It is absolutely rare that I can listen to an entire album all the way through at once. It just doesn’t happen anymore. There’s always one song that makes me go “ummmmmm next?” But Colbie Caillat has delivered a extremely good album. Wayy better than her first album (and her first album was pretty darn good). This whole album just makes you feel so good….even the heartbreak songs still have a sense of optomism in them.

I want so bad to post my favorites…but I can’t because i’d have a long list of youtube videos…I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!!! But I’ll try my hardest to post some songs at random. Most of them haven’t even made it to youtube yet. Check them out below and buy the album. Seriously its completely awesomaryyy :)


Fallin For You (Official Video):

I Won’t (skip to .30 secs for audio):