It’s hard to believe “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen is 26. The Canadian singer has become known for her fun pop tunes since being discovered by Justin Bieber and today she released her debut album Kiss. As expected, the album doesn’t show Carly taking any major risks, or straying away from the melodies and beats she’s become famous for.

Kiss isn’t lyrically or musically complex, but it’s full of fun, feel-good tracks and that’s exactly what fans have come to expect from the rising star. Carly has recognized what formula works for her and she’s sticking to it and implementing it every chance she gets.

Check out my track-by-track review below and share your thoughts on the album!

Tiny Little Bows – The album starts off with a retro-feeling electronic beat, and Carly Rae singing of being struck by Cupid’s “tiny little bow.” Like her first two hits, it features simple lyrics that allows you to focus on singing along and dancing around carelessly.

This Kiss – “This Kiss” could’ve easily been given to Selena Gomez or one of those new Disney girls. It’s young, and flirty and as her newest single I’m sure it’ll keep her teenage fans pleased and grasping for more.

Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae threw a wish in the well, got Justin Bieber as a fairy godmother, and landed the hugest hit of the summer with “Call Me Maybe.” Carly’s raspy voice, the strings, and irresistible chorus still hasn’t gotten old to me.

Curiosity – “Curiosity” isn’t one of my favorite’s on the album, and melodically it leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s story line of falling for someone unattainable coupled with it’s super repetitive (and slightly annoying) chorus could easily make it one of those songs that gets stuck in your head….even if you don’t want it to.

Good Time ft. Owl City – I didn’t think Carly Rae could have another single as big as “Call Me Maybe,” but then I heard “Good Time.” The synth-infused party tune is seriously sooooo GOOD. Carly’s raspy whoas and ohs mixed with Owl City’s auto-tuned vocals will seriously leave you in the best mood. Even if you dropped your phone in the pool…again.

More Than A Memory – Carly shows off her vulnerable side in “More Than A Memory,” though I doubt this song will be remembered as a standout track to most people. In an album full of catchy hooks and dance-worthy beats “More Than A Memory” falls short.

Turn Me Up – Carly gives up on a failing relationship and goes out to party up in “Turn Me Up.” The song features mellow vocals, compared to the other tracks,and it definitely doesn’t compel me to “turn up,” but it’s cute.

Hurt So Good – Carly Rae makes falling in love with a friend sound like a blast in “Hurt So Good.” “Why you gotta make it hurt so good,” she sings over the electronic beat before erupting into a series of “ays.” Like most of her music, it’s simple, but oh so catchy!

Beautiful ft. Justin Bieber – Bieber joins his signed artist on the acoustic “Beautiful.” It’s a little weird listening to Carly on such a low-key track, but it’s cute. The two artists go back and forth singing to each other on the vulnerable track that’s reminiscent of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” content wise.

Tonight I’m Gonna Get Over You – Carly plans to dance away the heartbreak in “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” which is reminiscent of “Around The World,” beat wise. This song is Carly’s attempt at dance music, and thankfully, it’s a complete success.

Guitar String / Wedding Ring – I’m seriously in love with this song. Carly is once again trying to get over an ex, but this time it’s not working. Carly’s becoming desperate and any sign of love from her guy will do. “If you cut a piece of guitar string, I would wear it like it’s a wedding ring,” she sings over and over in her signature raspy voice over the “Call Me Maybe” reminiscent beat.

Your Heart Is A Muscle – Carly Rae shoes off her lower registry in “Your Heart Is A Muscle,” though it doesn’t work too well for her. The sappy song is sure to make teenagers swoon, but it’s honestly nothing special.

Drive – If “Drive” was on any other album it’d probably be a standout track, but on an album full of catchy hooks and infectious beats the carefree tune just blends in.

Wrong Feels SO Right – As if Carly Rae’s voice isn’t high enough, the singer speeds it up for “Wrong Feel So Right.” Chipmunk Carly is actually quite addicting, though, and the synthetic beat feels oh so right! Seriously. If you don’t find it extremely annoying, you’ll love it!

Sweetie – Carly dreams of being a guy’s “sweetie” and refers to him as the “eighth world wonder” in the next to last song on Kiss. I don’t like it, but again, I could see 12-year-olds eating this up!