch Chapter V visually for nearly a year now.

Today, a small teaser for the forthcoming “Fumble” video landed online. If the sneak peek is any indication, the video will be full of tour and performance shots, but we’ll have to wait until the full video is released on March 11 to know for sure.

Chapter V is in stores now.

Check out the teaser below and share your thoughts!

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