alt-J's 'This is All Yours' album cover.(Canvasback/Infectious)

alt-J’s ‘This is All Yours’ album cover.(Canvasback/Infectious)

alt-J has a knack for making videos that are stunning, but hard to watch.

From “Breezeblocks” and “Hunger of the Pine” to their newest release “Pusher,” the band has a knack for releasing unsettling imagery that is centered around some sort of violent act.

In “Pusher,” the main character is an orator of sorts, attempting to persuade a group of disinterested men. He actions in the video grow more and more erratic and then the unspeakable happens…

I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I also realize warning people who this may be a trigger for is more important. The end of the video features a suicide. It’s a pretty gruesome thing to watch, honestly. Admittedly, I watched the ending with one of my eyes closed, so if that kind of imagery makes you uncomfortable I would sit this one out. Just listen to the audio version. It’s much more subdued and absolutely worth it.

Everyone else, the video is below.