Def Jam

Def Jam

“You belong here.”

Jimmy Fallon seems to be thinking what everyone who has heard of Alessia Cara is thinking at the moment. The 18-year-old newcommer may not belong at a party, but she absolutely belongs in the music industry. On the radio. On our phones. On repeat.

She proved it with her debut single Here,” and with her amazing cover of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and again with her national television debut.

Cara appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (July 29) and she absolutely nailed it.

Backed by The Roots, the singer performed her ode to wallflowers wearing a 90s choker, jeans, sneakers and an ironic “Life of the Party” t-shirt.

Cara is scheduled to release her debut EP Four Pink Walls on August 28.